Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Being ill

Today I don't feel any better, but even worse to be honest. My back hurts and it reminds me of the pain I had back when I had a bad kidney infection. Well, I hope that this is not the case this time because I would freak out. I hope that my muscles are sore as I have a cold and this is a common situation for me.
Still, I went to College and it was quite OK there, but on my way home I thought I'd fall asleep and I felt horrible. Basically  I came home and crawled into our bed, hid under blankets and asked Eryk to make me tea every time I empty one mug. So I already got my second big mug. I try to drink as much as possible to get rid of the bacteria and stuff from my kidneys, in case it's them who are crazy again.

Well, it was however a nice and warm day so I decided to wear a dress again.
Here's my OOTD just to let you know what I looked like.
This dress is probably my favourite everyday-dress. I think that my waist looks so nice in it and it is just perfect. But the sad thing is that the upper material, the one with the flowers (there is a navy one underneath that is thicker) is very thin and transparent basically and somehow there appeared some thin lines (white on the dark material and dark on the white flowers) and I just don't know when it happened. It seems like the thread got pulled out somehow. :(
Oh and if someone wants to know, this dress is from New Look and I bought it in April. Then I also had black tights because as I'm ill, I didn't want to risk getting even more ill. And my lovely shoes are from Lasocki. I also totally love these and could wear them every day.
And then on top of the dress I also had my crochet H&M jumper to keep myself warm. My school bag is my GABS one as it is the biggest one I have. Oh, and there is also a Maya sitting on my arm! ;)
And my cute necklace is from Orelia.

When I needed to go to College, Eryk decided to bring me to the bus stop and he took Maya with us and we let her run around in the grass and people were just stopping and looking at her, so cool!
At College I could enrol for French finally and when I came home I just went to bed, put on my pyjamas and Eryk is making me tea every hour or so. I am snacking of course (WHEN YOU ARE ILL YOU ARE ALLOWED TO!) and I hope that I will get better soon. The fact that I need to go to work on Saturday and Sunday is terrifying me now.

And just to show you how things look like now, here you are:
Caramel Digestives (which are AMAZING!), Doritos, Volvic water and my favourite Twinings Earl Grey tea by my side. Lots of used tissues, half of a toilet roll, my tablet, pillows and blankets. I think that I should go back there, and finish today's post. I should also do my homework as long as I feel still alright to do something.

We'll see if I get better tomorrow, and I really hope I will, because school and work are on my plan and I should definitely go there.

See you tomorrow! Let's all hope that the cold will end soon!



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