Sunday, 14 September 2014

Snacks And Work All Day Long

Hello everyone!
Today was not the best day, but I am ok.
I slept for only 2 hours and had to get up before 7 am. I needed to get ready for work and I hurried to the bus stop. After waiting for about two minutes, the bus just passed me. The driver wasn't even bothered to take me to work. Well, so as I knew that the next bus was going to be there in half an hour, I decided to walk back home. I checked my Instagram and then left again. This time the bus driver was nice enough to stop for me and I was only about five minutes late for work. Then I tried to get all the things done that I needed but I felt very bad mentally. I just wanted to cry and I don't even really know why. After about an hour or two, I felt a bit better and could concentrate more properly on my tasks. As time passed, the day got easier and Eryk even came at the beginning of my lunch break, to check if I was already ok. So we had a talk and we bought my lunch together and then he went back home and I could eat something finally. I had only sweet things, as usual, and I had fun eating them. I know that I should maybe eat more savoury food, but I just can't be bothered. I don't eat ham, or take-away sandwiches. I don't eat cold pasta and stuff like that. So I had the things you can see here:
This one is so tasty! It has vanilla custard in the middle and some pecan nuts on top (if I am not wrong).

Then I also had a cookie with white chocolate, which also was delicious.

And I also had some jellies. I know that they are Christmas sweets, but I just needed the taste of Haribos. Just like in Austria...

And we also bought these, but I just had one, because I wanted to know how they taste like. And they are ok. They are not as good as I expected them to be.

Well, after my lunch break I had only two hours of work left, and it was quite easy and fun.At five I could finally go back home where Eryk was waiting for me. We just had some sweetcorn with butter and salt and we also had some of the sweet rolls from the first picture. Yep, I bought about 5 of them.

And now I am just sitting here in out living room, wearing comfy clothes and trying to relax after a long shift. I think I might do my French homework, because it's a lot, but I'll see if I'll be able to.

It looks quite stormy outside, but it is actually not that cold. It's 15 degrees just now.

See you tomorrow! :)



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