Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Brownie In A Mug Gone Wrong?

Today I had a day off from school and I also didn't feel too well so I stayed in bed for a really long time. However, I also did the laundry and had breakfast in the meanwhile so I basically came back to sit in my cosy and warm bed once I did what I wanted to do.
When Eryk got up we cleaned up downstairs and I also did my Spanish homework. I felt like I wanted something sweet but we didn't have ingredients for any muffins that came to my mind. But I checked my recipe book and found the Brownie in a mug recipe. I remember doing this back in Vienna ages ago and thought I'd give it another try as the first one didn't look too good.
This time I didn't eat it either. The consistency of it looks just creepy, jelly-like. I am scared of eating it and being sick afterwards or something. Also, I have the dentist appointment tomorrow morning and I really need to go finally so I didn't want to risk being ill again.
Eryk also said it is probably not the best idea to eat the brownie so we didn't. Which is quite sad, but when I tried a bit of it, it didn't even taste good to be honest.

Afterwards it was time to cook something for dinner as we were hungry. I went for a simple pasta bake. I used two different kinds of pasta, a cheese sauce mix, a bit of fresh garlic and cheddar cheese. I didn't take a picture of it because it was gone quickly, but it was quite tasty.

And then Eryk went to Scotmid to buy something to drink and to return some glass bottles and he also bought a pink iced doughnut for me and a pink glittery cupcake for himself. Both of them were so tasty and I really needed the dose of sugar after not having any sweets at home for some days already.

Well, and as always, the only thing I write about is food.

Also, my Water Your Body App is getting better. I don't drink any water, but tea and today I had three cups so far. The app says that I am supposed to drink about 1800 ml a day and yesterday I even managed to drink 850. Which is already a lot for me. I know, this is horrible, but I just can't drink so much. 

I should go and wash my hair already as tomorrow we need to get up early and we should go to sleep earlier this time.
I am already really scared and I just hope that I will be fine tomorrow. I have no idea what they will do but I hope it won't be painful and I won't completely freak out. 



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  1. Yummy!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)