Monday, 29 September 2014

Lush With Lizzie And New Phone

I got up before 10 and washed my hair, Eryk and I had breakfast together and we both needed to get ready as he headed to work and I was about to go to College. The weather was amazing as we had 19 degrees and sunshine, no clouds. I was felt really happy this morning. In College it was quite strange again but we did it somehow. My friend Lizzie said that she would go and pick up my phone with me, so after Spanish we headed to the tram and were soon sitting in the phone shop. The guy that served me was really nice, and Polish, and I hope that I chose the right phone for me and that it will be good. So, both Lizzie and I were happy after I got the phone and we decided to go to some other phone shops to look after a phone Lizzie is interested in and we also went to LUSH. Well. We spent quite a while in there, but we definitely had fun. Pictures will be below.
We then also quickly went to HMV and to Tesco because I needed to buy some food for Maya. Then we went and sat on a bench, waiting for our buses to arrive and when they did, we had to say goodbye already.
It was a really fun and successful day and as the weather was amazing too, it was just perfect. Eryk is still at work and I just got home so I will probably prepare some tasty wraps as I am soooo hungry. I will then check out my new phone, learn how to use it and so on. I think that this is going to be a long night!

Also, if any of you feel like they want to read something about my phone, just let me know and I can prepare a wee post  about it in the next days.

I started my day with this delicious Onken yogurt. The raspberry& honey flavour is just amazing and I totally enjoyed it. I also had a bagel with some apricot jam, as always.

And a nice mug of Earl Grey.

These look so cool! Such a shame they don't smell nice at all. :(

We totally loved the lip products and spent most of the time checking out all of them.

I also bought this delicious Cocio chocolate milk from Tesco. It is really so good and it looks so retro! Totally in love with it.

And my OOTD: H&M sweater, WAREHOUSE jeans, Lasocki shoes, GABS bag, Orelia necklace. Sorry, my face didn't look too attractive in this picture. 

PS: Why do I have less views lately? Makes me really sad. :(



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