Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday - Vlogday!

This week has been preeeetty busy for us to be honest.
We went on a birthday party, I went to town a lot, bought some things, enjoyed the pretty weather as much as I could.

The ferret has also been the cutest in this vlog, being super good friends with the llama I got for my birthday last year from my best friend Nina.

Now it's Friday again and this means my Easter holidays are over. I'll be working all weekend long again, as always, and on Monday I'm back to College and I am pretty sure it's gonna be really stressful from now on because of the upcoming exams in both of my courses.
I even got a booklet with exam preparation tips sent to my house and I was a bit confused with that but I've read it and think I should be fine.

Eryk went to meet his friends and I'll just go to town for a bit to not bore myself to death here, home alone.
I really shouldn't buy anything but you can never know what will actually happen...

So, without any more explanations, here is the vlog ans you should totally watch it!

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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