Saturday, 20 September 2014

Recipe | Noodles with Salmon and Tomato Sauce

Well, after work I got hungry and decided to cook myself something that I cooked with my best friends back in Vienna some time ago. And this is what I cooked:

Ingredients (for one person)

-a bit of spaghetti noodles
-2 small tomatoes
- half of a big onion
-some garlic
-50 g of smoked salmon
-a cup of creme freche
-salt, pepper, oil

1) First it is best to chop up the tomatoes, salmon and onion into small pieces. Also, use a garlic press for the garlic.
2) Put some oil into a pan and add the onions.
3) After some time, also add the garlic and let cook for a while.
4) After that add the salmon and wait until it changes its colour. You can also add a spritz of lemon juice.
5) Add the tomatoes and let cook for a while again.
6) In the meanwhile you can start cooking the noodles as usual.
7) When you feel like the onion, garlic, salmon and tomato mix has been enough cooked, add the creme freche and mix everything together, and let it cook again.
8) Once it starts looking nicer add salt and pepper - just like you want to have it.
9) Once the noodles are cooked and the sauce is tasty enough to eat, serve them together. You can add some basil to make it look prettier.
10) Ready to eat!



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