Monday, 27 October 2014

First Hair Tutorial

Today I got up early and decided to have a very unhealthy breakfast, which consisted of a jam doughnut, a slice of Golden Syrup Cake and an Angel Slice and a cup of tea, because I needed to go to the dentist in the afternoon.
Until the appointment I had plenty of time and filmed a short video about the hairstyle I had today.
I edited it quite quickly and published it. I also talked to my mum on Skype a bit, cleaned Maya's cage and left. I was so nervous again because of my phobia and wanted to be back home already.
I arrived about five minutes early so I was in the surgery quite soon and the dentist just quickly checked my teeth and said that we'll do three small fillings and if I'd like we could do them all today. At first I wasn't too sure and when he said that I won't need an injection I was even more scared. But it turned out that the fillings are really small and I was surprisingly not in pain. So, everything went well and although I left dizzy and with horrible headache, I was fine. On my way back home I went to see Eryk and also bought some rolls and food for Maya and could finally eat something. I was already starving because I didn't eat anything for hours, but I was hoping that my fillings wouldn't fall out, but they are fine too.
Now I am talking to my parents again and I finally sent them the link to my Youtube channel so that they can watch my videos as well. It was so cute how they were all staring at the monitor with big smiles on their faces!

Well, but on to the main purpose of this entry- I filmed my first hair tutorial because I got already asked about this hairstyle when I posted a picture of it some weeks ago on Instagram. And as I went to the dentist and it would be handy to keep my hair out of my face, I decided to do this hairstyle and to film it too, to finally have a video related to beauty, not only a weekly vlog.

I am not a pro when it comes to hair, and this is the reason why I always wear it down, but there are days where I actually manage to do a braid maybe, which is already a big step for me.
You can check out the video here and don't forget to switch the quality to 720p or 1080p!

I hope that you'll enjoy it and if you did, please let me know, to make sure that I should film some more videos from now on.

I need to go and do my homework because I didn't go to College today, but I will go tomorrow.




  1. I really like this kind of videos, like tutorials and beauty stuff.
    I'd love if you did a video about yourself, like some facts about yourself or something similar to this.

    1. I actually will do! I will try to upload it later this week or in the beginning of the next week :)