Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beauty Haul | Bourjois, Barry M, Tresemme

Today I went for a walk around town and thought to myself that I should buy myself something nice again. So I popped into Boots and they have so many offers right now that I couldn't decide on what I'd like to buy. In the end I left the shop with some things from Bourjois and Barry M, and then I also bought myself a new hair shampoo and a hand soap too.

Here are all the things I got and I think it was worth it.

Let's start with the Bourjois products. As my Aok powder is going to be empty in some weeks and I just swatched this one on my hand and it is so nice! It is really covering and I think it should work really well with my skin. I will of course write a review after some days at least of using it, to make sure it really is worth buying this powder.
The other thing I got was quite difficult to decide on. I wasn't too sure what I wanted but I thought that as I don't have any eye shadows at all, it would be useful to get a little palette. And I went for a light pink and purple one because I didn't want to buy anything too dark just now.
I was trying to buy myself an eye liner from Maybelline but it was sold out and it made me sad. But I will need to buy it soon any ways.

And then I also needed to buy some things from Barry M because the offer was just too tempting to ignore. 

And so I got a Gelly Hi Shine crayon and I hope that it will look pretty on my lips. It is a slightly darker colour and should be nice for autumn.
I also took a nail polish that is actually light, because I basically only have dark ones that I use and I couldn't find a lighter shade that I'd like. So this one in shade "Ballerina" looks really delicate and pretty.

And then I got the "Showgirl" mascara for free. It is said to be lenghtening and the brush looks good to me, so maybe this was a nice thing to go for. And I really hope so!

Well, and then, as my current shampoo is getting empty I bought myself another one TRESemme but this time I got the Salon Silk version. It is again a huge bottle so I will have it for the next few weeks, which makes me happy.

And as our hand soap is also getting empty, I spotted this one and I thought it was fun to get it.

I will of course make reviews of all of the products and let you know whether they are worth buying or not really.



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