Thursday, 2 April 2015

Going Home

Yesterday I wasn't blogging because of my journey to Vienna. I had my flight to Bratislava, where my parents picked me up and took me home.
First, the captain said that we will arrive in only 2 hours because of good back wind.
However, we couldn't land on time because of a terrible thunder storm,with snow and hail above the airport. The pilot spoke to us 3 times about that issue and after half an hour of just flying around the area we could finally land safely. The landing place was still wet and everything, but we did land and I could finally see my family again.
Noah was already in Poland so he didn't come to pick me up from the airport.
Before going home we went to see my aunt and ince to say hi. Then we went home and were chatting for a long time before going to bed pretty late.
I got up early in the morning because my cousin Dani came over for some hours and we haven't seen each other in months!
I was also checking every single drawer in the flat and it just felt really strange being there again after 9 months.
It feels like I was visiting someone and not like being in my own house. But I loved every second I spent there.
Everything was so exciting and beautiful and I am definitely going to miss everything.

At about 11:30 today we left to go to Poland to see the rest of the family for Easter.
The journey was not too long, so that was nice, but it was snowing and raining heavily most of the time.
It is also really cold over here in Poland and I was hoping that it would be sunny and warm enough to not wear winter jackets.

Tomorrow morning at 8 I will need to go and see the lady that will check my nails and try and make them stop growing into my skin.

Hope you all have a nice Easter time!



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  1. Hope you had a great time!