Friday, 17 October 2014

Third Vlog And Beautiful October Day

Hello everyone!
Today Eryk had to get up at 7 for work and I quickly made him a coffee and went back to bed as I am working today from 6 until 10 in the evening so I wanted to get some proper sleep to not be tired at work. At 11 I finally decided to get out of bed because I needed to edit the new weekly vlog for you and I knew that there would be trouble with it as always. Well, I luckily found an editing programme that actually makes editing a lot easier than the one we've used previously. And in the end the video was ready in probably an hour or so. And we edited the last two videos for about four or even more hours each!
So hopefully this video will be nicer to watch and you'll enjoy it.
However, the quality is not too good even though I converted it to have a nice HD video. But I don't know why it is not. Maybe next week I will find out while editing the next video.

You can watch this week's video here!

Also, it is such a beautiful day today here in Edinburgh! It is so sunny and so warm that I couldn't even believe it when I went outside to the garden. Such a shame I need to work today and won't be able to go to town. But maybe the nice days are not completely over yet and there will be some more sunshine next week.

I should also read a book for French and somehow I've only read a quarter of it yet and I should be done with it by Tuesday. And since I'll be working all weekend long I seriously have no idea how I'll manage to do this. But I'll try at least to get as far as possible.

See you tomorrow evening then! And don't forget to check out the vlog!



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