Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tips For Studying

Last time someone requested in the comments of one of my posts to share my tips for studying for exams.
And I have to say that I surely was not the best student in my class but also not the worst. So here are things I'd recommend.

There are two types of studying I'd split the tips into.

1) The first tip is sleep. Get enough sleep before school in order to concentrate better the next morning during your lessons. When I still went to school I was in bed at 11 pm and got up at 7 am and this was alright for me. But when I came home at about 2:30, most of the time the first thing I did was having a 20 minute power nap before revising as I can't concentrate at all if I am tired. Also, don't study at night. Better get some proper sleep for the next day to have more energy.

2) After every day of school I used to revise everything I've written down or read during the lessons of that day. This helped me remember some more information than leaving it to the time before my exams.

3) During your lessons, keep your notes neat, or rewrite them at home. Keep all your handouts,   copies and written sheets organised. Write down the date on each sheet of paper to know the order of the material.

1) I used to start revision a week before an exam. The first thing I did was counting all the sheets that I needed to know and splitting them up for all the days during that week. So for example I'd know that on Monday I needed to study page 1 to 3, on Tuesday page 4 to 7 and so on.

2) Don't read the whole text over and over again. It will take you more time than you have. So I recommend doing summaries of every sheet, neatly, using colours, mind maps, whatever helps you to remember things easiest. But don't forget to make them as informative as possible! This method will save you some useful time for sure. Then, revise only the summaries reading them out loud. Read them out as long until you remember the contents and after each learned page, have a break! Once you're done with your 2,3 or 4 pages a day, take a longer break, or even a nap before you start revising for something else.

3) Stay calm and relaxed. I know this is not easy, trust me I was always nervous and angry because of that. Being nervous makes you forget everything you've learned so hard over that week. And this is horrible. I always tried to stay as calm as possible, telling myself that I don't need the best grade, I just need to try my best to achieve the best grade I can. And then my stress before the exams faded away. It only stayed before Maths, because I am really horrible at that. But everything else went quite smooth in the end.

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