Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Day By The Poolside

Hello everybody!
I am so sorry that I kept you waiting for so long again but I only arrived in Vienna on Wednesday evening and then I was working 3 days straight, so only today is the first good opportunity to write a little bit.
Since it's Sunday and the weather was beautiful my mum, brother and cousin went to the swimming pool, which obviously has an outdoor pool too, so we could tan and the kids could play in the water.
I was planning on getting a tan in Poland already but since the weather over there was just disgusting during my stay, I only got the slightest tan really. 

And today I got to relax so well in this heat and sunshine, swimming around once in a while. I loved it and I could seriously spend all of my free days like that! That's what I've been waiting for since last summer actually.

Now, this is the outfit I wore on the way to the pool:
lace crop top - Primark
shorts - H&M
jelly shoes - CCC

This is just such a comfy outfit- I wasn't too hot without showing too much skin, you know.

We stayed at the pool for about 4,5 hours in the strongest sun and since I tan so, so quickly I came back home all red/brown. When I took off my bikini I couldn't stop laughing at myself because my body underneath it is WHITE. ( I really mean white.)
The weirdest thing is that I look burnt, just like my mum and brother but they are complaining about their skin being sore, which I actually don't experience. I'm a really lucky person when it comes to tanning.

both my crop top and the shorts are from Primark.

As you can tell, this looks pretty worrying, but fear not! I am alright! Hopefully the redness will be gone by tomorrow. 

I already wish I could go back to the pool tomorrow but unfortunately I'll be working all day long, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather from Tuesday til Friday will be just amazing as it was today and yesterday.

When I came home I took a cool shower and treated my body with the Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun lotion, which I already got last year in Scotland. I love its smell, it reminds me of the beach. It also soothes your skin after a long day of tanning and it prevents it from peeling off. 
I also got my hands on the cooling body mist from Ziaja when in Poland and this is also such a great product! You can use it on your face, body and hair and it is so lightweight and relaxing! Plus, the smell is just as amazing!

Those two products are my life savers this summer. ;)

I hope you had a lovely, sunny day too!

Make sure to check out the Wroclaw vlog that I just uploaded!



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