Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday - Vlogday

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry that I don't post much lately but my life has gone pretty plain and boring because of uni. Everything I do during the day is get up and ready for uni, attend the lectures, come back home late. And then obviously, Saturdays I'm working too, which is another day where I can't really blog.

However, this week was pretty exciting and busy because of the National Holiday in Austria, we also went out and in between the lectures we even managed to do some shopping - which is great.

If you want to see what this week looked like , check out the vlog now!

Also, enjoy Halloween and have a nice night out with your friends! I'll be working all day long tomorrow and will probably be so exhausted afterwards that I will come back home and just sit in my bed with a nice cup of tea and some sweet treats!



Monday, 26 October 2015

My OOTD: Austrian National Holiday

It's National Holiday in Austria and my family and I went to town to see all the tanks, the soldiers and all of that stuff and it was really busy there.
We were lucky this year though, because it was pretty warm!

black loop scarf - Primark
denim jacket - Levi's
purple velvet skirt - Moschino
black 80 den tights - Primark
burgundy crossbody bag - Primark
black cut-out boots - Polish local shop

black corduroy button-up shirt - Versace
floral wrap blouse - Miss Selfridge
black crop top - Primark
nail polish by Nails Inc.

lipstick by Guerlain

I wore a ponytail today - which is a rare look on me. Let me know if you like it or not!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely loved this outfit and the make-up too. We all had a great day out and I'm sad that uni starts tomorrow again.

Also, please check out my latest vlog here!



Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumn Empties (Face, Hair, Body)

Hello everyone and welcome back on the blog!
Since I'm so busy lately I don't even have enough time to blog properly, but today I decided it was time again to create some content for you.
I actually wanted to film an empties video because I think it is just so much nicer, but until I managed to get this thing started it was already way too dark to film anything. So I decided go write some lines- still better than nothing.

It's actually not too many empty products this time, but the boxn is surely full and ready to be emptied. 

I used up my Batiste Eden dry shampoo and it really made me sad because Batiste is so expensive here in Vienna (and also hard to get). I also haven't seen this new scent over here yet, so this is even worse. Over the last few months (from August until now, the end of October) I've been using this about once a week. It helped me not washing my hair every two days on the hot days, but every third day and this was seriously life saving. I always said before that dry shampoos don't really help me much- which is true, but they do make my hair look a little bit less greasy and give them a nicer smell.
Right now I got a different dry shampoo and I'll be probably doing a comparison one day.

I also used up my Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light conditioner, which at first seemed like an average conditioner that wouldn't make a difference to my hair. I bought it during our holidays by the sea and I've used it until now. By the time the conditioner was half empty I started loving it! I realised that after blow drying, my hair was SO soft and silky that I was just sitting there, stroking my own hair for like the rest of the evening. However, I only realised this once I've used way too much one night- which then turned out to be the right thing to do. Now I'm gonna try and find this in drugstores because I definitely think it didn't make my hair greasy and heavy/flat. I loved it.

Next we have one of the Pantene Pro-V shampoos that I always use, except that this was the Repair&Care version, which I also do like a lot because it does make my hair clean, it is not sticky or crazy in a different way. Those shampoos are really made for my hair!

Same thing with the Head&Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo- it does clean my hair nicely, but I feel like the Pantene Pro-V is actually a little bit better anyways.

A few weeks ago I didn't feel like painting my nails, so I felt like using those 14 Day Nail Shields by Sally Hansen, to "nourish" my nails a bit ( apparently those shields work like nail conditioners or something). I bought about 6 packs of those, in two different shades and I really enjoyed using the other ones, which were basically invisible and stayed on for good 4 days I believe.
However, after applying those ones in shade 16, I couldn't look at my nails and also felt like I shouldn't show them to anyone else. The stickers are yellowish, which looks really bad on, and basically I ended up scratching them off because they just looked disgusting.

And the only body product I've used up so far since Summer was this Ziaja Intima intimate wash that I also got back in Summer on holidays. I got it to prevent infections, which are pretty common during this season because of a lot of contact with water- I also went swimming pretty often in August and September. This shower gel is really delicate and does not irritate your skin, it has a very calming, herbal scent too. And it lasted for 3 months, which is amazing in my opinion ( it's only 200 ml). Once I'm in Poland I think I'll repurchase this if I see it.

I used up my first bottle of the Bourjois micellar water for waterproof make-up and I had to ask a friend of mine to get me a new one when she was in Poland.
It is so affordable and taking off waterproof make-up is a dream with this cleanser! It also smells nice and the bottle with the little pearl on top of the lid is just so cute in my opinion.
I'm already half way through my second bottle and again, once I'm in Poland I will get some of this because at the moment this is my favourite make-up remover, I definitely recommend it!

What I don't recommend is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, which I got in the lightest shade and it still didn't manage to cover up any of my dark circles. I've seen many girls talking about this, but for me this concealer just doesn't work at all. It does maybe work for some light reddish spots- but that's all. Definitely not gonna repurchase it unfortunately.

And the last product is a mascara from AVON that I got for Christmas aaaages ago! It was actually three years ago and it is good for making your lashes longer and to separate them, but what I don't like about the mascara is that it doesn't give you any volume, it doesn't keep your lashes up, so they just hang down really and it has a pretty strong smell of plastic??
I just used it on my lower lashes until it got empty.
It also has a silicon wand, which I actually always liked, so I'm gonna keep it because it could be useful.

And that's everything! I hope you enjoyed this quick post, let me know if you've tried any of those products (or if you want to try any).
Thanks for reading!

I'm off to bake an apple pie and maybe some of my apple duffins too



Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

Hello everyone!
I have such complicated eyebrows that I basically have to fill them in every day to achieve a nicer shape ( which also makes my whole face look better). Since I also have hooded eyelids, an arched brow helps my face look more lifted and awake I think.

The problem is that the first halves of my brows grow quickly and they get pretty wide, whereas the second halves are just a single line of light hair, which in total looks very weird: thick-thin. That's all.
For this reason I have to fill in, or I'd already say draw on those parts to not look like I've overplucked my eyebrows or something. They just don't grow there and it's a shame.

To fill them in I got myself a beautyuk High Brow Kit from Superdrug, about a year ago I believe. However, only recently I've found a way to make my brows look good/alright.

I use the middle shade.

I try to focus more on the second halves of the brows, as I already said before, because they are the main problem. I start with the bottom edge and just define it, make the lower line a tiny bit longer and then I continue with the top edge: I draw a line from about 2-3mm higher than my brow actually is to create an arch, and I try to draw a straight-ish line down to the first line I've done. I connect them and fill in the space they surround. Of course I sometimes have to take off some of the top part because I've drawn the arch too harsh and my brow looks like this ^. I get really angry when I do my brows because I know that most of the time they still don't look the way I'd like to.
After finishing off the main bits, I add some colour to the inner parts of the eyebrows so that they have an even colour throughout.

Then I'm pretty  much ready.
What I do when taking off my make-up before bed time is leaving the eyebrows drawn on. Maybe it sounds weird but of I take the brow powder off completely, I'd have no idea how to get a similar shape done the next day and I'd freak out.

If I see hair growing back, I only pluck the ones that are outside my drawn-on-brows, so I don't even try to pluck the hair that I actually need to grow.

And what I also wanted to say is that of course you can see that they are filled in and not all natural. But it definitely looks better than the 90's brows. I think.
The brow powder wears off during the day and also at night, so you can see that the filled in arch part is already a bit lighter now than it was when I did my make-up.

Let me know if you have any useful tips for growing eyebrows faster (I also use castor oil from time to time, but it didn't help much so far).



Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sebamed Skincare Review

Hello everyone!

I finally managed to get a bit of time to write this post, and for today I decided that it was time for a review. Some weeks ago I got some bits from the brand Sebamed and I immediately started using the products to give you an idea of what they are like and if it's worth trying them out.

As you can see from the picture above, I got some cute little samples ( and I also gave 2 to my dad because they were an after shave and after sport shower gel).
I got two different shower gels,an every-day hair shampoo, a cream and a body lotion. I didn't use all of them yet but I the ones I did, I quite like.
All the washing products are soap free and cleanse delicately. A pH of 5.5 is ideal for our skin, so again, it's used in all of Sebamed's products, which shows that the products are really thought through and professional.

I think body lotion is such an important skincare product especially in the colder months because our skin often  gets exposed to extreme temperatures, which dries it out and we are left with not so flattering looking skin. 
Again, this lotion is made for sensitive skin and makes sure your skin moisturises itself more- which is very practical. It also has a very decent, neutral/powdery smell.

The Wellness/Spa shower gel has an intense and fresh smell- it kind of reminds me of men's skincare products, but it contains waterlily extracts. This product makes your skin and body feel relaxed as well as clean and fresh.

I also felt like the everyday shampoo was a pretty good one, especially when you have a sensitive scalp and thin hair that could need some extra volume, I think it could be a good one to try out!
However, I will stick to my usual shampoo since my hair is a little tricky to handle.

And my favourite product is probably the shower gel with lemongrass and green tea. That smell is absolutely refreshing and so relaxing to me that I could use it every day ( especially during summer!). It also helps your skin moisturise more by itself, so it's another practical product to have.

In general I think that all the Sebamed products are good quality and if someone has problems with products due to sensitive skin, I would totally recommend them!

Have you ever tried Sebamed products? Let me know if you did or if you'd like to!

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Autumn Essentials | Video

Today I filmed a quick video where I showed my tips for feeling better during the Autumn-Winter season. As you already know, I'm a real Summer person and I do tend to feel sad and tired throughout the colder months- that's why I do need to find lots of entertainment and distraction from the outside.

If you want to see my tips/hacks - check out the video below! :)

Now I'm off to Uni and I'm not too happy about leaving my cosy room, because it is really cold and grey outside. But I sadly need to make it.
Have a nice day everyone!

Thanks for watching!



Sunday, 11 October 2015

Demmers Teehaus Tea Review

Hello everyone!
Most of you will already know that I am a total tea addict. The only thing I drink is basically Earl Grey tea with sugar and some lemon. And I could drink it forever!
I do drink other kind of tea too though, if you wonder. And here's what I'm currently sipping!

Now, some days ago I kindly got sent some tea samples from the company Demmers Teehaus. If you're ever in Vienna, just visit one of their shops, because they are amazing and I think you'll love it! It's basically heaven for me!
I got six different kinds of tea (out of over 300 kinds!) to try and I am so excited! So far I've tried two and am already in love! 

Today I'm having Berry Cocktail, which consists of: hibiscus flowers, currants, elderflower and raisins AND it tastes amaaazing!! Such an intense, yet delicate taste. I don't like it when I have to add sugar to fruity teas, and in this case the sweetness is just perfect- which I am so glad about!
I used two teaspoons of those cute little leaves for my cup and left them inside for about 4 minutes I think.

The other teas I got are called: Happy Day ( apple, rose hip, lemon grass, lemon zest, tea leaves with lemon and honey aroma), Orange Ginger ( rose hip, hibiscus flowers, apple, orange zest, orange and ginger), Earl Grey ( black tea from Ceylon and China, bergamot oil), BIO Sweet Orange ( black tea, orange zest, orange oil, marigolds), Whipped Cream-Strawberry ( black tea from India, Ceylon and China, strawberry leaves, strawberry, cream and strawberry aroma).
I have also tried the Earl Grey tea with whipped cream and strawberry taste and this one too, was just great! Since it was an Earl Grey tea, but a bit more special, it was the one I wanted to try first. I also only needed one teaspoon and kept it in for three minutes. Those teas are literally what I'm looking forward to after uni, on those grey, chilly Autumn days.

With all those tea samples I also got a card, a list with every tea they sell and a brochure for each kind of tea, with all the most important information and how to prepare each tea properly.

So, instead of studying for uni I'm stuck here in my cosy bed with my tasty tea and all those brochures that I want to read! :D

 Let me know if you're a tea person too and what tea you'd like to try out! :)



Friday, 9 October 2015

My OOTD: Statistics Skirt

Today I had two lectures a uni but with a three hour-break in between, so we went to grab some lunch at Vapiano, which was just delicious!

I decided to finally wear this skirt out, since I wasn't "brave" enough until now. I think it's really fun though and once I've adjusted the waist a bit ( everything seems to not fit me recently), I'll be wearing it more often I hope.

This outfit was really comfy and I wasn't too cold thanks to the jumper, so I guess those clothes were a good choice for today's weather. Also, I forgot about those Vans and realised they had EXACTLY the same pattern/look as the skirt! So I had to risk it and go for this matching combo. I hope it didn't turn out too bad.

  faux leather jacket - Pimkie
white crochet jumper - H&M
A-line skirt - Moschino (Cheap And Chic)
leopard tote - FOSSIL
tights - Primark
red striped VANS

Well, excuse the stain. It could also seem like I'm such a business/statistics/maths person due to the print. But no. I still study language science hahaha.

I really like the slit and those tiny pockets!

Photos taken by my friend Julia :)

Now I'm off to edit the vlog after a very long and very busy week. Tomorrow I'll be working all day long, so I won't have much time off either.

Hope you're all doing well and having a nice Friday night!
Don't forget to check out the vlog!



Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My OOTD: Park With My Friend

Good morning!
Yesterday I had French at Uni and afterwards I met up with my friend Nicole. We haven't seen eachother in ages and we decided it was time for a catch-up. First we went to Starbucks and since it wasn't cold and autumny outside, we went for tasty Refreshas instead of hot coffee. We sat there for quite a while, chatting away and it was just so nice! I really missed all of my girlfriends when I was away.
Then we decided to go for a walk and we actually really walked far! We also had some tasty icecream and I think this might have been my last icecream of the year? (Well, real icecream)
Once we came to "Burggarten", which is a pretty park in pretty much the centre of Vienna ( look it up online! :D ), we again sat down and enjoyed the sunshine and peace.
When it started to get dark we went on to the city centre and also had a stroll around there, watching all the street musicians and looking at all the pretty shop windows. It was a really nice day.
When I came home it was pitch black outside and I really thought it was already 10 at night when it wasn't even 8.

And here's what I wore :)
( Photos are taken by my lovely friend Nicole! )

snuggly cape - TkMaxx
skinny jeans - H&M
leopard tote - FOSSIL
leather flats - Lasocki
watch - Swatch
top - I seriously don't know where I got this from cause I cut out the tag since the top is totally seethrough.
nude top - Matalan

( I was wearing a nude top underneath cause it's pretty tricky to wear this cute top without looking bad.)

My current Uni bag is this one ( let me know if you want to see a "what's in my bag" video), and those are the shoes I'm wearing nearly every day now. They are really comfy and soft, so they don't give me any blisters, and somehow all of my other shoes do at the moment,

The light was absolutely beautiful there and I wish I had my big camera with me!

For my make-up I used all the usual products, plus the darker eyeshadow from my Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette.

Have a nice day everyone!
I need to dry my hair and get ready for the day because I have Uni and afterwards I need to get some French books.



Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Favourite Autumn Eye Shadows

You probably know that I am not much of an eyeshadow person when it comes to everyday make-up.
However, autumn made me feel like I need to wear more make-up to add some colour to the grey, blurry days.

So I actually started using eyeshadow pretty often now, even though it takes me such a long time to get ready in the mornings.

I got to love my Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette,and also the Maybelline New York Eyestudio Intense Chic Palette in 01 Vivid Pinks. Apart from powder shadows, I also spoke about my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks (Sand Dune & Violet Plum) in my latest make-up video, as well as my September Favourites.

First of all I need to say that their packagings already look so nice and they are just exactly what I need. No unnecessary shades that I would ignore because I wouldn't like them. 
I love that both palettes are created the way that they already have all shadows needed to create a lot of different looks without having to use other additional shadows. Which also makes them very practical for traveling.
The Naked On The Run palette has two matte shadows and three very shimmery ones, plus a base shadow, which can also be used as a highlighter.
The shadows are called: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050( the big light shade).
I love using the first two and the last one together for example, or I use the Bobbi Brown stick in the beige shade called Sand Dune and then add the first and last shade on top. There's just so many possible options.

Also, using the Maybelline palette, which consists of light pink to purple shadows, I like to use the purple Bobbi Brown stick as well,  to line my eyes or to add a darker colour to the crease or outer corners of the eyes when trying to attempt a kind of smokey eye.

Having those two little palettes, plus the two shadow sticks I feel like I'm pretty much prepared for Autumn make-up looks.

What do you think about the colours? Aren't they just pretty??



Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello October! ( First Day Of Uni & OOTD)

This October is kind of an interesting one.
It is already Autumn, you can really feel it. It is still pretty warm with plenty of sunshine, but I'm sure this will probably change in some weeks too. ( Halloween is also pretty soon, but I don't really mind that if I'm honest.)
All the leaves are starting to fall to the ground, which makes me sad because I know after that the trees will be so dark and the whole world around us will be just dark for the next few months.

But that is just one of the changes.

A different thing is that today I had my first ever day of Uni and this is a big thing. I went there, not really knowing where the building is, using Google Maps and saw other people doing this too, so I knew straight away they were just as confused as me.
When I finally reached the building, everyone was trying to figure out where to go next. And then I saw my friend from school. I was so greatful for this because now I knew I wasn't alone in this mess, I had someone I know, someone I could stick to really. The two of us went to the big hall and found some seats for us. There were about 400 students in the hall I'd say. It was so loud at first and once the lecture was over. It was so annoying when the whole row had to stand up and tuck their bellies in to let other through because they needed to go to the toilet or God knows where else. It was all so new and so different. We were pretty confused because the lecturer was just talking about thing we'd never heard before in our lives and this was a bit scary. I wasn't sure anymore whether this is actually what I expected it to be.
But after 3,5 hours I think we finished and I was glad I could stand up because from all that sitting, my bum was already hurting. ( Weird, I know.)
I also tried to take as many notes as possible and was pretty disappointed because he was just talking way to fast and there is no chance you could listen, understand and write down everything at the same time, for about 4 hours. All of the material we covered is online, but still, he was explaining things in a different way too and maybe he talked about something that actually isn't online - which stresses me out just now.
Tomorrow I'll have the next part of this lecture and apparently this Saturday is the last session of it and then I won't have it anymore, but I can't come on Saturday anyways. So tomorrow I will go there too and then I have work on Saturday. The only day I have off now is Sunday, when I can't even go out to town here in Vienna. But well.

I came home, ate something and had to pick up my brother at 3. We came back and I quickly checked if this Uni stuff is online, but I found it so it's all good.
Soon I have to leave and go there again because there is gonna be some information for freshers, which I think I really need because at the moment I feel very confused and I basically don't understand anything about the whole system.

So that's all the impressions of my first pretty chaotic, but alright day at Uni. Let me know if you are new to uni too and what you think about it!

Also, here's what I wore after uni ( I only had a different bag and different shoes on plus a scarf in the morning)

faux leather jacket - Pimkie
black crochet cardigan - H&M
black crop top - Stradivarius
high waisted jeans - Topshop
bag - Nica
cut out shoes - ASOS
sunglasses - Love Moschino