Friday, 24 April 2015

My OOTD: Friday Morning Stroll At The Water Of Leith

Today we got up pretty early and without even having breakfast we decided to get some grocery shopping done and instead of taking the bus we went for a walk. Just across the road, there is pure nature. There is a river, the Water of Leith, there are horses, llamas and sheep. It's all in a forest with a walkpath. I am not really into such areas because of the fear of ticks and other weird insects, but today I pretty much enjoyed it. I liked being at the river. I feel like water always calms me down and I like being at the sea or a lake, which makes me miss Poland, because sometimes we went to the seaside for holidays and it's our dream to go there again this year, but who knows if we'll manage.

After we found our way out of the forest again, we did the shopping and took the bus home because the shopping bags were a bit too heavy to walk all the way back.

We thought of going somewhere else today, since the weather is pretty nice, though not to sunny any more, but we'll see.

So, here's what I'm wearing today!

Here I am, standing on this tiny island, hoping not to fall into the water.
floral vest - Primark
black cardigan - H&M
satchel - Fossil

jeans - H&M
shoes - Lasocki

I also pretty much kept my eye make-up to the minimum, using only mascara, so I look a bit weird, but I couldn't really be bothered in the morning to do all the make-up just to go on a walk in a forest.

What do you think of this place? Doesn't it seem calm and relaxing to you?

Make sure to come back in the evening to watch this week's vlog that I'll start editing soon!
Have a nice weekend everyone!



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