Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tiring Day

I sadly couldn't sleep last night at all and I slept from 6 until nearly 10 only. This is mental as I had to go to College and I was happy because it was French time, but still, I was so tired.
So when I got up I stayed a bit longer in bed and texted some friends, I cleaned the cage, had some breakfast, got ready and left. On the bus I saw my friend Danielle and we had a small chat together until I had to get off. Then I sat on the next bus and a woman just came and asked me to fill in a bus survey, so I did and the time went by quickly so that soon I had to get off the bus again. At College I tried to work as hard as possible, but being extremely tired didn't really help. After the lesson's finished I had to wait for my letter to be written by the Student Office, which took a while, and then I had to go to the library to make some photocopies of some documents. After that I could finally take the bus home, but it took me ages to get there. At home I quickly ate something and I saw an ASOS magazine for me laying on the table so I had to check it out already. I definitely shouldn't buy anything now, or over the next few days as I have already planned something quite big and exciting for me. This will take some months to get real as I first need to save up for it.

Oh and as people keep asking me what my new phone looks like, I'll add two pictures to show you.

I think it looks really nice and it is easy to use (which is good for me), it is fast and I am surely happy with it.

I see these coats like everywhere and I think that they look so nice, but as I said before, I really shouldn't spend any money now, as I want to have something that I totally fell in love with. And it's not just for one season.

And I also found this bag in the ASOS magazine and it just looks so funny! It is so cool, but it costs 35 pounds, and it is also not a bag you would carry on a daily basis. So at this moment I wouldn't buy it either.



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