Monday, 20 October 2014

Empty Products | October

The bag is full again and this means that it is time to get rid of all the empties finally.
Here are the products we've emptied over the last weeks:

Let's start with hair products.
I got myself this TRESemme shampoo quite a long time ago. It is suitable for dry and dull hair as it is supposed to give you moisture,
This is a 900 ml bottle, which is just awesome because I use lots of shampoo when I wash my hair. 
I was mostly happy with this shampoo, but sometimes I just think that my hair doesn't feel too clean even if it is just freshly washed and just dried. Some days ago I bought a new bottle but one that is good for frizzy hair and once I've used that one I'll need to find something that would prevent my hair from getting greasy too quickly.
But all in all I do recommend these shampoos and if they are on offer, you can get 900 ml for 2,50 pounds which is a TOTAL bargain!

The Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur conditioner is something I've loved! I got it when I was still in Vienna and I have to say that the smell is so good I could die. It says that it contains cashmere and shea butter and should make dry hair prettier. I've also used this conditioner when I did my honey and conditioner hair masks and as I said, the smell is just amazing. It costs something about 2 Euros in Austria and if I could, I'd buy it again.

Again, we have some Carex hand soap, this time it is the Strawberry laces edition and I already had this one earlier this year and decided to repurchase it here. I don't really think that you can write much about hand soap, but I just like the Carex ones and would always go for them again.

And this time I also put my Sensodyne Repair tooth paste into the bag once it got empty. It is pricey, because it costs about five pounds but my one of my teeth is extremely sensitive lately, since my gum moved a bit away from it and now part of it, that should be covered, is free and if I touch it, it is so painful that I want to cry. So from now on I decided to always buy good toothpaste because caring about your teeth is very important. 
When I had my dentist's appointment some days ago, to check my teeth, the dentist also told me to continue buying toothpaste for sensitive teeth as they will help. And straight after the check up I bought the Colgate Sensitive paste, but I still use it, so I just added the empty box to show you what toothpaste else I use.
And what is super nice for travelling, and as I am quite far away from home, this is always handy, I had a travel size mouthwash from Colgate Plax. It was a green one and the taste of it was really not the nicest, but if you can't brush your teeth for any reason and you have this, it will surely save you. My next time travelling will be for Christmas and I have my flight from Glasgow to Wroclaw. This means that I first need to get to Glasgow and then from Wroclaw to where my family lives, which is also a while away. It will be a long afternoon and evening for me, but I will be happy to see my family again. And for that journey I will purchase a new travel size mouthwash just in case I'll need it.

And the last product in the bag is my favourite mascara, which is the Scandaleyes Lycraflex one from Rimmel. I am currently using the same one again and it is my third one of it already. I think that from all the drug store mascara's I've tried until now, this is surely the best one for me and until I won't find anything better I will continue using this one as it is affordable, lasts a long time and just makes my lashes look nice.




  1. Can you do a post about your learning tips when you where still in school ? How did you mange to learn for everything and stuff like that :)

    1. I will try to write such a post as soon as possible, I will just need to think back a bit to make sure I don't forget to include any important tips :)