Friday, 3 October 2014

New In

The weather was so nice lately and last night it just looked like a storm outside. It was so windy that I'd most likely fall to the ground if I left the door. It was also raining and even though the wind got lighter, the rain stayed. Therefore, we couldn't be bothered to get out of bed and when we finally did get up it was already twelve. We knew that we are not leaving the house today, Eryk only needs to go to work soon, so we decided to relax a bit. I also finally managed to start editing my first video for Youtube. It is going to be a short summary of my time from the beginning of my holidays until now. I hope it will turn out at least quite nice so that I can share it with you.

But yesterday on my way home I said that I'd upload a post on what's new in my closet and here it is.

There are two pieces of clothing, two pieces of home things and three pieces of beauty products.

So yesterday when I was strolling around TkMaxx I found this cape and if you could feel how soft it is, you would like to have one as well! It is reversible, so you can wear it black or with the print visible. It is a thick material, that doesn't let wind through, which is perfect because it keeps you warm. Now for example, we went to the shop and it is raining terribly and it is not too warm. I am wearing my shoulder cut out sweatshirt and I put the cape on top and I just went there without getting cold. Perfect for autumn! It does make me look a bit big, but nevermind, it is warm!

The next thing is a crochet sweater in a beige colour from H&M. It is thinner than my white one, and also longer. I like it because it is so plain and I like wearing it with jeans or black leggings, I add a necklace and that's my outfit basically. I am totally a knit person and I am not really into hoodies because the hoods make my hair look really weird and I never know what to wear them with, so I always go for knitwear and I am happy.

Then, also a thing I bought at TkMaxx yesterday. I always wanted such a lipstick stand but never really managed to buy one because I could never decide if it is going to be useful or not. But yesterday I decided to take this smaller one, which holds up to 16 lipsticks and that's enough for me, and it was 4,99 I think. There are huge ones as well and one that holds 12 too. But I thought that one should be enough and as you can see, I can still buy five lipsticks to have all of them in one place.

Also from Tkmaxx, I got this beautiful floral mug. I always buy my own mugs and I only use these ones, even though there are many mugs available in our house, but I just prefer to have my own ones.
Basically all of the ones I have are either pink or purple, so you can spot them in the cupboard easily, but this one was just too pretty to not take home, even though it is blue. But yes, I got it for a pound only, so sorry, not sorry!

Some days ago I wrote a blog post about Eryk's shower gel haul, which you can see here if you don't know it yet. After that I think that every one can tell that we have more than enough shower gels at home and that we surely don't need to get new ones for at least some months. But we got two more from Eryk's mum, which is really nice of her, and mine is from AVON (which is even more amazing!) and Eryk's is again from Radox. They both smell amazing and I can't wait using the AVON one. I totally love AVON products and would need to order some of them at once and do a haul video and blog post about them. But I first need to manage to order something.

And the last thing is a mascara I've already had twice, it's the Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara from Rimmel and I think it's the best affordable mascara for my lashes. I know that Estee Lauder have great ones that just work amazingly for me, but they are a bit pricey. This one does make my lashes longer and fuller so I am happy with it. I never know what mascaras to try next so I will see if I don't end up with one more of these in some months time. Oh and also the time I had this mascara is insane I'd say! This is my third one already and I had one from August until February I think and then from February until August the second one. And now I started using the third one. 

Well, so these are the things that are new and I hope you enjoyed this post, and also FINALLY my first video should be up late in the evening today. And I really hope that it will, because if not, then I am really going to be angry with myself!




  1. I decided also to buy the Rimmel mascara, but sadly I can't find it anywhere :(
    However, can't wait to see your video!!

    1. It depends on where you live. I think Rimmel is unavailable in Austria as I've never seen it before. But I know that they have Rimmel in every drugstore in Poland and also in the UK. The thing is that lately I also couldn't really find this mascara too often in Superdrug for example, but I got this one from a shop called Savers.

  2. how is your hair so gorgeously thick and long!! so jealous! also love what youre wearing :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Oh thank you, my hair used to be a lot thicker than it is now and it was much healthier. But I try my best to keep it as pretty as possible. :)

  3. Hey olivia weiß nicht ob du dich noch an mich erinnern kannst aber habe gerade deinen blog entdeckt und musste an die alten zeiten denken haha :) lg Daniel

  4. love your new cape! ♡ :)