Thursday, 30 April 2015

Empty Products Of March And April | Empties

It seems to me like I've been writing this post some days ago, but that was already nearlt two months ago! So many products have added up by now that I decided to show them to you. And you will already know some of them since they are ones I trust.

Starting with the Pantene Pro-V shampoo, I want to add that I have two of those huge bottles that are empty, plus one bottle of the smallest size too. This gives you a rough idea od how much hair shampoo I need for washing my hair only twice a week! I am glad when I have those huge sizes because I know that I won't run out of them too quickly and I buy one a month approximately.
I've said this so many times but this shampoo is by far the best I've used yet. It really makes my hair feel and look clean and washing it twice a week is enough to not look as if someone spilt a bottle of oil over my head. I am just in love with it and am scared of trying other shampoos now that I've found that this one is just perfect for me.

Next you can see an empty pack of cotton pads and they were only £1 at ASDA and I never had those big cotton pads before so I decided to try them and this is actually my second pack already and I am in love with them! I didn't buy new ones yet and it feels so strange removing my make-up with the regular round cotton pads. Using those ones, one was enough to take off my whole make-up and that's just great! It also feels more comfortable in your hand, you can work more precisely in my opinion. So once I see them again they will be mine!

Then you can also see my Clearasil face scrub with Vitamin E, oxidants and avocado and pomegranate extracts. Now, I'm in love with this scrub! It smells amazing, it does a great job and I've had it for ages! I didn't use it every day, but I'd say once a week and it removed my blackheads nicely, wasn't too harsh on my skin and some days ago there was an offer in Superdrug on all face cleansing products and I actually got two more of those! They cost around £4 and I definitely recommend them if you have similar skin to mine.

Looking at the last big thing in the picture, the femfresh wipes, are also a product I've been using for a longer time now and i am a big fan of them. ( even though the Nivea Intimo that I used to buy in Vienna were just heaven!) I usually buy them on offer because they are really expensive, so now I have two empty packs of them and got myself some Superdrug ones and walked into Boots after that just to find the femfresh wipes on offer. Still, I decided to not buy any more just at the moment and to use up the Superdrug ones first. The intimate wipes are practical for on the go, long days or travel and I would cry without them most likely.

The last products are more beauty related, and they are for example two concealers from Collection. And this is a product I've been using for a year now and I really like this concealer. I didn't find one that would be better and I am even scared of buying others to try them and then to find out I've maybe wasted my money on a product that does not work with my face. But I am actually pretty happy with this concealer, even though I have days where my undereye circles are just so dark that you can still see them a bit and my face has gone really spotty over the last months and even if I use concealer on the spots, the redness is still visible. So I decided to just accept it and to cover as much as possible and to try and ignore the redness that you can still see, because there is not much I can do about it anyways. This concealer is pretty inexpensive at around £4 but to be honest, I use up one a month and I could get myself a MAC concealer for less money, that would probably last for longer, but I am scared of changing profucts!

Mascara wise I've used up my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex one ( and repurchased it already) and when I first discovered this mascara two years ago I was so amazed by its effect and so I kept repurchasing it and swore by it! However now, I have a bit of a strange feeling about any other mascara than the Benefit Roller Lash and really want to get a full sized one because it works so well on my lashes. Still, this green Scandaleyes mascara works better than many other drugstore mascaras for me and I am trying to always have one of it in my collection, just in case I will need it. It is also only £6 or £7 and I guess for that price it is really good.

I also used up my favourite lip balm, the Yves Rocher Noix de Coco, but since my mum got me a new one for Christmas, I am saved! I love its creamy texture, the smell and how it leaves my lips soft. I used to be a total lipbalm addict and every time I go to drugstores I just have to see all the lipbalms and I try so hard to not buy any new ones since I still have so many to use up. But I am dreaming of the Nivea Peach one at the moment. :( Still, thisis my favourite one and I have to make sure I always have it with me at work, in my bag when I am on my way to town or College and I also use it at home. It's like my best friend.

Before Christmas I got the Body Shop Glazed Apple hand cream and it had the most amazing smell! I had it with me everywhear and loved the fact that my hands felt really nice after using it. I've probably used every single drop of it and it got definitely empty, so there is nothing I can do about it anymore , I can only wait until next Christmas and stock up again!
I really liked the size it comes in, 30 ml, because it is perfect for everyday handbags, travel or just to keep it handy. It was just a perfect hand cream for me and since my hands got really dry lately, it would be difficult for me to survive if I didn't have my Soap&Glory Hand Dream!

And the last product for today is my Bielenda nai hardener with diamond powder ( or so). It is a 10 in 1 treatment apparently and I bought it because I was desperate to get my nails to grow harder and longer. And even though they do still break, they don't break as quickly and as often as they used to and they are thicker for sure! I use this polish every day if I don't forget and once it gets scrachted off, I remove it and start again and paint them for some days in a row, before again, removing the nail polish and continue. I feel like this one actually really helped my nails, so I got another bottle when I was in Poland this Easter.

Those were all the products I've collected over the last two months and now I'll get rid of them and start filling the bag with new empties!

If you've tried any of those products I'd be happy to hear some reviews!



Monday, 27 April 2015

April Favourites | Beauty, Home, Accessories

April is coming to an end and again, this month I've found some new things that I am obsessed with.
Since it was my Birthday just yesterday, I had some things on my Birthday wishlist that I already got, but there are also some more that need to be bought yet.

However, the first thing for today, and that I bought myself as a gift is Bioderma.
Bioderma was on my mind from the time I've run out of my last bottle around the end of last year or so. I was planning on buying two half litre bottles but then they were sold out once I had some spare money left and then I decided to wait again.
I finally got myself a smaller bottle, 250ml, of the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O, which is made for dry skin.
I usually had the Sebium version, since my skin is oily and I just loved the Sebium Bioderma, but now I decided to try this one out because lately my skin has become very spotty and around all the spots my skin is flaking off and you can see it underneath all the make-up. It annoys me a lot and I thought that trying out the Bioderma Hydrabio, could be useful.
I really love using it because my skin feels so clean after it and it doesn't leave that horrible smell behind like the Garnier micellar water does.
The only things that annoy me a little bit are that my waterproof liner does't come off that easy and that Bioderma is expensive.

My next new obsession is the Sleek blush in shade Rose Gold 926. It is not so pink, but more peachy, though still a vibrant shade. It is shimmery and makes my skin look glowy and I feel like I have a summer tan for some reason.
I really love the black, matte packaging with the little mirror inside. The packaging is so simple, but so elegant in my opinion. It blends in easily and I just love how it looks on my skin.
Also, the price is great, because it is around £5 only.

Then we have the Soap&Glory Hand Dream cream, which is just great! I've been having very dry hands lately and it just drives me crazy. And for that reason I've started using this hand cream, which was part of my Christmas gift from Eryk.
 I mentioned many times that Soap&Glory is definitely one of my favourite brands because of the cute packagings, the beautiful and special smell of the products and because of the great quality. They are again a bit pricey but I think that sometimes it is allowed to treat yourself and to go for some Soap&Glory goodies!
This cream leaves my hands silky after moisturising, they are not greasy or sticky and they smell beautiful! And somehow the tube is already getting a bit empty I have to admit.

Here's a homey thing - a bedroom mist!

I first got the Febreze sleep serenity diffuser for the socket and even though it's supposed to be a bedtime scent we have it on all day and night long. Both Eryk and I are obsessed with the smell and entering the room just feels great. Since we have Maya and the room is sometimes a bit smelly, it is great with this plug because it definitely eliminates the bad smell. And some days ago I went to the drugstore and found the matching mist, so without thinking twice I bought it staright away. It smells beautiful, makes you feel calm and relaxed. We love it.

And the last thing I wanted to share with you this month is another Birthday gift from me to myself. They are my Love Moschino glasses and if you've seen my entries like this, this, or that you've already seen them for sure and have realised that I really like them.

I couldn't find them online, but here are similar ones if you're curious.
I wanted plain sunglasses that would match every outfit, unlike my bright pink ones from Marks&Spencer. Those ones seemed just perfect to me. They were not too serious looking because of the cute hearts on the sides, but they were also not too specific.
I just really like them and another amazing thing about them is that they are the first pair of glasses that fit my face perfectly. They lay nicely on my nose and cheeks, which makes me very happy.



Sunday, 26 April 2015

My 19th Birthday!

I feel like my 18th Birthday was just some weeks ago, and now I am already officially 19!
If you are curious about how things looked like exactly one year ago, click here!

Today I actually had to work from 9 until 6 in the evening, so I can basically say that I spent all day long at work, wasting my Birthday. For this reason it is not really such a special day, even though I do feel pretty excited and I don't even know why.
Once I came home a "Happy Birthday" banner welcomed me in front of our room.
When I came in I felt so emotional seeing all the pink balloons hanging around the walls and some more banners above the bed.
I also got a box of Raffaello's, a beautiful card and a "Birthday Girl" rosette, which is super cute.
Since Eryk is still at work and will be home late I will watch some series, have some tea and ice cream, because that's probably everything I am allowed to get from the kitchen. Eryk told me not to open the fridge until he's home, so I have no idea what could be in it and I can't wait to find out.

I already got myself some gifts from the money I collected from my family during Easter, but I got some more money from Eryk that I can apparently only spend on make-up and clothes, so I'll need to choose wisely. Once I'm done with that I'll most likely do a post and video about everything I got for my 19th Birthday.

It's pretty sad to not be around your family when it's your Birthday, but I guess that this is just a thing that happens earlier or later for different reasons. So I try not to be too sad about it. I've spoken to my parents and my brother on Skype and they made me smile, and that's what matters.

What you could do to make me smile is click here and watch our latest vlog! :) 



Friday, 24 April 2015

My OOTD: Friday Morning Stroll At The Water Of Leith

Today we got up pretty early and without even having breakfast we decided to get some grocery shopping done and instead of taking the bus we went for a walk. Just across the road, there is pure nature. There is a river, the Water of Leith, there are horses, llamas and sheep. It's all in a forest with a walkpath. I am not really into such areas because of the fear of ticks and other weird insects, but today I pretty much enjoyed it. I liked being at the river. I feel like water always calms me down and I like being at the sea or a lake, which makes me miss Poland, because sometimes we went to the seaside for holidays and it's our dream to go there again this year, but who knows if we'll manage.

After we found our way out of the forest again, we did the shopping and took the bus home because the shopping bags were a bit too heavy to walk all the way back.

We thought of going somewhere else today, since the weather is pretty nice, though not to sunny any more, but we'll see.

So, here's what I'm wearing today!

Here I am, standing on this tiny island, hoping not to fall into the water.
floral vest - Primark
black cardigan - H&M
satchel - Fossil

jeans - H&M
shoes - Lasocki

I also pretty much kept my eye make-up to the minimum, using only mascara, so I look a bit weird, but I couldn't really be bothered in the morning to do all the make-up just to go on a walk in a forest.

What do you think of this place? Doesn't it seem calm and relaxing to you?

Make sure to come back in the evening to watch this week's vlog that I'll start editing soon!
Have a nice weekend everyone!



Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My OOTD: Nice Hair And Bare Legs

Today it's actually really warm here in Edinburgh (20 degrees!) and I loved it!
I had to go to College and didn't really know what to wear because I was scared the weather would suddenly change and I would be cold wearing a nice, summery outfit. However, I decided to risk it and wore a dress, a little cardigan, flats and decided to take my trench coat with me to keep myself warm should it rain or so. But it didn't rain and I was definitely not cold, and I didn't even wear any tights today which made this day my first bare legged day of the year!

After College I quickly did the most important shopping and headed home, ate something and then we went out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine for a bit longer.
This time we didn't take Maya with us, even though the area we went to was more appropriate to let a ferret run around, but we just didn't feel like it really.

I decided to wear sandals, because my poor toes are still sore and wearing closed shoes for a longer time is a bit of a pain in the ass. And this is terrible, trust me.
I also didn't take my coat with me so I was literally wearing not much.

dress - New Look
cardigan - Zara
sunglasses - Love Moschino
bag - H&M
lipgloss - Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Charm Offensive

As stated yesterday, I am still obsessed with the Magnum Pink ice cream and I emptied one pack today, so on my way back home I got another pack...

My hair decided to look pretty once in a life time - thank you, hair!

sandals - Cube
nail polish - Essie in Lapiz of Luxury

Hope you liked today's photos!



Monday, 20 April 2015

Walks In The Sunshine

Today my holidays are over, I had to go back to College and it was pretty annoying and boring I have to say.

After College I quickly went home and Eryk and I took Maya for a walk in Balerno, since the weather is just beautiful and you definitely can't waste such a nice day here in the UK.

We first went to buy some juice and then picked up some chips with sauce and tried to find a bench to eat in the sunshine. However, we couldn't find any benches at all and ended up walking around the area, In the end we decided to just sit down in the grass, where we had a little picnic.
Maya was very nousy and wanted to smell and see everything, which complicated our picnic a lot, but that was to expect.

She would take off her harness and that's pretty dangerous of course. In the end we tied her harness to my bag so she wouldn't run away but the harness kept getting off anyways. So we decided to take the bus back home after about an hour of being outside.

When we got home, we stayed in the garden for a little bit longer to sit a bit more in the sunshine and now we're back. Maya is in her cage, cuddling with the llama, which she really missed and we didn't take it with us.

I'm going to try and relax a bit, I'll have my Magnum Pink ice cream, which is just the best and me and my friend Linsey are pretty much obsessed with it at the moment.

Also, since the walk was pretty stressful with Maya, I didn't take pictures, apart from this one of this cute cottage.

 I did however film some scenes and I hope they will be nice enough to be in the vlog on Friday! So, if you're curious about our afternoon, check out the vlog on Friday!

If you haven't seen last week's vlog, you can watch it here!



Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday - Vlogday!

This week has been preeeetty busy for us to be honest.
We went on a birthday party, I went to town a lot, bought some things, enjoyed the pretty weather as much as I could.

The ferret has also been the cutest in this vlog, being super good friends with the llama I got for my birthday last year from my best friend Nina.

Now it's Friday again and this means my Easter holidays are over. I'll be working all weekend long again, as always, and on Monday I'm back to College and I am pretty sure it's gonna be really stressful from now on because of the upcoming exams in both of my courses.
I even got a booklet with exam preparation tips sent to my house and I was a bit confused with that but I've read it and think I should be fine.

Eryk went to meet his friends and I'll just go to town for a bit to not bore myself to death here, home alone.
I really shouldn't buy anything but you can never know what will actually happen...

So, without any more explanations, here is the vlog ans you should totally watch it!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



Thursday, 16 April 2015

My OOTD: Eating Ice Cream And Drinking Lemonade

Eryk and I went for a walk this afternoon and enjoyed the last warm sunshine of the day.
In a fancy shop in the area we've been, we got ourselves some ice cream, but Eryk still doesn't feel too well and he decided not to eat anything. Still, we bought two ice cones and a tasty lemonade, that just looked too cute for me to not take it with me.
I thought it would have a really zesty taste but it actually tastes more like apple than lemon to me - but I really like it!

I know I have a very sexy look here, I am just perfect with posing in the sun...
Juice in one hand, ice cone in the other - great!
My clothes are all very recent purchases (apart from those shoes that I got last year) as you may realise if you've seen my previous clothes/ haul posts and videos.
Trench coat - Pimkie
Blouse - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - Bershka
Flats - Lasocki
Satchel - Fossil
Sunglasses - Love Moschino

My belly looks really bad in this picture, but I guess in the first it doesn't look better. So, it's probably not the jeans but my always weird, bloated belly. Excuse this.

If you're interested, this was my ice cream, and yes, it was tasty!
My nail polish is from Essie and is called Lapiz of Luxury, which is very cute and perfect for spring and summer.

I am definitely in love with such areas, never ending identical buildings, the old architecture, just perfect, especially in the sunshine!

So, how's your evening going?
PS: It's my Birthday in 10 days and I am not too sure what to think about it...



Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My OOTD: A Day Full Of Sunshine And Another Birthday Gift!

Today Eryk and I were supposed to go to town together but since he doesn't feel too well and he also had to wait for his new phone to be delivered, he stayed at home and I went on my own.

It was really sunny but from time to time there were tiny rain drops coming pouring down and I got annoyed. I also met a friend from College so we stood in the kind of rain talking for a while after I was done with the shopping and about to go home.

Here's my outfit and also something I bought myself for my Birthday...

My trenchcoat is from Pimkie, as you may probably already know from this haul video.
It's perfect for the weather just now because in the shadow it does get pretty chilly, and I am not too happy when I'm cold...
My sweater is from New Look and I got it ages ago. It's a peachy colour I'd say and definitely not a warm jumper. I paired it with my black skater skirt from H&M that I also got a long time ago, back when I still lived in Vienna. I think that it is a pretty classic piece, so you can wear it with many different tops.
I also wore my black 100 denier Primark tights, because even though people in the UK stopped wearing tights, I can't imagine this yet.
My shoes are some caramel brown flats from Lasocki, that again were bought in Vienna once it got warmer last year. I like to wear those shoes with my Fossil satchel, because they nearly have the same colour and I really like both of them a lot!

So, I bought myself those pretty sunglasses from Love Moschino. They are black and have some white stripes on the inside. On the sides they have a cute red heart and the Love Moschino print. I thought that they look really cute and I couldn't resist.... Let me know what you think of them.
 My nail polish is from Golden Rose if you're wondering, and it's also in the haul video!
Excuse the weird baby hair here... it's crazy - I know.

Here I am, trying to pose with my new glasses. Classy.

And that was it for today! I really wanted ice cream but I was pretty sure it would melt on the way back home. Maybe I'll manage to go to ASDA later on and get some Oreo ice cream... Maybe...



Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Chocolate Cake And Muffins | Recipe

I was browsing the Internet for some new dinner ideas and found this cake recipe by accident - it was not supposed to be dinner!

Since I had all the needed ingredients at home, I decided that I could have a try. So I did and here's the recipe, should you want to try it too!


-3 cups of plain flour
-1 cup of oil
-1 cup of milk
-3 eggs
-3 full tablespoons of cocoa ( I went for pure cocoa powder, so my cake is a bit more bitter than it would turn out if I used sweet cocoa- I guess you can choose whatever you like more.)
- half of a jar of your favourite jam ( I've used apricot jam, but I can't really tell it is in the cake)
-2 teaspoons of soda
- I also added 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

You can make a chocolate icing too, but I didn't have it at home, so I didn't do it.


1) Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
2) Mix the eggs and sugar until you get a smooth texture.
3) Then, add the liquids - the milk, oil and the jam. Mix well again.
4) Then you need to add the flour slowly, mixing the dough all the time. Also add the soda and cocoa!
5) Make sure you grease your tin with butter and I also sprinkled semolina over it before I put the dough in.
6) Bake for about 50-60 minutes.
7) As mentioned before, you can add chocolate icing, or icing sugar if you like, to make it look prettier and make it even tastier!

Since I had a lot of dough, I had to make 5 muffins too. You can tell that the cake turned out GIANT!

So, this was my baking part of the day. I am waiting for a delivery- not for me though, but for Eryk, and I really hope that it will arrive soon because I need to get something from the shop to cook dinner.



Monday, 13 April 2015

My Spring Go-To Hairstyle

Lately I've somehow discovered this hairstyle, even though girls have been wearing it already for ages!

 I could never really tell that I would look good/ acceptable with a ponytail made of half of my hair. One day I tried to leave the side parting I usually have and to pull my hair back on the sides instead of pulling it all back, leaving my hair with no parting, which definitely doesn't look good.
So, leaving the parting and putting some hair into this little pony tail, leaving it a bit messy, letting some front strands frame my face, makes a hairstyle that I think finally looks cute and is comfortable to wear. My hair does not go into my face all the time and I don't feel like a child either.

I like to put my pink sunglasses ( from Marks&Spencer) into my hair, because I think that it looks even nicer than without them, and sometimes the sun does even come out and sunglasses may be handy, right? I also only use one thin hair band and don't need to put in a million bobby pins to keep my hair in place.

And you can still tell that my hair is long, even though it is not hanging loosely, like it usually does.

What do you think about me wearing my hair like that? 
I hate trying to do something with my hair because it just won't do what I want to and this hairstyle actually works out pretty often so I guess I'm happy with that. But still, I would like to be able to do more nice things, I just don't know what.



Sunday, 12 April 2015

Blog Update

Hello everyone!
I was thinking about my blog recently pretty often and also didn't blog on some days.

Blogging everyday means having material to blog about for every day, which is nezrly impossible for me just now.

I am studying and was working all weekend long. I couldn't go out to take any outfit pictures, I was wearing my work uniform as well, so there is no OOTD for me during the weekends.

I also have nothing just now in beauty that I could write about spontaneously. I would prefer to take myself a bit time, to think about topics, interesting topics, and to write better entries, rather than just trying to find a quick subject every day and writing something down quickly to make sure people have something new to read every single evening. However, I don't even have that many viewers so I feel like I am wasting quite a lot of time at the moment.

I thought about blogging only twice a week, rather than every day. Maybe Moday and Thursday would be good, or Tuesday and Friday evenings. Sometimes I would maybe even manage to come up with some more ideas and could blog more than twice a week. But putting pressure on myself to really post every day annoys me and I don't feel like this is right about blogging.

Hopefully you will understand that apart from blogging I also have a lot to do and that blogging less would maybe make better entries.

If you have any topic suggestions, just let me know in the comments. You can also tell me what videos you would like to see that I could film for my Youtube Channel.

Havee a nice week, enjoy yourself and see you next time!



Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring Haul ( H&M, Bershka, Forever 21, Fossil,...)

As I bought quite a lot and also got some gifts in Poland, I decided to make a video to show you all the clothes and other bits and bobs from beauty to home.

I always like watching such videos, so I thought that maybe you would be interested in me doing one too.

When it comes to clothes I bought three pairs of skinny jeans, a trench coat and two blouses. I also bought myself two pairs of leather shoes as an early Birthday gift.
Beauty wise I bought a mascara, some nail polish and a face moisturiser. And then I even got some little things for our room too.
Of course, sweets and other gifts had to be included too.

I was really happy about the pretty sunshine today again because I could finally film a bit outside, like the Lookbook at the end of this haul video.

Unfortunately one half of the nearly ready video broke and I had to refilm it, so I am quite close to the camera there, in case you are wondering why there was a change.

I hope that you enjoy watching it and maybe you could also tell me if you liked some pieces and what you think about me doing such videos.

Have a nice weekend! I will be working tomorrow and Sunday, so I won't really get to feel the nice weather, but from Monday on I hope that I will do some cool stuff.

I still have to write a whole essay for French and to send it until Sunday, but I need to do it today if possible, since I will be too tired tomorrow for sure.



Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunny Day Back In Edinburgh + Easter Vlog!

Today I was so excited when I got up and saw that the sun was shining. The temperature was going up and up throughout the day and now my phone says 18 degrees, which is just amazing!

I had to do the grocery shopping, since Eryk isn't home, bur first I went to the bank in town and also enjoyed the sunshine.
On my way back I went to ASDA and bought so many things that I wasn't even sure whether I could carry so much and I surely looked like an idiot carrying around those three shopping bags, but well, it was food, right?

Back home I unpacked everything and did the laundry, hung it outside and did the second part of the laundry while having a little picnic with Maya in the garden. I had some ice cream and orange juice and Maya was happy enough to run around the grass with no leash on!
She was a very good girl and I didn't even need to run after her all the time.
Then I put her back in her cage and started editing the Easter vlog, which is currently uploading to Youtube. It is a pretty long one, so I hope that it won't be uploading too long and that you won't get bored watching it. There will be no vlog tomorrow, since I'm uploading it today, but I've planned to make another video for you and I hope that it will be cool.

I'm pretty hungy and don't think that even more ice cream will solve the problem, so I'm gonna go downstairs and check what I could make for dinner. I only had a fudge and cream doghnut and ice cream today, which is not too much I guess. Calories- yes, hunger gone- no.

I'll be home alone until quite late because Eryk will be back just then, so looks like a lot of series are going to be watched...



Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day in Vienna

Yesterday we left Poland and came back to Vienna, which is the reason why I wasn't blogging. Today I got up early and once my mum brought Noah to nursery, we went to town to have a look at the shops as I was supposed to buy myself some jeans finally. What I got in Poland and Austria you will see in a separate video and blog entry too.
Just now I am trying to manage all the footage for the vlog, to bring everything overseas and it is a bit tricky because I have more than I expected.

In two and a half hours we will be off to Bratislava again, to the airport since I'm flying at 6 pm already.
Another big issue is the luggage stuff because I only have hand luggage and my bag with me so I can't overpack in case they will check the weight. And since I got quite a lot over here,... well, it will be tricky and I have to pack another time, sorting out what I want to leave here.

This makes me a bit nervous because I don't like such issues when it comes to travel, but I'm sure I'll manage.
Once I've landed in Edinburgh, Eryk will pick me up and we will head home and by that time it will already be pretty late and I will most likely be falling asleep from all the stress and travelling over these two days.

I will definitely miss Vienna, my beautiful hometown and being here for such a short time didn't allow me to see my friends, which is a pity. However, I will be back in July and am hoping to see them that time.
Back in Edinburgh I'll have a lot to study for College and I'll also have work, but still a week off from College. I've heard that the weather is just brilliant at this time and it would be great to spend some time in town, exploring and so on.

So, I'll blog some more tomorrow, but now I'm off packing, eating and heading to the airport.

Have a nice day everyone!



Monday, 6 April 2015

My OOTD: Easter Time - Monday

Today we were hoping for better weather but soon we saw huge snow flakes outside the windows and later also a horrible hail storm. It feels like winter and it is pretty sad because spring should be already here with all the vibrant colours and sunshine. Oh well. I've checked the weather forecast for Edinburgh and when I saw the 18° C appearing on the screen I just couldn't believe and I felt even more sad. Now that I could finally enjoy some warm days, I can't because here it is just terrible.
Everyone is tired and laying on the sofas, watching tv and not doing much and thinking of leaving Poland tomorrow makes me feel a bit like I'm wasting my time.

So, to show you what I'm wearing today, here is my outfit!
The full outfit consists of my favourite high waisted and fitted denim skirt with the zip that goes all the way down. I got it from House in Poland after Christmas.
The crop top is from Topshop and I borrowed it in October and still have it. Whoops! It has 3/4 length sleeves made of mesh, just like the top part. On top of everything I had my Zara cardigan AGAIN. My tights are from Primark (100 denier) and I am also earing Primark socks with little cute foxes to keep my feet warm.
Little Orion hates being in pictures and always looks away from the camera as you can tell. You will see him in the vlog though!

The statement necklace is also from Primark and I also got it some time ago in the sales and I thought it would give the outfit a pop of colour.

So,tomorrow I'm off to Vienna again and I will go to town on Wednesday morning. In the afternoon we will head to Bratislava back to the airport and then I will be off again!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Nina! <3



Sunday, 5 April 2015

My OOTD: Easter Time - Sunday

Today is the main day of Easter celebrations and we had a huge family breakfast all together and then we were just laying on the sofas, watching TV, having tea, coffee and cake and we also had naps. Great!

I wore the same dress that I had on my Graduation day last summer and i thought it was a good occasion to start wearing it again this spring. The dress is from Forever21 and I totally love the look of it, the split on the leg part and that it is more fitted around the legs than the dresses I usually wear. I had to wear transparent/ nude tights because black ones would look terrible obviously.
On top I wore my Zara cardigan, which is an option I go for very, very often, especially when wearing dresses during warmer times of the year.

You can't really see my make-up, but I applied some pink/ purple eye shadow from my Bourjois Quad in 02 Over Rose and drew a thin line using the Avon Glimmer Stick pencil. I got myself the green Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara yesterday and also used it for today's make-up. 

This was my whole look and since I didn't go anywhere, I wasn't wearing any shoes or so either.

Hope you all have a nice Easter with a lot of sweets!