Saturday, 4 October 2014

First Youtube Video

As I had a day off yesterday, I finally managed to upload the highly requested video. I decided to put some videos from Summer 2014 into a longer one for my first video. It is not the best, but as I just started, let's just all accept it.
I would like to upload weekly vlogs now if possible, but of course I need to know first if anybody is interested in that because I wouldn't like t put all my free time into it without being appreciated, if you know what I mean.

But yeah. we managed to upload the video last night and it has only about 35 views yet, which is not too great, but hopefully it will get better. Because I was waiting for the video to upload, I went to bed after midnight and had to get up before 7 today as I had to go to work.
I was so tired in the morning and the fact that it is still dark outside at 7 now, makes it even worse.
But work was alright today until the time I had to leave. I was at the checkouts and could leave in five minutes when suddenly all the tills crashed. And it was not only the case in our branch, but in other ones too. It was crazy! The queue went mental and I had to stay for a bit longer. When the problem was fixed and the customers were served I could finally go get my things and do some small grocery shopping. But then I wasn't sure if someone was home and I didn't have the key so I went straight to Eryk's work to get a key in case he had it. And there I did some more shopping. Well. I mean, yes, we need food, so not sorry.
After that my bags were just so heavy that I thought they'd rip off my arms when I was waiting for the bus for 12 minutes. But somehow I got home and unpacked the bags, ate something and now I am so tired that I'd go and have a nap once I've finished writing.
Tomorrow I will need to work again and again I need to get up before 7, which means that I need to go to bed before midnight for sure. And I still need to wash my hair today!

Can you by the way tell that I am addicted to this candle???

Just having a tasty apple pie, instead of Golden Syrup cake that I had in the morning. But I bought a new one already, so I have enough cake at home for today at least.

I also bought these ones today, but I never had them before. Should be alright thought. We'll check in a minute!

And if you didn't see my video yet, here you can see it and if you liked it, give it a Thumbs Up and comment it and subscribe!



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