Monday, 6 April 2015

My OOTD: Easter Time - Monday

Today we were hoping for better weather but soon we saw huge snow flakes outside the windows and later also a horrible hail storm. It feels like winter and it is pretty sad because spring should be already here with all the vibrant colours and sunshine. Oh well. I've checked the weather forecast for Edinburgh and when I saw the 18° C appearing on the screen I just couldn't believe and I felt even more sad. Now that I could finally enjoy some warm days, I can't because here it is just terrible.
Everyone is tired and laying on the sofas, watching tv and not doing much and thinking of leaving Poland tomorrow makes me feel a bit like I'm wasting my time.

So, to show you what I'm wearing today, here is my outfit!
The full outfit consists of my favourite high waisted and fitted denim skirt with the zip that goes all the way down. I got it from House in Poland after Christmas.
The crop top is from Topshop and I borrowed it in October and still have it. Whoops! It has 3/4 length sleeves made of mesh, just like the top part. On top of everything I had my Zara cardigan AGAIN. My tights are from Primark (100 denier) and I am also earing Primark socks with little cute foxes to keep my feet warm.
Little Orion hates being in pictures and always looks away from the camera as you can tell. You will see him in the vlog though!

The statement necklace is also from Primark and I also got it some time ago in the sales and I thought it would give the outfit a pop of colour.

So,tomorrow I'm off to Vienna again and I will go to town on Wednesday morning. In the afternoon we will head to Bratislava back to the airport and then I will be off again!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Nina! <3




  1. Cute outfit! i love the necklace :) You are so pretty!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me????? The Chic Cupcake

  2. Damn, you look sexy

  3. That outfit is gorgeous! It really fits you well. You just proved that the cold weather shouldn't stop us from being fashionable. Hahaha! You're so good in mixing and matching clothes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful OOTD, Olivia! Stay beautiful!

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale