Monday, 1 September 2014

Non-beauty Favourites | August

Summer's ending and it is making me so sad because it won't get any warmer anymore. I didn't even go to the sea yet. So sad.
But today we are here with Augusts favourites in general. I wasn't too sure what things to pick for this one, but I think the ones I picked in the end are probably the ones I should show.

The first thing for today is sweets. I don't even know why I added this here as I just bought these Maltesers yesterday during my lunch. But I ate nearly the whole pack until now. They taste so amazing! I have them in my bag and secretly eat them on the bus when nobody's looking. I love eating sweets and this is probably one of my favourites!

A thing I've been carrying around in my bag every day is the little black pouch for lose change. I used to put my bus ticket money there but now I don't need to buy tickets anymore so I just keep coins in there so that my wallet is not that full. I really think this is so handy because when I just quickly need to go to the shop I can just take this pouch and I'm ready to go. It also looks very cute and it reminds me of my mum's purse when I was little. It also had the same closing and I could never open it as a child.

The next thing is again food. This apricot jam is probably the best jam in the world. I always bought strawberry jam from Hartley's and I always thought it was my favourite. Until the day I bought this one. It is just perfect for crumpets or toasties. I totally love this and that's why I bought the second bottle of it already. And it also costs only 1 pound! Sorry, not sorry!

As it is still quite warm, but cloudy most of the time, you can never know when it's going to rain. I totally hate carrying around jackets if I don't need them. And now I don't need a jacket for town because I would be too hot. But then on the other hand, what if it starts raining and you just get wet? Well, I have the solution for that.
Last time I went to Primark to find this parka-in-a-pocket. I decided that I really needed it and for 9 pounds this was a bargain I'd say! It looks super cool, is super light and you can fold it and put it in your bag even, if you feel like you don't need it at the moment. It is totally cute and so handy for UK's weather! I've already seen so many girls wearing these here.

And the last thing for today is my personal Ridacard. Oh dear, I've wanted this since my first ever day in Scotland but I could never have it. I always had to buy tickets for every fare and that was really not cool. But now, as I use the bus every single day, I finally got my Ridacard. You basically pay about 50 pounds a month as an adult and can use every bus and tram that you like, no matter how often. It is still expensive to me as in Vienna as a student you pay 60 Euros for an annual ticket and you can use the tube, trams, buses and even some trains. And this is really cheap. Still, considering that a day ticket in Edinburgh costs 3,50 pounds, it is better to have a Ridacard for 50 pounds a month. And you also get a picture taken ( I don't look too pretty but it's not bad) and it is just handy.

So these were probably my favourite things of August as far as I can remember. And now, off to September!



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