Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring Haul ( H&M, Bershka, Forever 21, Fossil,...)

As I bought quite a lot and also got some gifts in Poland, I decided to make a video to show you all the clothes and other bits and bobs from beauty to home.

I always like watching such videos, so I thought that maybe you would be interested in me doing one too.

When it comes to clothes I bought three pairs of skinny jeans, a trench coat and two blouses. I also bought myself two pairs of leather shoes as an early Birthday gift.
Beauty wise I bought a mascara, some nail polish and a face moisturiser. And then I even got some little things for our room too.
Of course, sweets and other gifts had to be included too.

I was really happy about the pretty sunshine today again because I could finally film a bit outside, like the Lookbook at the end of this haul video.

Unfortunately one half of the nearly ready video broke and I had to refilm it, so I am quite close to the camera there, in case you are wondering why there was a change.

I hope that you enjoy watching it and maybe you could also tell me if you liked some pieces and what you think about me doing such videos.

Have a nice weekend! I will be working tomorrow and Sunday, so I won't really get to feel the nice weather, but from Monday on I hope that I will do some cool stuff.

I still have to write a whole essay for French and to send it until Sunday, but I need to do it today if possible, since I will be too tired tomorrow for sure.



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