Friday, 19 September 2014

Eryk's Beauty Haul And Pictures Of The Day

T\Last night Maya kept us awake for so long that we were totally exhausted. She was just like a newborn baby that needs to get fed every three hours. We didn't know what was wrong with her but she just kept scratching and hitting the cage walls and it was just so loud that we were scared that our house mates would wake up because of the noise. I got out of bed about eight times and Eryk about five or so. It was just horrible. She had enough food, so she was not hungry but when we took her to our bed she wanted to play but she was also very aggressive and kept biting us. And so we put her back into the cage and the scratching began again and so on and so on throughout half of the night. In the morning we somehow managed to put her to sleep by massaging her belly and head. Well, so then we could finally go to bed at about five in the morning. This also means that we were sleeping until twelve and stayed in bed awake until about one which is just totally horrible! And as Eryk had to go to work at five, we didn't go anywhere. I just brought him to work and bought some things that we needed and now I am back home and waiting for the kitchen to get available to prepare something to eat.
Well, I didn't take many pictures, but I will show you the ones I took and I will show you Eryk's beauty haul from about a week ago.

I bought myself two pretty bouquets of flowers to make our room look nice and cosy again!

Alright, so last week when I came home from work, Eryk came home from ASDA and he wanted to show me what he's bought. I have totally no idea why he would ever do that, but he just said he felt like it. Looks like we have now enough shower gel for the rest of the year!
As you can see, he went a bit crazy...

Well, some normal mouth wash, not used yet, but just in case someone needs it, it's good to have one. Maybe I should transfer it from the closet to the bathroom shelf, maybe then Eryk or I will finally start using it, because otherwise it will just probably stay in the closet until you can't use it any more.

Then next we have two bath soaks from Radox. Of course, one for me and one for Eryk. They should be used for relaxation and stress relief. Looks like we are very stressed out people! The purple one contains lavender and water lily and the turquoise one has rosemary and eucalyptus in it and this one smells more like men shower gel, so I've figured out that this one is Eryk's. Oh and they are both 500ml bottles.

Next we have two shower gels from Imperial Leather, one for me and one for Eryk again. Mine is of course the girly one and it contains jojoba milk and jasmine, whereas Eryk's contains exotic guava and lotus flower. The white one, called "Blissful escape" smells like something creamy and fruity and I really like that smell. I haven't used it yet though as I am still using the Soap&Glory one. Eryk's shower gel, called "Tropical paradise" smells really refreshing and fruity, which is also a very nice smell, very summery I'd say. And he's already used a bit of it. Both are 250ml bottles.

And the last two shower gels that he's got are again from Radox and it looks like there is again one for me and one for Eryk. The pink one, which smells like pink grapefruit and basil has even an integrated hook so you can store it in your shower, but I don't think I'll be using it really. It smells really fruity but it somehow reminds me of toilet cleaners, or these gels that you put into the toilet to make them smell nice. I hope that it will smell better while using it so that I will actually use it. But it's pink so I will probably do anyways!
Eryk's shower gel smells like passion fruit and tangerine oil and it is again a very summery smell and I like it, even though I am not too much into passion fruit. There is a chance of me using this one as well, sorry Eryk! Both of them are again 250ml bottles and I think that this is now enough of shower gel in one post. 

And the last thing he bought is just a simple hand and nail cream and I actually have my own one just now always in my bag, but one for home won't be bad. As I am working in a supermarket ( and Eryk too) we have to work a lot in the freezer areas, and trust me, this is just horrible! It is so cold there after some time that my manager even gave me gloves! Hahaha so nice of him though! Well, and because of keeping my hands in the cold a lot, my hands are dry and rough and my skin is just ripping and it is just not nice, so I am using hand cream every day now. I sadly don't have my Soap&Glory hand cream any more as I gave it to my house mate who needed it as well some time ago.

Well, this was one of Eryk's craziest hauls I'd say and I really don't know why somebody would buy so many shower gels for two people, at once, but we will surely need them sometime so that's fine.

I'm now off to the kitchen because I am so hungry and I finally need some food!


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