Monday, 20 April 2015

Walks In The Sunshine

Today my holidays are over, I had to go back to College and it was pretty annoying and boring I have to say.

After College I quickly went home and Eryk and I took Maya for a walk in Balerno, since the weather is just beautiful and you definitely can't waste such a nice day here in the UK.

We first went to buy some juice and then picked up some chips with sauce and tried to find a bench to eat in the sunshine. However, we couldn't find any benches at all and ended up walking around the area, In the end we decided to just sit down in the grass, where we had a little picnic.
Maya was very nousy and wanted to smell and see everything, which complicated our picnic a lot, but that was to expect.

She would take off her harness and that's pretty dangerous of course. In the end we tied her harness to my bag so she wouldn't run away but the harness kept getting off anyways. So we decided to take the bus back home after about an hour of being outside.

When we got home, we stayed in the garden for a little bit longer to sit a bit more in the sunshine and now we're back. Maya is in her cage, cuddling with the llama, which she really missed and we didn't take it with us.

I'm going to try and relax a bit, I'll have my Magnum Pink ice cream, which is just the best and me and my friend Linsey are pretty much obsessed with it at the moment.

Also, since the walk was pretty stressful with Maya, I didn't take pictures, apart from this one of this cute cottage.

 I did however film some scenes and I hope they will be nice enough to be in the vlog on Friday! So, if you're curious about our afternoon, check out the vlog on Friday!

If you haven't seen last week's vlog, you can watch it here!



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