Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Summer Days

Today was such a beautiful day! The weather was just perfect and it was really really summery again! I thought autumn was here but it looks like the sun stayed for a bit longer than expected. Which is good, very good!
Again, as always during the week, except Fridays, I went to college and before that I managed to do lots of things around the house. I did the laundry, cleaned up our room, the cage, played with Maya and washed my hair. College was quite nice today and after that it was still so hot that I couldn't believe it! I went to town to buy Eryk some things as he was working and couldn't go. Then I took the bus home and talked to my mum on Skype for a while and did my Spanish stuff later on, although I am still not done. When I was copying the notes I took Maya on my lap and she just kept sleeping and wanted to get cuddles all the time. She is so cute!
Now I'll spend a nice evening with a bag of Doritos, Instagram and some other snacks- comfy in bed of course! I still feel like I am on holidays, which is crazy! it feels so different to what school felt like back in Vienna! I still need some time to get used to it I think.

Tomorrow I'll have a lesson of Advanced Higher French just to see which course I like more and I am quite excited and nervous because there are lots of people from countries that have French as the main language. And that's definitely not the case with me but I just know everything in Higher and I am always done with every exercise before the tutor even explains what to do. He just said that this will probably be a better place for me in order not to waste time. We'll see. But I like him so much as a tutor!
And well, Friday will be a day off from College and I'll be at work in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday I will be working all day long. But thankfully there is no College on Monday because of some holiday thingy.

OOTD: polka dot blouse from New Look, black skater skirt from H&M, ballet flats from Melissa

This is my everyday college food- so good!

So cuteeee!!!