Friday, 29 July 2016

Primark & Depot Interior Haul

Yesterday we spent our afternoon in Primark and since I haven't been in quite a while I was excited to get a few new pieces. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed when it comes to clothing because I didn't really get much apart from a couple of things, plus a cosy robe for chilly mornings and very cute pyjamas. I was happy though to find some cute home bits, so here they are:

I got these little copper wire fairy lights for my office. I hung them up between the two heavy, thick grey curtains that have some copper detailing, so the lights match them perfectly! On the other wall I also have a copper clock, so I liked to keep the office more elegant, with dark furniture and copper details. The lights add such a cosy light in the evenings, that you don't really want to switch them off at all.

For the kitchen I got two new mugs, which I fell in love with immediately! I know I already have so many mugs, but these ones are bigger than most of the ones I own right now, plus they are so cute with the sugar skull and the cat hiding behind that pink thingy. I love pretty mugs. And these two will make my morning teas taste even better!
I remember when back in Scotland I would start College at 2pm, so I would get up at 9, have a cosy morning in bed with a tasty cup of tea and some crumpets. I had enough time to get ready for the day without having to stress. For some reason, my mornings in Vienna feel completely different. Let's hope this will change thanks to the new mugs. :)

(Unfortunately) I found this candle at the checkouts and the smell of nectarine and lemon blossom was just too beautiful to leave without this little gem. The problem is its bright orange colour, which just doesn't go well with any of my rooms, so I decided to unscrew the lid a bit and place it in my closet, where it will leave my clothes smelling fresh and nicely. 

Before I reached Primark, I was passing Depot and they just have the most beautiful home accessories! It is nearly impossible to leave without spending any money there, so I usually avoid this shop ( It's a bit more on the pricey side, though not extremely- so feel free to treat yourself from time to time there).
Last time I left with this ombre flower pot thingy, for which I somehow can't find a plant that will fit in, so I just keep it on my TV stand and throw in random bits like hair bobbles or pens.
And yesterday I found the light pink wire basket that I placed next to the pot ( I also had no idea where it would look nicer, so this was the first spot that came to my mind) I thought it would look cute holding all the body lotions and creams that were laying around my bed side table.

The PJ's I found are the prettiest I ever had I think and you have to know that I'm really not a PJ person- I am fine with comfy panties and a cami, but when I saw this little set I knew it had to be mine. I love the delicate pink colour ( obviously. ) and blue as well, plus the little lace detail around the legs just makes the whole thing even more adorable. 

The top is a little cami, with some lace on the cleavage and a few more straps in the back, which I adore!
Plus, I even found matching long trousers, and I got them too for the chillier days! I went a little bit crazy.
( Don't ask why my left tan line is so fat. I have no idea how this happened, but it already happened when I was tanning in Poland and I am already trying to tan the bit that shouldn't be white. Let's hope this will look somewhat normal by the end of the summer)

Apart from these bits I also got new hangers for my closet because I somehow never have enough and the Primark velvet ones are just the best!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul, let me know what you think :)

Have a nice day! I'll be working til late and tomorrow all day long, so I'm gonna relax and cook something before I go.

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