Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello October!

Well, time flies and it already is October. Summer is definitely over and you can feel it more and more these days. It is not that warm anymore, but the sun is still shining. I don't usually wear a jacket yet, so it still is really nice outside as you can tell. 
Actually, talking about the weather, I miss summer, the really hot days full of sunshine, Poland, fun and just peace.
Just like here.

Today, on my way to College, I needed to go to the post office to send my mum some documents. When I finished that and I was waiting for the bus, the weather got so strange that I was scared I'd be freezing with my quite summery outfit. But then it got warmer and sunnier again and I was fine. After the lesson, me and my lovely friend Joanna were chatting while I was waiting for my bus to arrive. Then Eryk told me to come and see him at work because he had his lunch break. So we did some tiny grocery shopping and we had some custard slice and jelly doughnuts outside. When he had to go back to work I went home and fed Maya, tidied up our room a bit and talked to my mum on Skype. I start missing home a bit and I wish I could go there every two weeks or something, but there are sadly no appropriate flights. 

Still, it is awesome that we can talk and see each other on Skype whenever we want to.
I don't want autumn and winter to come. I hate the weather during these seasons because you can't really go out and enjoy it. And as I have to leave the house on six out of seven days a week, this is not going to be fun for me. But I will survive it. Hopefully I will be able to go to Poland during Christmas and to spend some nice time with all of my family finally again.
Well, this makes me feel excited for winter but this is surely the only reason why.
Also, I'd love to buy myself some really nice autumn clothes but I just don't have the time and money for all that stuff. So I try to stay disciplined as I want to buy tickets for Poland and the other secret thing I was writing about yesterday already. And after that I will be broke for some time probably. Never mind.

So I try my best to stay organised when it comes to money because that's the only way I can succeed.
Another thing I would like to say is that I am a bit busy lately as I have homework to do every day and I work weekends all day long. I don't manage to upload blog posts earlier than in the evening and I realised that this really makes me lose viewers, clicks, and I don't even know what to write about anymore to get this blog successful. It makes me sad because I wanted to make people happy with it, give them some things to read and so on. But it doesn't really work out and I was thinking of not writing posts daily but for example two times a week or something. Then I could prepare them more and maybe it would help. But I don't want to risk it either without your opinion. You need to let me know what I should do, what you'd like to read and see. That would help for sure!


  1. Hi, first I'd like to say that my english isn't perfect yet, so - sorry :P
    I'd really love to read more beauty stuff like make up and hairstyle tutorials and review things..
    And you could also Post something about how's your workout doing, what exercises you do, how you stay motivated and so on.
    I hope I could help you, and you'll help me with your posts :D

    1. Aww, that's really nice of you! I will definitely try to do more about beauty and hairstyles, even though I wear my hair down most of the time. However with the workout thing, I need to disappoint you as I really don't do anything to stay fit. I eat very unhealthy most of the time and I don't work out :(

    2. Perfect,
      I'm excited about that!
      Btw your pictures are amazing.
      Keep going with your blog, at least one person is reading it ;)

    3. thank you so much! it really makes me happy to hear such nice words!

  2. i cant believe its already october either!! time is going far too fast for my liking! also your stomach is so toned, I'm one jealous girl right now haha! you look beautiful! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hahah, well, that's a picture from three months ago, now in the UK it doesn't look that good anymore sadly :D