Friday, 29 July 2016

Primark & Depot Interior Haul

Yesterday we spent our afternoon in Primark and since I haven't been in quite a while I was excited to get a few new pieces. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed when it comes to clothing because I didn't really get much apart from a couple of things, plus a cosy robe for chilly mornings and very cute pyjamas. I was happy though to find some cute home bits, so here they are:

I got these little copper wire fairy lights for my office. I hung them up between the two heavy, thick grey curtains that have some copper detailing, so the lights match them perfectly! On the other wall I also have a copper clock, so I liked to keep the office more elegant, with dark furniture and copper details. The lights add such a cosy light in the evenings, that you don't really want to switch them off at all.

For the kitchen I got two new mugs, which I fell in love with immediately! I know I already have so many mugs, but these ones are bigger than most of the ones I own right now, plus they are so cute with the sugar skull and the cat hiding behind that pink thingy. I love pretty mugs. And these two will make my morning teas taste even better!
I remember when back in Scotland I would start College at 2pm, so I would get up at 9, have a cosy morning in bed with a tasty cup of tea and some crumpets. I had enough time to get ready for the day without having to stress. For some reason, my mornings in Vienna feel completely different. Let's hope this will change thanks to the new mugs. :)

(Unfortunately) I found this candle at the checkouts and the smell of nectarine and lemon blossom was just too beautiful to leave without this little gem. The problem is its bright orange colour, which just doesn't go well with any of my rooms, so I decided to unscrew the lid a bit and place it in my closet, where it will leave my clothes smelling fresh and nicely. 

Before I reached Primark, I was passing Depot and they just have the most beautiful home accessories! It is nearly impossible to leave without spending any money there, so I usually avoid this shop ( It's a bit more on the pricey side, though not extremely- so feel free to treat yourself from time to time there).
Last time I left with this ombre flower pot thingy, for which I somehow can't find a plant that will fit in, so I just keep it on my TV stand and throw in random bits like hair bobbles or pens.
And yesterday I found the light pink wire basket that I placed next to the pot ( I also had no idea where it would look nicer, so this was the first spot that came to my mind) I thought it would look cute holding all the body lotions and creams that were laying around my bed side table.

The PJ's I found are the prettiest I ever had I think and you have to know that I'm really not a PJ person- I am fine with comfy panties and a cami, but when I saw this little set I knew it had to be mine. I love the delicate pink colour ( obviously. ) and blue as well, plus the little lace detail around the legs just makes the whole thing even more adorable. 

The top is a little cami, with some lace on the cleavage and a few more straps in the back, which I adore!
Plus, I even found matching long trousers, and I got them too for the chillier days! I went a little bit crazy.
( Don't ask why my left tan line is so fat. I have no idea how this happened, but it already happened when I was tanning in Poland and I am already trying to tan the bit that shouldn't be white. Let's hope this will look somewhat normal by the end of the summer)

Apart from these bits I also got new hangers for my closet because I somehow never have enough and the Primark velvet ones are just the best!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul, let me know what you think :)

Have a nice day! I'll be working til late and tomorrow all day long, so I'm gonna relax and cook something before I go.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Day By The Poolside

Hello everybody!
I am so sorry that I kept you waiting for so long again but I only arrived in Vienna on Wednesday evening and then I was working 3 days straight, so only today is the first good opportunity to write a little bit.
Since it's Sunday and the weather was beautiful my mum, brother and cousin went to the swimming pool, which obviously has an outdoor pool too, so we could tan and the kids could play in the water.
I was planning on getting a tan in Poland already but since the weather over there was just disgusting during my stay, I only got the slightest tan really. 

And today I got to relax so well in this heat and sunshine, swimming around once in a while. I loved it and I could seriously spend all of my free days like that! That's what I've been waiting for since last summer actually.

Now, this is the outfit I wore on the way to the pool:
lace crop top - Primark
shorts - H&M
jelly shoes - CCC

This is just such a comfy outfit- I wasn't too hot without showing too much skin, you know.

We stayed at the pool for about 4,5 hours in the strongest sun and since I tan so, so quickly I came back home all red/brown. When I took off my bikini I couldn't stop laughing at myself because my body underneath it is WHITE. ( I really mean white.)
The weirdest thing is that I look burnt, just like my mum and brother but they are complaining about their skin being sore, which I actually don't experience. I'm a really lucky person when it comes to tanning.

both my crop top and the shorts are from Primark.

As you can tell, this looks pretty worrying, but fear not! I am alright! Hopefully the redness will be gone by tomorrow. 

I already wish I could go back to the pool tomorrow but unfortunately I'll be working all day long, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather from Tuesday til Friday will be just amazing as it was today and yesterday.

When I came home I took a cool shower and treated my body with the Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun lotion, which I already got last year in Scotland. I love its smell, it reminds me of the beach. It also soothes your skin after a long day of tanning and it prevents it from peeling off. 
I also got my hands on the cooling body mist from Ziaja when in Poland and this is also such a great product! You can use it on your face, body and hair and it is so lightweight and relaxing! Plus, the smell is just as amazing!

Those two products are my life savers this summer. ;)

I hope you had a lovely, sunny day too!

Make sure to check out the Wroclaw vlog that I just uploaded!



Sunday, 10 July 2016

My OOTD: Summer Date Night

As you may already know, I got some days off work and travelled to Poland to relax and I was really hoping for amazing weather, which only really was nice today. The other days were rather cool and windy, but still, this outfit was warm enough to go out in the evening. Eryk and I went to town, to a few shops, for a walk and for some dinner, which was tasty but we were so full after that, that I thought my belly would explode. Plus, I wore those heeled sandals and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to walk anymore.

body-hugging denim dress - H&M
Monochrome print cardigan - H&M
crochet crop top - Stradivarius
burgundy leather cross body bag - Vigneron

black heeled sandals - Forever21
nail polish - Barry M ( Ballerina)
lipstick - Golden Rose ( 14)

black watch - Swatch

Still, I really enjoyed this evening, walking around the city centre at a time when it's not busy anymore. We managed to take some blog shots, which made me very happy and I hope we will have one of those days soon again!

Today the weather was actually amazing! I spent 2 hours in my granny's garden, just laying around and tanning. I missed this already a lot!
Now I'm gonna have something to eat and then I'll be off to Eryk's again and we'll see what we'll be up to for the rest of the day.



Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ziaja Body Lotion Review

Hi again!

A few weeks ago I already posted a photo on my Instagram ( which is here), where I showed the 4 Ziaja body lotions I got to try and when I saw their generous packaging my first thought was: When will I use these all? But I was very happy about that because I got to find out which one is my favourite and which one I like using more on certain days etc. Thanks to the big choice I can also stay away from buying even more body lotions, which is great! ( I'm so into body lotions, it's crazy)

The 3 bottles are 400ml each and they are from the Cocoa butter, Goat's milk and Natural Olive range.  The Coconut lotion comes in a 200ml packaging, so it's good for taking it on holidays or on a sleepover etc. 

To give you an idea of these products I will quickly talk you through them.
Let's start with the Olive range: It moisturises your skin thoroughly and leaves it silky soft and smooth. What is also great about it, is that it can even be used on the skin of 6 month old babies! That should pretty much show you how good it is for your skin! If you have dry skin, this will sort you out quickly!
The smell is a delicate, almost floral one but definitely not in an overwhelming way.

The Cocoa butter range is probably my favourite ever! Now that summer is here, it makes me even happier because if you know the Ziaja Cocoa butter tanning spray ( which comes in the Cocoa butter range) you will know the amazing smell. This is the first smell I associate with hot, sunny summer days by the pool. The Cocoa butter Ziaja products just bring back so many good memories to my mind!
This lotion reassures that my dry skin gets a bit more "greasyness" and when I apply it at bed time and wake up in the morning, my skin feels so soft, silky and elastic! My skin also feels so relaxed after using this lotion. This is really a life saver. And of course; THE SMELL!

The Goat's milk lotion revitalises and visibly softens the skin. The ingredients are so good for your skin and therefore this range is very popular I've seen. It contains goat's milk proteins and many vitamins, so what else would you want? Again, the smell is very delicate and by far the most neutral one from the 4 lotions in my opinion. So, if you are not so much into scented lotions, try this one!
I also tried their face cream range and it is just as good!

Thanks to the pumps, the application of the lotion is just so simple, you can't "overdose", two pumps are usually enough for one of my legs. The lotions absorb quickly so if you get out of the shower you can quickly apply them and get dressed straight away. ( Sorry for my wet hair in the photos- I literally just got out of the shower too :D )

The Coconut lotion is again one of my favourites. It has a beautiful coconutty smell, the container is handy, because it is rather flat and fits nicely in your hand, it's not too big and not too small- perfect for popping it into your beach bag or suitcase! This is definitely what I will do when I go away on holidays next week - no excuse not to moisture! 
The ingredients of this lotion give your skin moisture but they also reassure it doesn't loose the moisture again, it soothes skin irritations and again relaxes your skin after a long day.

So, apart from saying that I love them all, there is nothing negative to mention really. They last so long, they only had positive effects on my skin so far, so I'd definitely recommend them to everybody! Their are also affordable and in Austria you can get them in Bipa and Merkur, or online (check the links in the beginning!).

Make sure to check out my other post about Ziaja cosmetics, because maybe you'll find something for yourself! :) -> Ziaja Skincare 

Let me know if you have any Ziaja products and what you think about them!



Friday, 1 July 2016

First of July

Good morning my dear friends!
My exams are over and just like 2 years ago after my finals, I thought I would finally sleep much longer but nope, got up at 7. I'm working 1 til 10 today so I need to save up my energy a bit and since I now have the time to blog again, I wanted to start with this topic.

Exactly one year ago, on the First of July 2015 I got up on a sunny day in Currie, Edinburgh and I knew that these were the last hours of my life in the UK. I got to cuddle my ferret for the last time ( I'm gonna be reunited with her in less than a week!) and I packed up the rest of my belongings. As I made my way to the airport I felt nervous and unsure about how my life would change from that point. I felt heartbroken to leave Edinburgh. I loved it so much. And not a single day goes by without thinking about it.
My year in Scotland was really a time that was tough, but so good as well. I wish I could have stayed for much longer because there was just so much more to get to know over there. This is what makes me so sad- that it ended so quickly.
At the moment I have no idea whether and when I'll be able to visit Edinburgh again, but I'm hoping it won't be in like 3 years. I miss it terribly and I'm sure if I'd arrive there, I would just cry out of happiness but also of sadness, because I know I won't be able to stay there.

Anyways, now that exactly one year has passed and I'm thinking of how much has changed I'm surprised. The first thing I did when I arrived back in Vienna was going to Uni the next day to apply for my course, and it was such a hot day. I was happy that summer was finally there and the same night I think I was already off to Poland to see Eryk again, who left Edinburgh 3 days before I did, to go on holidays. We went to a lake for nearly 2 weeks, we spent a whole month together and as the days were going by, we were feeling more and more sad because we knew Eryk had to go back to Scotland and the rest was so unsure.
After summer, I started uni and although it was much hard work, I was happy because time passed quickly.
Before Christmas I left my job that honestly I hated and I was happy that I could relax after all the stress. Then, we had holidays again in February and this was very exciting. I had a whole month off and in late January I signed the contract for my flat and just when February started, we began refurbishing the flat. After a month it was all finished and I love it. It's my happy, calm place.
The new semester began and it also ended very quickly. But just before it ended I went to Poland and Eryk and I met again and it was such a good feeling. We really did miss each other, but now that he is staying in Poland, we hope everything will be so much easier!

Yesterday I finished all my exams and even though I don't know all my results yet, I'm seriously relieved. I'll be working this weekend and then Monday til Wednesday and then I will already be off to Poland again for my holidays. I will be working this summer but I hope that still I'll be able to get to do some other stuff too with Eryk.

And now today is already the First of July again, but this year it's a grey day, not cold, but filled with thick air- it could pour down any minute really. And to be honest, it feels like a sad day. I'm feeling pretty emotional today because my life in Scotland is already so far away, it's getting more and more a distant memory and I wish I could remember every single minute of that year abroad forever. And that's why my vlogs come in handy. I documented all the happy moments, but also sad days that came towards the end of my stay.
I loved linking down the Edinburgh vlogs in my new vlogs, and now this week I will actually link down the last Edinburgh video and then it will just be Poland and Vienna already.. The vlogs were mainly boring and not much was going on really, because in Edinburgh I just had so much more time and I'm glad I did because this way I got to enjoy it properly.

If you'd like to watch my life in Edinburgh, check out my YT channel here: YT!
And here's last year's blog entry: Back home.

This is getting too long now and I feel like I wrote everything I wanted to say on this day. I'm now off to get ready for the day and to relax some more. I'm having my tasty glazed doughnut, which is filled with cream and my cup of Earl grey tea. And those two things I also picked on purpose, because they were so present in my UK life. <3 

I hope you're having a wonderful day! I'll be busy all day long again but in a few days I'll get my holidays and things will be much better again :)