Thursday, 4 September 2014

OOTD And Silly Ferret

It is nearly the end of the week and I have again a break from college until Monday, which is great. It got warmer again and I am quite confused, but warmth makes me happy so I'm not complaining.
I woke up earlier , Eryk hat to go to college and then I napped for a little longer, also got up then and started the day at 9:30. I tidied the room, cleaned the cage and had some quick breakfast. I did my make up and couldn't decide what to wear as I thought it's be cool outside. After a long while I finally picked an outfit that was just comfy and this was it:
I wore my usual make up and my hair down as always...
I wore my silky floral vest from Primark,  my black leggings from Reserved and my raspberry pink hoodie from Superdry. And also my shoes from ASOS.
(I know, I need to clean my mirror today!)

On the first bus a lady asked me where I got my shoes from because they are gorgeous, on the second bus another lady told me that she loves my shoes and the colour of them. And then in college a girl also told me that she likes my shoes. This NEVER happened to me before! So many strangers complementing me. Oh and I also went to the bank before college and there a woman told me that she loved my bag! (I had my GABS bag today) Oh dear, that's a good day!

Also in college everyone from my desk/group asked me how I manage to store so many things in my bag and that it is a Mary Poppins bag. I've heard this TOO many times! :D But yes, this is how you can make this work :D

After college I came home totally exhausted and I realised Eryk wasn't home so I got a bit confused because I thought he'd be there. He also didn't leave any note and didn't write me any message and I also couldn't contact him. So I thought that he could only be at work. When I unpacked my school things I went to buy some cat litter and also met Eryk, who's at work until 10. I met my house mate on my way home and when we arrived home I put some fish fingers into the oven and went upstairs to place the cat litter in Mayas cage. (Papers are not the best solution so we need to get her used to peeing and pooping into the litter box)
But she thought it was fun to play with it.

I am even scared to go upstairs and see what she did with it in the meanwhile. I hope she will understand the purpose of it soon!




  1. do you read books in different languages ? and what's your favourite book ?

    1. I do read books in Polish, German and English and my favourite book is Ben Elton- Two brothers. It is a beautiful story and totally worth reading!

  2. Do post about studying tips please :)

    1. Ok, I'll try as soon as possible ! :)

  3. for how long do you learn French and Spanish ?

    1. I've been studying French for over 5 years and Spanish for over 3 years now :)