Monday, 27 April 2015

April Favourites | Beauty, Home, Accessories

April is coming to an end and again, this month I've found some new things that I am obsessed with.
Since it was my Birthday just yesterday, I had some things on my Birthday wishlist that I already got, but there are also some more that need to be bought yet.

However, the first thing for today, and that I bought myself as a gift is Bioderma.
Bioderma was on my mind from the time I've run out of my last bottle around the end of last year or so. I was planning on buying two half litre bottles but then they were sold out once I had some spare money left and then I decided to wait again.
I finally got myself a smaller bottle, 250ml, of the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O, which is made for dry skin.
I usually had the Sebium version, since my skin is oily and I just loved the Sebium Bioderma, but now I decided to try this one out because lately my skin has become very spotty and around all the spots my skin is flaking off and you can see it underneath all the make-up. It annoys me a lot and I thought that trying out the Bioderma Hydrabio, could be useful.
I really love using it because my skin feels so clean after it and it doesn't leave that horrible smell behind like the Garnier micellar water does.
The only things that annoy me a little bit are that my waterproof liner does't come off that easy and that Bioderma is expensive.

My next new obsession is the Sleek blush in shade Rose Gold 926. It is not so pink, but more peachy, though still a vibrant shade. It is shimmery and makes my skin look glowy and I feel like I have a summer tan for some reason.
I really love the black, matte packaging with the little mirror inside. The packaging is so simple, but so elegant in my opinion. It blends in easily and I just love how it looks on my skin.
Also, the price is great, because it is around £5 only.

Then we have the Soap&Glory Hand Dream cream, which is just great! I've been having very dry hands lately and it just drives me crazy. And for that reason I've started using this hand cream, which was part of my Christmas gift from Eryk.
 I mentioned many times that Soap&Glory is definitely one of my favourite brands because of the cute packagings, the beautiful and special smell of the products and because of the great quality. They are again a bit pricey but I think that sometimes it is allowed to treat yourself and to go for some Soap&Glory goodies!
This cream leaves my hands silky after moisturising, they are not greasy or sticky and they smell beautiful! And somehow the tube is already getting a bit empty I have to admit.

Here's a homey thing - a bedroom mist!

I first got the Febreze sleep serenity diffuser for the socket and even though it's supposed to be a bedtime scent we have it on all day and night long. Both Eryk and I are obsessed with the smell and entering the room just feels great. Since we have Maya and the room is sometimes a bit smelly, it is great with this plug because it definitely eliminates the bad smell. And some days ago I went to the drugstore and found the matching mist, so without thinking twice I bought it staright away. It smells beautiful, makes you feel calm and relaxed. We love it.

And the last thing I wanted to share with you this month is another Birthday gift from me to myself. They are my Love Moschino glasses and if you've seen my entries like this, this, or that you've already seen them for sure and have realised that I really like them.

I couldn't find them online, but here are similar ones if you're curious.
I wanted plain sunglasses that would match every outfit, unlike my bright pink ones from Marks&Spencer. Those ones seemed just perfect to me. They were not too serious looking because of the cute hearts on the sides, but they were also not too specific.
I just really like them and another amazing thing about them is that they are the first pair of glasses that fit my face perfectly. They lay nicely on my nose and cheeks, which makes me very happy.



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