Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello October! ( First Day Of Uni & OOTD)

This October is kind of an interesting one.
It is already Autumn, you can really feel it. It is still pretty warm with plenty of sunshine, but I'm sure this will probably change in some weeks too. ( Halloween is also pretty soon, but I don't really mind that if I'm honest.)
All the leaves are starting to fall to the ground, which makes me sad because I know after that the trees will be so dark and the whole world around us will be just dark for the next few months.

But that is just one of the changes.

A different thing is that today I had my first ever day of Uni and this is a big thing. I went there, not really knowing where the building is, using Google Maps and saw other people doing this too, so I knew straight away they were just as confused as me.
When I finally reached the building, everyone was trying to figure out where to go next. And then I saw my friend from school. I was so greatful for this because now I knew I wasn't alone in this mess, I had someone I know, someone I could stick to really. The two of us went to the big hall and found some seats for us. There were about 400 students in the hall I'd say. It was so loud at first and once the lecture was over. It was so annoying when the whole row had to stand up and tuck their bellies in to let other through because they needed to go to the toilet or God knows where else. It was all so new and so different. We were pretty confused because the lecturer was just talking about thing we'd never heard before in our lives and this was a bit scary. I wasn't sure anymore whether this is actually what I expected it to be.
But after 3,5 hours I think we finished and I was glad I could stand up because from all that sitting, my bum was already hurting. ( Weird, I know.)
I also tried to take as many notes as possible and was pretty disappointed because he was just talking way to fast and there is no chance you could listen, understand and write down everything at the same time, for about 4 hours. All of the material we covered is online, but still, he was explaining things in a different way too and maybe he talked about something that actually isn't online - which stresses me out just now.
Tomorrow I'll have the next part of this lecture and apparently this Saturday is the last session of it and then I won't have it anymore, but I can't come on Saturday anyways. So tomorrow I will go there too and then I have work on Saturday. The only day I have off now is Sunday, when I can't even go out to town here in Vienna. But well.

I came home, ate something and had to pick up my brother at 3. We came back and I quickly checked if this Uni stuff is online, but I found it so it's all good.
Soon I have to leave and go there again because there is gonna be some information for freshers, which I think I really need because at the moment I feel very confused and I basically don't understand anything about the whole system.

So that's all the impressions of my first pretty chaotic, but alright day at Uni. Let me know if you are new to uni too and what you think about it!

Also, here's what I wore after uni ( I only had a different bag and different shoes on plus a scarf in the morning)

faux leather jacket - Pimkie
black crochet cardigan - H&M
black crop top - Stradivarius
high waisted jeans - Topshop
bag - Nica
cut out shoes - ASOS
sunglasses - Love Moschino


  1. Ohh I remember my first day at uni, it was completely chaotic, too, but it was nice to meet so many new people. =) Remember, everyone's a newbie, and everyone's a little confused, but also eager to make friends! Love the outfit btw. x x x

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