Friday, 1 July 2016

First of July

Good morning my dear friends!
My exams are over and just like 2 years ago after my finals, I thought I would finally sleep much longer but nope, got up at 7. I'm working 1 til 10 today so I need to save up my energy a bit and since I now have the time to blog again, I wanted to start with this topic.

Exactly one year ago, on the First of July 2015 I got up on a sunny day in Currie, Edinburgh and I knew that these were the last hours of my life in the UK. I got to cuddle my ferret for the last time ( I'm gonna be reunited with her in less than a week!) and I packed up the rest of my belongings. As I made my way to the airport I felt nervous and unsure about how my life would change from that point. I felt heartbroken to leave Edinburgh. I loved it so much. And not a single day goes by without thinking about it.
My year in Scotland was really a time that was tough, but so good as well. I wish I could have stayed for much longer because there was just so much more to get to know over there. This is what makes me so sad- that it ended so quickly.
At the moment I have no idea whether and when I'll be able to visit Edinburgh again, but I'm hoping it won't be in like 3 years. I miss it terribly and I'm sure if I'd arrive there, I would just cry out of happiness but also of sadness, because I know I won't be able to stay there.

Anyways, now that exactly one year has passed and I'm thinking of how much has changed I'm surprised. The first thing I did when I arrived back in Vienna was going to Uni the next day to apply for my course, and it was such a hot day. I was happy that summer was finally there and the same night I think I was already off to Poland to see Eryk again, who left Edinburgh 3 days before I did, to go on holidays. We went to a lake for nearly 2 weeks, we spent a whole month together and as the days were going by, we were feeling more and more sad because we knew Eryk had to go back to Scotland and the rest was so unsure.
After summer, I started uni and although it was much hard work, I was happy because time passed quickly.
Before Christmas I left my job that honestly I hated and I was happy that I could relax after all the stress. Then, we had holidays again in February and this was very exciting. I had a whole month off and in late January I signed the contract for my flat and just when February started, we began refurbishing the flat. After a month it was all finished and I love it. It's my happy, calm place.
The new semester began and it also ended very quickly. But just before it ended I went to Poland and Eryk and I met again and it was such a good feeling. We really did miss each other, but now that he is staying in Poland, we hope everything will be so much easier!

Yesterday I finished all my exams and even though I don't know all my results yet, I'm seriously relieved. I'll be working this weekend and then Monday til Wednesday and then I will already be off to Poland again for my holidays. I will be working this summer but I hope that still I'll be able to get to do some other stuff too with Eryk.

And now today is already the First of July again, but this year it's a grey day, not cold, but filled with thick air- it could pour down any minute really. And to be honest, it feels like a sad day. I'm feeling pretty emotional today because my life in Scotland is already so far away, it's getting more and more a distant memory and I wish I could remember every single minute of that year abroad forever. And that's why my vlogs come in handy. I documented all the happy moments, but also sad days that came towards the end of my stay.
I loved linking down the Edinburgh vlogs in my new vlogs, and now this week I will actually link down the last Edinburgh video and then it will just be Poland and Vienna already.. The vlogs were mainly boring and not much was going on really, because in Edinburgh I just had so much more time and I'm glad I did because this way I got to enjoy it properly.

If you'd like to watch my life in Edinburgh, check out my YT channel here: YT!
And here's last year's blog entry: Back home.

This is getting too long now and I feel like I wrote everything I wanted to say on this day. I'm now off to get ready for the day and to relax some more. I'm having my tasty glazed doughnut, which is filled with cream and my cup of Earl grey tea. And those two things I also picked on purpose, because they were so present in my UK life. <3 

I hope you're having a wonderful day! I'll be busy all day long again but in a few days I'll get my holidays and things will be much better again :)



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