Friday, 12 September 2014

Swimming Ferret and Breakfast Time

Yesterday evening we decided that it was time again to give our baby Maya a bath. This time she seemed quite relaxed when we put her into the bathtub so we added some more water as we wanted to see if she'd swim. And she did! It was so funny but I couldn't take  proper picture because it was blurry. But soon she started shaking so much like last time and we decided to take her out of the bathtub and we rolled her up in a small warm towel and she hid under the cover in our bed until she was fine again. Her fur is so pretty now!

Today we were again too lazy to get out of bet early, so we stayed a bit longer. Then we got ready as we wanted to go to a cafe for breakfast. In the end I took a cranberry-orange tea from the cafe and Eryk had a bacon roll and some lentil soup. We were sitting in front of the cafe enjoying our first part of the breakfast and went then to the bakery and to buy some food in the shop. Then we walked all the way back home and I had my cream and fudge donut at home. And I just had a second cup of tea as well. I should go and relax a bit before going to work in two hours.
Oh and by the way: I had my first pay day today! Woop woop!

Well, alright then, I'll be chilling on my sofa, drinking some more tea and eating Digestives while checking my tablet.

Oh and Eryk just took Maya out for a walk in the park. Hopefully he will come back home with her.

OOTD: vest: Primark, skirt: H&M, bag: H&M, sweater: H&M, shoes: ASOS, watch: Swatch

So good.


Have a nice day everyone while I'll be working for the rest of the day!



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