Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How I Fill In My Eyebrows

Hello everyone!
I have such complicated eyebrows that I basically have to fill them in every day to achieve a nicer shape ( which also makes my whole face look better). Since I also have hooded eyelids, an arched brow helps my face look more lifted and awake I think.

The problem is that the first halves of my brows grow quickly and they get pretty wide, whereas the second halves are just a single line of light hair, which in total looks very weird: thick-thin. That's all.
For this reason I have to fill in, or I'd already say draw on those parts to not look like I've overplucked my eyebrows or something. They just don't grow there and it's a shame.

To fill them in I got myself a beautyuk High Brow Kit from Superdrug, about a year ago I believe. However, only recently I've found a way to make my brows look good/alright.

I use the middle shade.

I try to focus more on the second halves of the brows, as I already said before, because they are the main problem. I start with the bottom edge and just define it, make the lower line a tiny bit longer and then I continue with the top edge: I draw a line from about 2-3mm higher than my brow actually is to create an arch, and I try to draw a straight-ish line down to the first line I've done. I connect them and fill in the space they surround. Of course I sometimes have to take off some of the top part because I've drawn the arch too harsh and my brow looks like this ^. I get really angry when I do my brows because I know that most of the time they still don't look the way I'd like to.
After finishing off the main bits, I add some colour to the inner parts of the eyebrows so that they have an even colour throughout.

Then I'm pretty  much ready.
What I do when taking off my make-up before bed time is leaving the eyebrows drawn on. Maybe it sounds weird but of I take the brow powder off completely, I'd have no idea how to get a similar shape done the next day and I'd freak out.

If I see hair growing back, I only pluck the ones that are outside my drawn-on-brows, so I don't even try to pluck the hair that I actually need to grow.

And what I also wanted to say is that of course you can see that they are filled in and not all natural. But it definitely looks better than the 90's brows. I think.
The brow powder wears off during the day and also at night, so you can see that the filled in arch part is already a bit lighter now than it was when I did my make-up.

Let me know if you have any useful tips for growing eyebrows faster (I also use castor oil from time to time, but it didn't help much so far).




  1. I have such eyebrow envy of yours. I love them. I need mine to hurry up and grow

    Lauren x |

  2. Brows on point! They look amazing. I'm still trying to find a color that really matches my skin and hair color, since I'm a blonde :-)

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      I'm sure it's more difficult when you have lighter hair :( I wish you good luck! :) I'm sure you'll find something nice :)

  3. lovely makeup girl! wld love it if u dropped by!

  4. Twoje brwi są cudowne, wyglądasz pięknie :)