Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Current Hair Care

My hair has always been very special to me and I used to have really beautiful hair when I was little and I was never allowed to have long hair as washing it was just a torture for both, me and my mum. My hair was so thick that we needed to wash it layer for layer and it took ages to get it dry.
People still say that my hair is so pretty and ask me how I manage to keep them so pretty but if they know what my hair used to be like, they are shocked that I've lost so much of it over the last years.
I wouldn't say that my hair is not pretty, because it is but I am just used to the wow-volume and it makes me sad that these times are over.

But that's the reason why I try to keep my hair healthy, to make it at least a bit nicer even though the volume is gone. I can now wear it longer and it is not such a big problem, although I still have quite thick and heavy hair and washing days are not my favourite.

I think this is my favourite picture of my hair because it was curled and I have a nice updo and it was really long at that time. (This was taken last November on my prom day and I cut it in February and in July again so it is surely not so long anymore.)

So, these are the products I currently use when it is washing day, which is usually twice a week, sometimes even three times but I try not to wash my hair three times a week too often.
I use the TRESemme Silky Smooth shampoo because I have lots and lots of babyhair and it just stands out all around my head and when it is dry it looks like burnt ends, but they are definitely not burnt or split. So I try to smooth them down as much as possible to make my hair look healthier.
Then I use one of the two conditioners, the Glad Hair Day from Soap&Glory, which smells amazing, or the Smooth&Sleek one from Pantene PRO-V. Usually I use one on one day and on the next washing day I use the other one. I can't really tell if they do a big change, but I prefer to use them rather than not.

After washing my hair I wrap it up in a towel and keep it in there for an hour at least. Then I use the TRESemme Keratin Smooth heat protection spray, comb my hair a bit so that it is not tangled and I blow dry it until it is nearly completely dry. Usually it stays a bit wet at the crown because it takes too long to get them all dry.
I already said that I don't want to wash my hair too often because it will get used to it and get geasy even faster. So, if I decide not to wash my hair the next day, I just use lots of the Batiste dry shampoo. I have the cherry scented one right now. I don't use it too often, but if I feel like I want to pin back my hair a bit to make it look better, I'd just use it. It won't make my hair feel cleaner, but it will at least make it shine a bit less. I am not 100 % happy with dry shampoos, but they are alright if I really need something for a short while to help my hair look prettier and fresher.

And also, last year I changed my normal hairbrush to this Nashi Argan detangle brush and I kept using it every day. When I was in Vienna for a day back in July, I didn't want to take it out of my suitcase and used my old brush and just seriously couldn't detangle my hair. I would never ever think that such a brush could make such a big difference! You can find it here! I got it with a whole set, which you can find here. It is kind of a Tangle Teezer, though I didn't have the opportunity to try one yet and I would totally love to get myself one someday.

This is all I do with my hair to make it look acceptable. I try to cut it at least once a year, this year I managed to cut it twice already. And now I have only very few split ends, which are not the longest ends so they were not cut yet.



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