Monday, 13 April 2015

My Spring Go-To Hairstyle

Lately I've somehow discovered this hairstyle, even though girls have been wearing it already for ages!

 I could never really tell that I would look good/ acceptable with a ponytail made of half of my hair. One day I tried to leave the side parting I usually have and to pull my hair back on the sides instead of pulling it all back, leaving my hair with no parting, which definitely doesn't look good.
So, leaving the parting and putting some hair into this little pony tail, leaving it a bit messy, letting some front strands frame my face, makes a hairstyle that I think finally looks cute and is comfortable to wear. My hair does not go into my face all the time and I don't feel like a child either.

I like to put my pink sunglasses ( from Marks&Spencer) into my hair, because I think that it looks even nicer than without them, and sometimes the sun does even come out and sunglasses may be handy, right? I also only use one thin hair band and don't need to put in a million bobby pins to keep my hair in place.

And you can still tell that my hair is long, even though it is not hanging loosely, like it usually does.

What do you think about me wearing my hair like that? 
I hate trying to do something with my hair because it just won't do what I want to and this hairstyle actually works out pretty often so I guess I'm happy with that. But still, I would like to be able to do more nice things, I just don't know what.



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