Thursday, 2 October 2014

On the go

I am just on my way back home. It is shortly past 8 pm and I am sitting on the bus and I will be for the next probably fourty minutes as I am in the city centre just now.
Today I went to college again and learned some new things. I was so tired after that but I knew that I planned on going to Eryks parents after college. As there is a TkMaxx on the way I thought that I could pop in to see if there's something interesting. And I bought three things, a floral mug, a lipstick stand and a cape for autumn. I wanted to have one of these for ages now but could never find a nice one. I am currebtly wearing a faux leather jacket with tha cape on top and I just thing that it looks nice and it keeps me warmer now. I will post pictures at home because now it will be difficult to show.
Tomorrow I have a day off and we wanted to go swimming but as we are still a bit ill I am not too sure if we will actually go. Should we stay home I'd like to prepare my first video for YouTube because it would be great to get it done finally.
I will also write a blog post about new things I have and didn't officially show you yet.

I hope you have a nice evening!



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