Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Favourite Pieces Of Jewelry

I don't have a lot of jewelry and I always feel like I need some more to add a nice detail to  my outfit, and I am now trying to find such pieces for the coming months.
But I thought that I could show you my favourite pieces at the moment.

I keep all of my things in this jewelry box that I got for Christmas two years ago.
I really like it because it is not too big, but it keeps all of my jewelry in place.

Let's start with rings. I always wear my two gold rings on my left hand and my two silver rings on my right hand, I never take them off.
These ones are quite old because they both belonged to my mum when she was younger. One of them was a present when she first got married and the other one she bought herself for her first money she earned. I am totally in love with them because they are so delicate and pretty. And they are made of real gold so they stay pretty all the time.

And the "plain" silver ring was a present from Eryk in Summer 2013 and we got it from Yes in Poland, and the one on my ring finger was also a gift from him that I got last Christmas from Apart also in Poland. They are made from real silver and I polish them from time to time to keep them shiny.

But sometimes I like to wear an additional ring like this one I got from Topshop for 2,50 pounds recently. I think it is a beautiful midi ring, quite untypical and I just totally love it.

Sometimes I wear this midi ring from Accessorize that I got for 60p from the sale I think. I just thought it was too cute to not buy it. 

Back in Austria I bought these three V shaped rings from Pimkie and they were also on sale for I think 2 Euros. You can of course wear them all together or separate and I think they are quite plain but they add some nice detail.

Now over to bracelets.
I always wear these three on my left wrist and I never take them off.
The red one with the silver heart and engraved "Eryk" was made at the beach in Kolobrzeg in 2013, when we spent our best holidays together. This was also a gift from Eryk, obviously.
The one with the Infinity sign was a gift from my cousin Magda that I got for my 18th birthday. It symbolises our infinite friendship and reminds me every day of her and how much she means to me. This wristband is also from Apart, like one of my silver rings.
The pink and silver wristband is from Fossil and was 30 Euros. I got it for Christmas last year from my dad but I chose it, so I was very excited for it. And I also bought the same one but instead of the pink string, there is a gold one, for my cousin Magda. So we have kind of matching bracelets.
I really like this one too but the pink colour faded already from the water. But I still wear it without taking it off.

This bracelet is also something that reminds me of so many situations. I got it years ago, I think I was 12, from my aunt and every Christmas or so I would get one or two new charms. And so by now I have 12 of them and I also left one more in Vienna as my mum wears it on a bracelet that actually belongs to me but I somehow forgot t take it with me.
The bracelet is again made of real silver and all of the charms too. The bracelet and most of the charms are from Yes, but also from Apart and Thomas Sabo.
I don't wear this bracelet on a daily basis because I am too scared of loosing it (crazy, I know).

Also a bracelet I got some time ago when I was still in Austria, is from Brandy Melville and was 4 Euros. I thought it is so delicate and so cute but the wristband is just too long for my wrist and I don't really wear it often, which makes me really sad.

And my favourite necklaces now.
I got this one from Topshop and it is from the brand Orelia. I got it on sale for 3 pounds, which is really nice compared to the original price. As you can see it is silver and gold (not real though for sure) and I just think it looks quite interesting and also very delicate.

And the last necklace for today is a long and bigger one, with some cool stones and a key, is also from Orelia and its original price is 38 pounds, but again I got it for 3 pounds only, which was a total bargain. I like to wear it with plain jumpers so much!

And these are all of my favourite pieces of jewelry.
I hope you enjoyed it and that you have a nice evening!



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