Friday, 31 October 2014

My Halloween Make-Up

Well, everyone here in the UK seems to be very excited about Halloween. And now it has finally come! I thought I was going to sit at home and feeding spooky children once in a while, but I spontaneously decided to go to a Halloween party. This means that I had to quickly think of a certain make-up look and I thought of doing cat eyes and dark lips. And I also washed my hair and braided it and I hope that I will have waves by the time I'll leave the house. So here's what I look like now:

The braids actually look quite cute I think but I just can't decide what to do with my hair. Leave the braids or open them and have some wavy volume on my head. I think I'll decide just before I'll leave.

I am also not too sure about the whole make-up because I did the thick eye liner using khol eyeliner from Essence and my lids get greasy after some time and usually I have the black colour all over my lids after some hours. So I will need to check my eye make-up once in a while to make sure I don't look like a total idiot.

Also, our latest vlog is uploaded and here's the link to it!

So what do you think? Is this an acceptable look for leaving the house for a little party?

Enjoy your evening everyone!



Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn Make-Up Routine

During summer I kept my make-up quite simple, using only mascara and concealer, adding a bit of bronzer to bring out my tan a bit more. But now, I look more and more pale and because of that ill and tired. This means that I try to cover up my face as much as possible in order to look fresh and healthy.
So here are all the steps to my full make-up.
1) First I use my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes and on my spots.
2) Then I use my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder to fix the concealer and to mattify my face.
3) After that I apply my Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzer nearly all over my face and generously underneath my cheek bones to contour my "chubby" face a bit.
4) Then I continue with the Delice de Poudre Highlighter to gently highlight my cheek bones, my brow bones and the other areas the light would naturally hit.

5) Next I usually use my Bourjois Quad palette in 02 Over rose and try to create something acceptable on my eyelids. 
6) Then I use my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara on my upper lashes, sometimes I also apply a second coat if I feel like it.
7) I often apply my Essence black khol eye liner underneath my lower lashes to frame my eyes a bit.
8) Then I use my Barry M Showgirl mascara on my bottom lashes.

9) And to add some colour to my lips I like to use my matte Golden Rose lipstick in shade 14. Or I use my Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lip crayon in shade 4 Sirius. And if I don't feel like colour on my lips, I just smear on some nice lip balm.

And that's all my make-up done!



Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Non-Beauty Monthly Favourites | October

Well, yesterday I showed you my beauty favourites and today we are heading over to all the other random things.

First, for this month I thought of fairy lights. We have these flowers from IKEA on our headboard of our bed and I like to turn them on in the evening when I am sitting in bed with Maya or doing something on my phone or tablet. It is a really warm light and it makes the bed even cosier than usual. Today I was actually looking out for some more fairy lights for our room, but I don't want them to be really light LED lamps. These ones are just perfect and they were only 4 or 5 Euros back when I bought them about two or three years ago. (They do have the "European" ending so I have to use an adapter for them.)

Next I decided to add the Polish Almette soft cheese with some herbs. It reminds me so much of my aunt's house because she always buys these and I love them so much! In Austria I never had them so it is a really Polish taste to me. And here in the UK you can buy it in ASDA for a pound. I bought this one yesterday and nearly half of it is nearly gone!

For some home ware stuff I chose our new Febreze air refresher which smells like apple and spice. It says that it is a Christmas edition and in my opinion it really totally is! It adds such a warm, but fresh smell to the house, or room as we use it for. We still have an other one that smells like summery flowers but at the moment I surely prefer this one. And also the design of the container is so cute and festive. Even though it is not Christmas yet, I feel like it is going to be Christmas really soon so I'll keep using it for now.

And of course, as summer is definitely over now and we have less sunshine and more clouds, it gets darker sooner, it is not as warm any more, I just think tea makes me feel better and happier throughout the day. I have the Water Your Body app on my phone and I try to drink as much as possible and I nearly always go for tea, except of the time when I am at work or in College, where I have flavoured water or a latte.
Tea makes me warm when I am cold and keeps me hydrated at least.

Some time ago I ordered myself this phone case off Amazon and I didn't really care about what kind of case it is, I just wanted to make sure that my phone is a bit safer. And I chose this floral case with a magnetic closing strap and some pockets on the inside for cards or cash. It is really handy if I just quickly need to go to the shop and don't want to take a bag and a purse and all that stuff with me. And it is also handy when I am waiting for the bus because I know where I'll quickly find my Ridacard. It is not the best quality, but as I said, I just wanted to get something as quickly as possible to protect my phone and I am happy with this case.

And the last thing for today are the Hobnobs biscuits from McVities. They are oat biscuits, half covered in milk chocolate. They are really tasty and I love dipping them into my tea and munching them in my bed while checking Instagram or reading magazines. 

The Castle has pink lights all around it. This is also a thing I love this month!



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | October

It is nearly the end of the month again and this means that it is time again to review some products I've loved using over the last weeks.  So let's get started because I need to prepare a salad soon. :)

First we have two cremes this time. The Vaseline hand cream has also some anti bac in it, which is quite handy because you have two products in one. It also dries in very very quickly and doesn't leave a greasy layer on your hands. They smell fresh and clean. And it gives you nice moisture as well. It is though quite liquidy and not too creamy so you really need only a small drop to moisturise your hands.
The Kaufmann's creme is something I use for my chapped lips and as the cold seasons are here and my lips dry out horribly, it is a really useful product that I keep in my handbag when I am on the go. I don't use it always, but it is surely better than usual lip balms. Also, the price was less than 2 Euros I think and it will last for ages.

Also, last time I bought the Barry M nail polish in the shade Ballerina. It is a dusty pink shade and it reminds me so much of the wall colours of my old room. It is a really pretty colour, covers perfectly after two shades and is quite long lasting I'd say. 

And then we have three make-up products that I also bought last time.
The Bourjois Quad palette in shade 02 Over Rose is a nice and basic palette in my opinion. As I've never really used eyeshadow before, I feel like I won't do anything too wrong with it. The colours are very light and the palette also has an applicator, though I don't use it. 
Some more information about the palette is available here.

Next there is the Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder which mattifies and smells amazing! It also has a pretty packaging and I got it in shade 53 Light Beige. I am in love with it because it does not only give you a matte finish but it also covers up a bit blemishes, redness and so on. And it is not cakey, but very light. I really enjoy using this one and I need to say that it is surely my favourite powder of all times.

And the last product for today is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lip crayon in shade 4 Sirius. you can get it here. Well, the smell of it is amazing, the colour of it is amazing. It is so glossy like a lip gloss but it feels more like lipbalm on your lips. It is also moisturising so it doesn't dry out your lips.
The only thing that is negative about it is that we just broke it. I wanted to find out how to get some more of the crayon out because I've already used all of the tip and it looks like you can twist the end and the crayon will come out, but it doesn't. So I asked Eryk to sharpen it for me but he decided to first find out what this end was about. So he chopped it off. Well done! Ha ha! Now it looks horrible and there is still no more product at the tip as there was. Looks like I need to sharpen it on my own and use some tape to cover up the open bottom. Eryk however said that he's buy me two of them as a "Sorry gift", but we'll see if this is going to happen.

And here is an extremely stupid picture of me, just to show you how the lip crayon looks like. :)

Have a nice evening everyone! I am going to the kitchen now. :)



Monday, 27 October 2014

First Hair Tutorial

Today I got up early and decided to have a very unhealthy breakfast, which consisted of a jam doughnut, a slice of Golden Syrup Cake and an Angel Slice and a cup of tea, because I needed to go to the dentist in the afternoon.
Until the appointment I had plenty of time and filmed a short video about the hairstyle I had today.
I edited it quite quickly and published it. I also talked to my mum on Skype a bit, cleaned Maya's cage and left. I was so nervous again because of my phobia and wanted to be back home already.
I arrived about five minutes early so I was in the surgery quite soon and the dentist just quickly checked my teeth and said that we'll do three small fillings and if I'd like we could do them all today. At first I wasn't too sure and when he said that I won't need an injection I was even more scared. But it turned out that the fillings are really small and I was surprisingly not in pain. So, everything went well and although I left dizzy and with horrible headache, I was fine. On my way back home I went to see Eryk and also bought some rolls and food for Maya and could finally eat something. I was already starving because I didn't eat anything for hours, but I was hoping that my fillings wouldn't fall out, but they are fine too.
Now I am talking to my parents again and I finally sent them the link to my Youtube channel so that they can watch my videos as well. It was so cute how they were all staring at the monitor with big smiles on their faces!

Well, but on to the main purpose of this entry- I filmed my first hair tutorial because I got already asked about this hairstyle when I posted a picture of it some weeks ago on Instagram. And as I went to the dentist and it would be handy to keep my hair out of my face, I decided to do this hairstyle and to film it too, to finally have a video related to beauty, not only a weekly vlog.

I am not a pro when it comes to hair, and this is the reason why I always wear it down, but there are days where I actually manage to do a braid maybe, which is already a big step for me.
You can check out the video here and don't forget to switch the quality to 720p or 1080p!

I hope that you'll enjoy it and if you did, please let me know, to make sure that I should film some more videos from now on.

I need to go and do my homework because I didn't go to College today, but I will go tomorrow.



Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Current Hair Care

My hair has always been very special to me and I used to have really beautiful hair when I was little and I was never allowed to have long hair as washing it was just a torture for both, me and my mum. My hair was so thick that we needed to wash it layer for layer and it took ages to get it dry.
People still say that my hair is so pretty and ask me how I manage to keep them so pretty but if they know what my hair used to be like, they are shocked that I've lost so much of it over the last years.
I wouldn't say that my hair is not pretty, because it is but I am just used to the wow-volume and it makes me sad that these times are over.

But that's the reason why I try to keep my hair healthy, to make it at least a bit nicer even though the volume is gone. I can now wear it longer and it is not such a big problem, although I still have quite thick and heavy hair and washing days are not my favourite.

I think this is my favourite picture of my hair because it was curled and I have a nice updo and it was really long at that time. (This was taken last November on my prom day and I cut it in February and in July again so it is surely not so long anymore.)

So, these are the products I currently use when it is washing day, which is usually twice a week, sometimes even three times but I try not to wash my hair three times a week too often.
I use the TRESemme Silky Smooth shampoo because I have lots and lots of babyhair and it just stands out all around my head and when it is dry it looks like burnt ends, but they are definitely not burnt or split. So I try to smooth them down as much as possible to make my hair look healthier.
Then I use one of the two conditioners, the Glad Hair Day from Soap&Glory, which smells amazing, or the Smooth&Sleek one from Pantene PRO-V. Usually I use one on one day and on the next washing day I use the other one. I can't really tell if they do a big change, but I prefer to use them rather than not.

After washing my hair I wrap it up in a towel and keep it in there for an hour at least. Then I use the TRESemme Keratin Smooth heat protection spray, comb my hair a bit so that it is not tangled and I blow dry it until it is nearly completely dry. Usually it stays a bit wet at the crown because it takes too long to get them all dry.
I already said that I don't want to wash my hair too often because it will get used to it and get geasy even faster. So, if I decide not to wash my hair the next day, I just use lots of the Batiste dry shampoo. I have the cherry scented one right now. I don't use it too often, but if I feel like I want to pin back my hair a bit to make it look better, I'd just use it. It won't make my hair feel cleaner, but it will at least make it shine a bit less. I am not 100 % happy with dry shampoos, but they are alright if I really need something for a short while to help my hair look prettier and fresher.

And also, last year I changed my normal hairbrush to this Nashi Argan detangle brush and I kept using it every day. When I was in Vienna for a day back in July, I didn't want to take it out of my suitcase and used my old brush and just seriously couldn't detangle my hair. I would never ever think that such a brush could make such a big difference! You can find it here! I got it with a whole set, which you can find here. It is kind of a Tangle Teezer, though I didn't have the opportunity to try one yet and I would totally love to get myself one someday.

This is all I do with my hair to make it look acceptable. I try to cut it at least once a year, this year I managed to cut it twice already. And now I have only very few split ends, which are not the longest ends so they were not cut yet.



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Wishes

Alright. It is really getting cold and every day I am struggling about what to wear to be comfy and warm, but it never really works out. Most likely it is due to the lack of basics, and what's more, winter stuff in my wardrobe.
I would need to buy myself some practical pieces but as I know myself this won't work out too well because I am somehow so busy at the moment and I am also trying to save up money for Christmas gifts.
But who said that you can't dream of clothes?
Let's do it then!

Well, my first obsession right now is this beautiful winter parka from Superdry.  Winter Parka
 I wanted to get it in November, but to be honest, I already have two winter jackets and four autumn jackets in my wardrobe. It is also quite pricey, although I could wear it for at least some years.
I would love to have it and maybe with some weeks of saving up, it will be mine. If I don't change my mind, if they don't discontinue this collection too quickly, if I have the money for it...

Next in my bookmarks I've found some pretty shoes that seem quite stable and durable. Winter Shoes
They are from New Look and are again quite pricey, but they are made of leather and I love leather shoes because they are always so durable and I keep them for years. But then again, I already have my leather boots from Clarks and also my beautiful Doc Martens that I could start wearing any time soon to be honest. Oh, and then I also have some black boots too...

Another piece I could need is a nice autumny, wintery dress that I could wear with thick crochet tights and boots, with a warm cardigan and big crochet loop scarf. Dress
I have soo many dresses but most of them are really summery and others are more for special occasions than for every day use. This cute dress from Asos would be quite nice, except the fact that it is terrible windy in the UK just now and that wearing dresses is currently very dangerous if you don't want to show your bum to everyone.

As I love knitwear and I have definitely too little pieces of them I could definitely get some more thick jumpers over the next weeks. Knitted Jumper
I love the ones H&M does and I think that most likely I'd get one of these if I went for one.
Jumpers are cosy, warm and go with everything, so that's surely a good thing when you are about to travel to a cold country during a cold time of the year.

And also something that makes me curious are velvet leggings. I was thinking of buying some last year already but wasn't too sure whether it's a good idea or not. But maybe this year I'd go for some to change my legwear a bit, which is usually black leggings or my Warehouse jeggings. Velvet Leggings I am not too sure though if I'd like the touch of them. But I can go and have a look maybe.

Well, so these are things I am dreaming of this Autumn, but am not too sure whether I'll be able to get my hands on any time soon.

What are your autumn/winter essentials this year?



Friday, 24 October 2014

Bourjois Quad Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Last week I went to Boots and treated myself to some beauty products. I finally need to make my "collection" grow a bit because at the moment it is quite rubbish. Also, today on the website of Boots I found THIS and I am nearly crying because I want it so badly! Any one wants to be my Secret Santa or anything?

Well, so last time I got the Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Over Rose.
They cost 7,99 pounds at Boots and are available in eight different combinations. For some reason I took the one with the pink colours, I think because they are the lightest shades offered from this collection and I am not an eyeshadow pro yet, so I didn't want anything too dark for the beginning.

I don't use this palette for work  as I prefer sleeping longer than spending my time in the morning being angry with my horrible eyeshadow look. I do use it for College, as I just have enough time to play with the palette, to make my eyes a bit prettier.

 The shadows come in a handy, small palette with an applicator, that I don't use. But it is maybe helpful if you need to fix your make up on the go or don't want to take additional brushes for travelling.
There are obviously four different shades coming from one colour, which is a nude, dusty colour in this case. You can see here what other combinations there are. 
I find it a bit disappointing that you don't get any information about the shades on the back of the product, like in what order to use it, or on what part of the eye to apply it. It only says on ads on the shelves in stores and online. So I just decided to write down what each shadow is supposed to do.
I somehow find it difficult to use the Highlighter because it is nearly like lose glitter and it falls on your cheeks and then you are shimmery all over your face. But maybe there is a trick behind it, that I don't know yet.

When you swatch the shades, they are really really delicate and buildable. It can be annoying sometimes, because you need some time to get a pigmented look, but as I said, for beginners it will be helpful to not "overdose" and look like a clown. 

I am not too sure whether I'd buy this palette again, maybe a darker one would be more pigmented and faster to use, so time will show if there is going to be addition to my eyeshadows from this collection.

What do you think?

And I just realised that it is Christmas in exactly 2 months!




Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tips For Studying

Last time someone requested in the comments of one of my posts to share my tips for studying for exams.
And I have to say that I surely was not the best student in my class but also not the worst. So here are things I'd recommend.

There are two types of studying I'd split the tips into.

1) The first tip is sleep. Get enough sleep before school in order to concentrate better the next morning during your lessons. When I still went to school I was in bed at 11 pm and got up at 7 am and this was alright for me. But when I came home at about 2:30, most of the time the first thing I did was having a 20 minute power nap before revising as I can't concentrate at all if I am tired. Also, don't study at night. Better get some proper sleep for the next day to have more energy.

2) After every day of school I used to revise everything I've written down or read during the lessons of that day. This helped me remember some more information than leaving it to the time before my exams.

3) During your lessons, keep your notes neat, or rewrite them at home. Keep all your handouts,   copies and written sheets organised. Write down the date on each sheet of paper to know the order of the material.

1) I used to start revision a week before an exam. The first thing I did was counting all the sheets that I needed to know and splitting them up for all the days during that week. So for example I'd know that on Monday I needed to study page 1 to 3, on Tuesday page 4 to 7 and so on.

2) Don't read the whole text over and over again. It will take you more time than you have. So I recommend doing summaries of every sheet, neatly, using colours, mind maps, whatever helps you to remember things easiest. But don't forget to make them as informative as possible! This method will save you some useful time for sure. Then, revise only the summaries reading them out loud. Read them out as long until you remember the contents and after each learned page, have a break! Once you're done with your 2,3 or 4 pages a day, take a longer break, or even a nap before you start revising for something else.

3) Stay calm and relaxed. I know this is not easy, trust me I was always nervous and angry because of that. Being nervous makes you forget everything you've learned so hard over that week. And this is horrible. I always tried to stay as calm as possible, telling myself that I don't need the best grade, I just need to try my best to achieve the best grade I can. And then my stress before the exams faded away. It only stayed before Maths, because I am really horrible at that. But everything else went quite smooth in the end.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rice Cake With Plums | Recipe

Today we had some self made pizza, which was just amazing and once the pizza came out of the oven I started doing the rice cake. I just randomly found a recipe today somewhere on my way home and I really wanted to try it out. So I bought the last ingredients I needed and started preparing the cake.
It is not ready yet, because it needs to stay in the oven for 40 minutes, so I will add a picture of it once it is ready.


- 700 ml of milk
-150 g of rice (I used pudding rice)
-100 g of sugar
- 3 eggs
-fruits (I used 3 plums)
- cream if you'd like to

1) Alright, so first you need to cook the milk and add the rice. You need to stir it basically all the time for 35 minutes, or until the rice gets sticky.

2) Then you need to let the rice cool down completely. This can take up to an hour so I just put it into the fridge and went to stir it every 15 minutes or so. 

3) Then, add the sugar and mix a bit with a wooden spoon. Also add the three egg yolks and stir until the ingredients become a smooth mix. 

4) Use a mixer for the white of the egg to get a nice white and stiff foam. Then add it to the rest of the mix and gently stir through with the wooden spoon.

5) Put the mix into a greased baking tray.

6) I added three plums that I just cut into smaller pieces and put them on top of the cake.

7) Put into the oven for 40-45 minutes, bake at 180 degrees.

Hopefully it will be good because I will be disappointed if it won't. :(

Edit: It is good! But I preheated the oven and the cake was ready after 30 minutes. :)



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas Wishlist In October?!

When I was a child I used to write my wishlists for Christmas already in October. I have no idea why, but I thought it was a good thing to write down all my dream gifts as early as possible, as by Christmas I'd already forget all of them and I would remember them again when it was already too late.
So, I still like to write down what I'd like to buy myself, what I'd like to put money aside for, or what I'd like to get for Christmas or my Birthday.
I totally hate it when people ask me what I'd like to get and I just can't think of anything, even though there are always some small things I dream of..

Well, today I thought I could share five ideas for Christmas, that would make me extremely happy if I got them (or bought myself).

1) I would like to have a new bag for College. I have one at the moment, the GABS one, but it is too colourful to wear it with every outfit, which totally annoys me. But this is my only big bag, and I need a big one because I need to take a folder with me, my glasses, a pencil case, a notebook, some snacks, a drink, my purse, my camera and phone, my agenda and so on.
And I am currently thinking of two bags I could get. One is affordable, the other one is expensive.
So the affordable is this one, and it would be nice to have it because it looks cool and the prize is nice as well.
Now, the other bag I just ADORE is a leather bag from Fossil. I just love their bag designs and even though I already have one of them, I'd love to have a bigger one too. I am in no way planning on getting it as a gift from someone. It is something I really want to put my own  money aside for to buy it once I can. It is this bag here and hopefully I won't change my mind and in some months I will be the owner of it.

2) I want to make more beauty related videos and blog entries, but first I need some good equipment to get started. Now, I thought of this nice Sleek palette, which is not to expensive but is said to be great. I could use it for ages and would have all the eye shadows I'd need in one palette.

3) Also, some make up equipment would be a mirror with some light. I  wanted the popular one from No7 but couldn't find it anywhere and recently I've found this one from Mark Hill on the Boots website and maybe that will be available in stores at some point any time soon.

4) What I also took into consideration is this three pack of Ted Baker lipsticks. I've read a blog post about them and they are said to be nice and I thought that I could make use of some more lipsticks in my beauty space. They look beautiful for sure and I would be happy to have more than only one lipstick to chose from.

5) And then it's just random things I could think of, like a Yankee Candle for our room, for some other decoration that we could use, a warm cardigan for winter, some Shortbread in a pretty tin, a nice perfume (preferably Escada-Cherry in the air)...

And don't forget, these are just some ideas I could think of at the moment, my mind can change until Christmas and I am not even sure if I'll like these things until then.

What are your Christmas wishes? Do you already know?



Monday, 20 October 2014

Empty Products | October

The bag is full again and this means that it is time to get rid of all the empties finally.
Here are the products we've emptied over the last weeks:

Let's start with hair products.
I got myself this TRESemme shampoo quite a long time ago. It is suitable for dry and dull hair as it is supposed to give you moisture,
This is a 900 ml bottle, which is just awesome because I use lots of shampoo when I wash my hair. 
I was mostly happy with this shampoo, but sometimes I just think that my hair doesn't feel too clean even if it is just freshly washed and just dried. Some days ago I bought a new bottle but one that is good for frizzy hair and once I've used that one I'll need to find something that would prevent my hair from getting greasy too quickly.
But all in all I do recommend these shampoos and if they are on offer, you can get 900 ml for 2,50 pounds which is a TOTAL bargain!

The Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur conditioner is something I've loved! I got it when I was still in Vienna and I have to say that the smell is so good I could die. It says that it contains cashmere and shea butter and should make dry hair prettier. I've also used this conditioner when I did my honey and conditioner hair masks and as I said, the smell is just amazing. It costs something about 2 Euros in Austria and if I could, I'd buy it again.

Again, we have some Carex hand soap, this time it is the Strawberry laces edition and I already had this one earlier this year and decided to repurchase it here. I don't really think that you can write much about hand soap, but I just like the Carex ones and would always go for them again.

And this time I also put my Sensodyne Repair tooth paste into the bag once it got empty. It is pricey, because it costs about five pounds but my one of my teeth is extremely sensitive lately, since my gum moved a bit away from it and now part of it, that should be covered, is free and if I touch it, it is so painful that I want to cry. So from now on I decided to always buy good toothpaste because caring about your teeth is very important. 
When I had my dentist's appointment some days ago, to check my teeth, the dentist also told me to continue buying toothpaste for sensitive teeth as they will help. And straight after the check up I bought the Colgate Sensitive paste, but I still use it, so I just added the empty box to show you what toothpaste else I use.
And what is super nice for travelling, and as I am quite far away from home, this is always handy, I had a travel size mouthwash from Colgate Plax. It was a green one and the taste of it was really not the nicest, but if you can't brush your teeth for any reason and you have this, it will surely save you. My next time travelling will be for Christmas and I have my flight from Glasgow to Wroclaw. This means that I first need to get to Glasgow and then from Wroclaw to where my family lives, which is also a while away. It will be a long afternoon and evening for me, but I will be happy to see my family again. And for that journey I will purchase a new travel size mouthwash just in case I'll need it.

And the last product in the bag is my favourite mascara, which is the Scandaleyes Lycraflex one from Rimmel. I am currently using the same one again and it is my third one of it already. I think that from all the drug store mascara's I've tried until now, this is surely the best one for me and until I won't find anything better I will continue using this one as it is affordable, lasts a long time and just makes my lashes look nice.



Sunday, 19 October 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review

Today I finally decided to write a short review about the Garnier Micellar water, that many girls consider as a dupe of the Bioderma cleanser.
I've been using this product for about a month or so now and I think it is about time to let you know what I, personally think about it.

What information is given about the product:
*good for sensitive skin
* hypoallergenic
* no perfume
* removes make-up, cleanses, soothes
* 200 uses

1) As you can see, I've used nearly half of the bottle and it says that it lasts for 200 uses. I've probably not even used it 40 times yet and it doesn't really look as if I could use it for 160 more uses. Of course, I know that this number is just an average number, but still, I think that it could be used for about 100 times, more than 200 to be honest.
If I use it, then I use two small cotton pads, so I also don't use too much of the cleanser itself. It is strong, because one cotton pad takes off the make up of half of my face, which is nice.

2) After I've taken off all the make-up from my face, my skin suddenly starts to smell like mould on the walls. It really makes me freak out because it is said to have no perfume, but I'd prefer perfume than the smell of wet, mouldy walls on my face. I have no idea if it is just me, or if other girls also have this problem with this cleanser, but it surely makes me not too happy. When you smell the cleanser itself it really has no smell, but after I've used it, I can smell it so much!

3) This cleanser costs about 4 pounds and you can get them for 3 if they are on offer for example at ASDA. So this is what I did, I was shopping once and it was there on sale for 3 pounds so I decided to try it as I needed a new cleanser any ways. 
Buying this product, you get 400 ml for about 4 pounds.
The Bioderma cleanser costs about 10 pounds per 200 ml, which is only have the size.
So, if you compare the prizes and what you get for them, the Garnier cleanser is surely a bargain if you can't afford Bioderma.
But, if I could, I would surely choose the Bioderma Sebium cleanser as it works just perfectly with my skin and I would repurchase it for ever.

I will see what else I'll find over the next weeks in drugstores because this cleanser makes me really confused and I would not really like to repurchase it, unless I'd have no other choice.

Have you tried this cleanser too? If yes, please let me know about the smell, if it is just me, or if it really leaves that bad mouldy smell on your skin!

And if you didn't see our latest video, here it is! 


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Depriving Days


Today I had to get up early for work and I spent there more time than I actually should. It turned out that there were only two members of staff in for the evening and I got asked if I'd stay an hour longer to help out a bit. So I decided to stay and I survived it. There was however quite a stressful situation when I served a lady and while she walked away she dropped her bottle of wine but she said that she didn't know how it happened and there was wine all over the floor just in front of the massive queue that built up by the time I could serve the next customer. And then it got quite busy and I was on tills until I could go home. Then I quickly grabbed some things and the bus was here just on time. When I finally arrived home I talked to my mum for a bit on Skype because there are some issues with our tickets for Poland and I am so annoyed and angry and I don't know what to do any more. Sometimes I think that it would really be better if I came back to Austria because life would be much easier for me, but I also don't want to leave school just now without any new qualifications.

I don't know how things will turn out, but I surely need to go to Poland for Christmas...

Also, I couldn't do my French homework yet because my tutor didn't tell me what it was until now and now I have to write an essay of 300 words, read a whole book and an article for Monday. I am not sure how this is going to happen, but yeah...
Let's don't forget that I work tomorrow from 8 until 5 again.

I am sorry that today's blog entry is so sad, but this is how life really is.

But to make you smile you can click here to see our latest vlog.

Well, this is how the rest of my evening will look like.



Friday, 17 October 2014

Third Vlog And Beautiful October Day

Hello everyone!
Today Eryk had to get up at 7 for work and I quickly made him a coffee and went back to bed as I am working today from 6 until 10 in the evening so I wanted to get some proper sleep to not be tired at work. At 11 I finally decided to get out of bed because I needed to edit the new weekly vlog for you and I knew that there would be trouble with it as always. Well, I luckily found an editing programme that actually makes editing a lot easier than the one we've used previously. And in the end the video was ready in probably an hour or so. And we edited the last two videos for about four or even more hours each!
So hopefully this video will be nicer to watch and you'll enjoy it.
However, the quality is not too good even though I converted it to have a nice HD video. But I don't know why it is not. Maybe next week I will find out while editing the next video.

You can watch this week's video here!

Also, it is such a beautiful day today here in Edinburgh! It is so sunny and so warm that I couldn't even believe it when I went outside to the garden. Such a shame I need to work today and won't be able to go to town. But maybe the nice days are not completely over yet and there will be some more sunshine next week.

I should also read a book for French and somehow I've only read a quarter of it yet and I should be done with it by Tuesday. And since I'll be working all weekend long I seriously have no idea how I'll manage to do this. But I'll try at least to get as far as possible.

See you tomorrow evening then! And don't forget to check out the vlog!



Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn OOTD | Denim and Caramel Browns

Today we wanted to go to the seaside but as the weather was just not pretty at all we thought that going to the sea would not be the best idea.
Instead, we had nice breakfast and in the afternoon we decided to book some tickets for Christmas. We had lots of issues with them because we couldn't find any coaches any more and flight tickets are just ridiculously expensive already. We already thought that I should go to Poland on my own so that I could see my family, but today we actually found coach tickets that we need to book tomorrow! This means that we will be able to go to Poland together and we will again go on the Europe-Trip, but as I said, it's for my family and I don't care if I need to go on a long journey, I just want to be with them and to be happy.
So we also had to go to Eryk's work to ask about his holidays and also to do some basic grocery shopping.
And this is what I wore.

I did my make-up using my Bourjois Quad palette, my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara, Bourjois bronzer and highlighter, Aok powder and Barry M lip crayon.

I wore my H&M crochet jumper paired with my Forever21 denim shorts and some simple black tights. On top of that I wore my Levi's denim jacket, that I totally love! And I also had my favourite bag with me, which is the Fossil Memoir Novel Flap Bag.

I also wore my Clarks boots and my cute socks from ASOS.

My nail polish is from Barry M in the shade Ballerina and I think it's just perfect for every day.

What do you think of this autumn outfit? I think it is cute for not too cold but also not too warm days, just as it was today.