Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day in Vienna

Yesterday we left Poland and came back to Vienna, which is the reason why I wasn't blogging. Today I got up early and once my mum brought Noah to nursery, we went to town to have a look at the shops as I was supposed to buy myself some jeans finally. What I got in Poland and Austria you will see in a separate video and blog entry too.
Just now I am trying to manage all the footage for the vlog, to bring everything overseas and it is a bit tricky because I have more than I expected.

In two and a half hours we will be off to Bratislava again, to the airport since I'm flying at 6 pm already.
Another big issue is the luggage stuff because I only have hand luggage and my bag with me so I can't overpack in case they will check the weight. And since I got quite a lot over here,... well, it will be tricky and I have to pack another time, sorting out what I want to leave here.

This makes me a bit nervous because I don't like such issues when it comes to travel, but I'm sure I'll manage.
Once I've landed in Edinburgh, Eryk will pick me up and we will head home and by that time it will already be pretty late and I will most likely be falling asleep from all the stress and travelling over these two days.

I will definitely miss Vienna, my beautiful hometown and being here for such a short time didn't allow me to see my friends, which is a pity. However, I will be back in July and am hoping to see them that time.
Back in Edinburgh I'll have a lot to study for College and I'll also have work, but still a week off from College. I've heard that the weather is just brilliant at this time and it would be great to spend some time in town, exploring and so on.

So, I'll blog some more tomorrow, but now I'm off packing, eating and heading to the airport.

Have a nice day everyone!




  1. I can't wait for the vlog! I'm so excited to see it, to be honest :D