Saturday, 31 May 2014

Not getting enough of shoes and bags?!

Hello everyone!
Today is such a nice day, it finally got warmer again and I woke up early in the morning because my dad, brother and I decided to go and spend some time together, we went to shops and I got two really nice things I would like to show.  As you may already expect from the title: yes, I got a new bag and new shoes. To be honest, I was desperately trying to find these shoes for ages already and never found them, and today was the day I finally found my size. I totally love Vans and I always try to have at least one pair of them at home ( don't ask me why, it just became a habit over the last years). Since my black Vans got some holes already and I can't really show them too much anymore, I decided to buy a new pair of Vans and I got a liiittle bit crazy. However, I thought this pair would be fun for summer and I just went for it.

I bought neon pink Vans and they look so cool! I can't wait wearing them in summer when I will have tanned legs because I think that it will look so nice then.

And the next thing is a gift from my dad and I am so happy about it! It is a bag from Fossil and it looks so beautiful to me. I will sit down and throw all the other bags away that I definitely don't use anymore because now I have everything I need I think.

This beautiful bag you can find here if you are interested

I am really really happy that I got this bag and I hope that I will keep it for a long time. It is not too big and not too small so I think it is perfect for College (as I am not going to go to school anymore), town or a day out somewhere.

All pictures were taken with the new Canon camera and I think it is just amazing!



Friday, 30 May 2014

Camera unboxing and first pictures

So today my new camera finally arrived!
I am so excited and so happy that I bought it because I think that it was worth it. Of course we will see once I try it out outdoors and so on, but by now I have a good feeling about it.
What I really wanted was a camera that would focus on its own. The Nikon D5100 doesn't have this option, which means that filming and walking could be sometimes tricky. But the Canon Powershot S110 is focussing all the time and that's cool. Also, I zhink that it somehow looks so elegant but on the other hand also very simple. It has a touch screen that you can also use if you want to, the camera turns on and off very quickly and you just need to press one button for a second and you can start filming.
The only bad thing I have heard about it is that the batteries tend to run out of power quite quickly so I decided to buy an extra one just to have one in case soemthing goes wrong. I also bought a cute felt case because the one I bought on the internet didn't arrive yet and I just think that it would be good to keep the camera safe, you know. What I need to buy as soon as possible is a memory card with more memory because I just took one out of my old camera and it has only 1 GB of space. Also, my dearest boyfriend told me to buy some screen protection and I definetely need to because as it is a touch screen and you will use it often, I don't really want it to get damaged.

 (Sorry for that, I don't know why it tilts on its own when I upload it)
These are all the things I have now.

And here is a picture I took with the camera.

Does someone have this camera as well? I would be happy if you told me something about it! :)



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Friends meet up


In two hours I will go to my friend Nina's house because some of our class mates (which eans also my most beautiful girls <3 ) are going to be there and I just thought it would be nice to go and see them as we don't really have the opportunity anymore to see each other very often at this moment. Also, once school is finished I will be off to Poland and then straight afterwards I will be heading to Scotland, which means that we won't see each other for a longer time.

The weather is horrible, it is just grey and totally raining and I am not too sure about what the next month will look like. I mean it is summer nearly and the weather is still not really summery.

Also, if you're wondering, I had no lessons today and also I won't have any tomorrow because we have some celebration day and my school is always closed on these days. This means that I'm having a 4-day-weekend and I hope that I will learn a lot.

PS: I am wondering why my nose got so ugly over the last few years.



Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May favourites


May is already coming to an end and this means favourites time again! This time I also decided to do the first non-beauty favourites entry so that you can see what else I like apart from beauty products!
Today I will start with the beauty products and on Friday or Saturday I will show the non-beauty things.

The Kaufmann's cream  has been my favourite lip product this month. I have used so much of it already because it really keeps my lips soft and they are finally not chapped. I always have this with me and I just love it! I started using the Oriflame eye crayon on an everyday basis now and I just think that the shimmery gold colour looks very pretty with my dark brown eyes. Also the Dior lash plumping serum has been one of my best friends this month. It makes ma lashes longer and thicker and my eyes just look more awake.

The shimmery Inglot lipgloss is always in my bag and I just love how moisturising it is, how nice it smells and how interesting it looks like. As I tried to get some tan already I used the Piz Buin tan&protect sun spray. I totally love the smell of this product and I could wear this as a perfume! It is such a perfect summer scent and I just love using it. Also, since my Estée Lauder mascara is now empty, I started using the Rimmel Scandaleyes one that I got for Christmas. I like using it and I don't know what mascara would make ny lashes look better. It is quite cheap so I think that as long as I don't find anything better I will keep repurchasing this one. And lately I finally bought myself a compressed powder from Aok and I am really glad I got it. It mattifies my face very nicely, but it isn't really visible on my skin, which is also very good.

Also, my mum boguht the Ziaja shower gel with cocoa butter. The smell is AMAZING! And the consistency is so creamy and oh dear. Awesome product overall! It is a 500ml bottle, which is also nice because it will (hopefully) stay for longer. 
When I first started shaving my legs I was using the Veet shaving creams and sprays. Then it started annoying me because it would take too much time to get ready. Now however, I tried it on my thighs and I need to say that it worked really well there and my skin was so soft afterwards that I think I will start using this again. 

And also my much loved Garnier Body lotion I first bought in Edinburgh and repurchased it in Vienna later on. It is totally what I needed and I am just so happy that I found this. I somehow used so much already!

If you want to know what my non-beauty favourites are, don't forget to come back the next days! :)



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Can't get enough!

Hi guys!

It is so late now and i didn't manage to post earlier! I cam home after 5pm and had to study, wash my hair and so on and I just had no time to write.
I also went to the shop and spotted new Haribo's, which was very exciting and of course I had to buy them!

Nope, not too much if you ask me. I can eat one pack of them in probably 15 minutes. 

Look at them! They look soooo good! And they taste so cool! One of the bears is always sweet and the other one is sour (and I really like sour sweets!)

I am still waiting for my camera, and I just hope that it will arrive! :D
Sadly, I have so many things to study that I don't even know if I will be able to try the camera out properly before leaving for holidays.

I am currently trying to open Youtube and Facebook, but my internet went crazy yesterday and now nothing is working, but yes, I can upload this post, which is even more crazy.
 Once school is over I will be able to upload so many exciting posts, I will carry my new camera around with us( Eryk and me <3) everywhere and we will take many pictures and hopefully do fun things and I will also try to structure this blog somehow so you can enjoy it more!



Monday, 26 May 2014

Good products under 10£


Today I wanted to finish the short series of good products that don't cost too much and today I want to show you thing s you can get in the UK. Of course, these will be the things I managed to buy during my stays or that I got from my boyfriend and that fit into the price range.

1) Soap&Glory Foam call: This shower gel is so amazing! It is a bottle of 500ml and I have been using mine since Christmas, and there is still more than half of it left. The smell is so unusual and so good that I just love using it for this reason. It doesn't really foam up too much as you could expect from the name, but the smell is just fabulous. Also it is very handy with the little pump, which I also love when such products have them. Also, you need just a small amount of the gel to get clean and that's why I still have so much of it!
You can get it in Boots for 6,50£. If you want to buy it in Austria, it is only available in Douglas (as far as I have seen!) and it costs about 10 Euros.

2) Soap&Glory The daily soothe: Alright, so I am not that much a bath person, I prefer taking showers but as I have this bath float I just had to find a way I would use it. As my toe nails are growing into my skin, they need to get cut out on the sides every two weeks. In order to make this less painful, I need a foot bath to make my skin softer. Because of this I have used like half of the float already. It makes such a nice foam and the smell again is just awesome!  In Boots you can get it for 8£, which is quite pricey I think, but if you don't use half of it at once, it should be alright.

3) Soap&Glory hand food: This is probably the best hand cream I have ever had! It has again such a  nice smell! It isn't sticky or too liquidy on your hands, a small drop of the cream will be enough to moisturise your hands and it will keep them hydrated for a long time. Also the package of it is so amazing! The colour looks so cute! It costs 6,50£.

4) Cussons Carex Strawberry Candy: This soap is like the best one in the world! Again the smell is amazing and you can still smell it after you dry your hands and it is perfect for kids, so it doesn't have a strange aggressive smell, like the smell of something that makes you clean, if you know what I mean.
I didn't buy it in the UK yet, but I have found this in Poland in Tesco. In the UK you can find this sop from 1£  already! I know that our house will be full of these!

5) Bourjois Bronzing Powder: I got this one from Poland, but planned on buying it in Scotland last year. In Boots you can find it for about 7£ I believe and it smells like chocolate. It has such a nice pigmentation I think. I really enjoy using this bronzer and especially in the summer, when I am a bit tanned, it is amazing. Also how it looks like, is so adorable! It looks like a little book and when you open it you find the bronzer and some history about it. I will definitely return to this bronzer if I finish it.

6) Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-licious: This hair oil actually saved my hair because it is soooo frizzy when I blow dry it! And I just wanted to try something out and this one turned to work very well on my hair. It has argan oil and it really makes your hair more sleek, even though it makes it greasy faster than it would get usually. However, I am so relieved that I have bought this in April in Boots, and it was on sale for 2£  I believe. It is also in a small handy bottle and it would be nice for taking it with you, but this is not a good idea if you can't wash your hands afterwards. Always wash them because everything will be oily!

These were the British products I have here and that I like, I hope that you liked this post!
Don't forgert to follow me on Google+ and Bloglovin, to comment or recommend my blog to your friends! :*



Sunday, 25 May 2014



Sadly the week ends already and my finals are getting closer and closer. But on the other hand, they will come so quickly that they will be over soon and the adventure will begin!
Because of that I finally decided to buy myself a camera. Yes, a new one. I already have a pink digital camera, but somehow it got sooooo bad that it is just laying around in a drawer. The pictures always turn out orange and I don't know why, it was quite good when I bought it about 5 years ago.
I also have big camera, the one that Eryk bought, the Nikon D5100. I love this camera and I am happy that we have it, but if you want to take pictures on the go, it won't be the best camera for carrying around all day long. It is perfect for taking pictures on long trips or around the house, in the garden and everywhere you stay, but as I said, it is quite big and heavy so you don't want to carry it everywhere with you. Because of this reason, I found a compact camera on Amazon that is said to be quite good, especially for filming, so I thought that I would buy it myself from my birthday money. I wanted to start doing vlogs once I arrive in Scotland and I believe it is the best solution. It should arrive this week and I really hope it will! I also bought an extra battery and also a camera bag sort of thing to keep it safe. The battery is said to arrive this week as well, but the battery should be here in early June, which quite annoys me, but alright. As long as everything arrives in my house I will be happy.
We will see how the camera will be and I really hope that it will be worth the money, because I also could have spent it on things when I move out or something, but it was really important for me to get this camera.
Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Oh, and we also finally managed to book ALL the tickets! The journey will begin so soon! I can't even believe it!

I took this picture today with out Nikon D80. So summery finally!

And here I am casually standing in front of McDonald's after a nice McFlurry with Bounty. Oh yeah.



Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good products from 5 to 10€


Yesterday it was so hot outside that I was taking a sunbath on the balcony. At night it was so stormy that I thought that there will be water everywhere! And in the morning it was very warm again, but windy. However, we had breakfast on the balcony and it was alright until about 4pm. Then the storm came back and the amount of water coming down was just insane! And after that the sun came out again, there are only thin and very little clouds and yeah. Everything is calm again. What is this?! Is this normal?
I want it to be warm and it should stay this way, summer is nearly here and I want to enjoy my time outside on the balcony at least (as I need to study so much that I am even scared to go out for an hour).

But now over to the topic. Yesterday I showed you good product that cost less than 5  and today I would like to show you some of them that are a bit more expensive but do not cost more than 10.

1) Essie nail polishes: As you can see I have 5 of them at the moment (another one was in an empties post already). They cost about 8, which is definitely not cheap and it quite annoys me, but sometimes I am lucky to find a special offer and try to buy them then. The colours are so nice! However, As you can see I own only one darker colour. All of the others are pastels and lighter shades. The problem with these ones is that you need more coats. The purple and beige one need just two, whereas the turqouise and the light blue need 3 to look really pretty on your nails. I think that they last a bit longer than most cheaper nail polishes, but in my case there is not really a difference because I always paint my nails in the evening and when I come home next day they are already chipped.( Well done!)

2) Aok First beauty matte compact powder: I bought this one lately because I had no powder and just felt like I need one again. It costs 6 but to try it out I was lucky enough that it was on sale for only 2! It really makes your skin matte and I was surprised that it was that good! I just used it twice I believe and I hope that it will stay as nice as it is now! There was a small pad, which you can use to apply the powder but I prefer using a brush for this. 

3) Adidas Happy Game body fragrance: Alright, so this is my all-time favourite fragrance and I am happy when I have it at home, even though I use the Escada-Cherry in the air currently. This one smells like lemon grass ( something like Elizabeth Arden-Green tea, that I have also already had and loved). It smells so refreshing and is just perfect for the summer. I believe that I bought my first bottle of this in Poland, then it was finally available in Austria, bought two more bottles and then I just couldn't find it anymore. I was so angry because I didn't know what perfume to use instead. But one day we went to the Designer Outlet Parndorf and I went straight ahead to the Adidas shop and found this bottle there. This bottle costed 5 there, but in a regular shop this size was about 12. I was quite silly that I didn't take more of them...

4) Piz Buin Tan&Protect tan intesifying sun spray: This sun spray has such an AMAZING smell that it kills me every time I smell it. Seriously, it is the smell definition of summer for me and it reminds me of nice beach days. It is a creamy spray, it absorbs very quickly and is not sticky. It is said to intensify the tanning process, but I get a tanline after 30 Minutes in the sun anyways. I usually never use sun sprays or creams, but this one.. HELL YEAH! The SPF is also only 15, so not too bad and I am just happy to own this spray in summer. I don't know how much it costs but probably something about 8 to 10.

5) Garnier Body Intensive 7 days ultra replenishing lotion: I love this body lotion. Trust me, I have never had a better lotion, and I have bought probably 50 different ones already in my life. I wrote about this product in the Edinburgh haul and I am just obsessed with it. The smell is amazing, it contains shea butter, probiotics and it makes my skin so soft! This is a 400ml bottle and costs 6.

These were the things I would like to recommend to you and maybe you already know them and also love them just as much as I do!



Friday, 23 May 2014

Good products under 5 €


Today I thought I would show you products that cost less than 5  and that are working really well.

Also, I would do a post with products from 5 to 10  and maybe products from 10 to 20 . After that I would also want to show things that cost less than 10£ ,because I also have some of them.
I am a person that likes to try out cheaper things before I buy more expensive ones, however these are the products I would buy again and again.

1) My Face Yound Matt Finish Shine-Control sheets: The name of it tells everything about the product, it has  a handy pocket, so that you can take it with you if you feel like it. It contains 50 sheets, you just press them onto your oily face parts and you are ready to go! I love this product and I will surely buy it again as it really works for me and especially in summer it is a must-have in my beauty products collection. It costs something over 1 so it is really affordable and worth the price.

2) Kiko Nail laquer: These nail polishes are just amazing! They have such a nice colour, have a nice brush, you don't need many layers, mostly just one, and you are done! Also, there are soooooo many different colours you can choose from and I just went for this turqouise-greeny one. It is number 343. This one costed 3 I believe and I just think for that price they are really doing a great job!

3) Catrice Ultimate Nail laquer: Also these nail polishes are good. They don't last that long, but you need only one layer and your nails will look pretty already. The brush is very easy to apply the polish on with and the colours are also very beautiful. This polish costs about 2,50  I believe and it's also a reasonable price I think.

4) Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair repair with liquid particles: This is a hair oil/spray conditioner that I wanted to try out and I am really happy with how it works. You just need to shake it until the two different liquids mix together and then you just need to spray a little bit on your hair before drying them. This is a 200ml bottle and I have been using it for some months already and there is still like 2/3 of it in the bottle. I can' remember how much this costs but I think something about 4. It makes my hair look prettier, and I just started using the Nashi Argan spray conditioner, which is very good but it makes my hair greasy more quickly than the Gliss Kur one.

5) Penaten baby oil: This is a 500 ml bottle and I just apply it generously on my skin after getting out of the shower every evening. It makes my skin very soft and it looks so much healthier. It says that there is nothing inside that could give you an allergic reaction which is also very nice because my skin tends to be very delicate sometimes and I have to be careful with skin products I use.
This isn't too cheap because it costs 4,50 but it lasts for probably 3 months I'd say. It however does a good job so I'll keep buying it (at least as long as I am in Austria, but probably this bottle will last until I move out anyways).

6) Kaufmanns skin and baby cream: This tin contains 30 ml of an awesome cream that helps when you have dry,chapped or sensitive skin. I have dry skin, but for this I use the Penaten oil. This cream however, I use for my dry lips and I totally love it! It really is a good option, definitely better than any lip balm. Some of you may say it is unhygenic because you need to use your finger to apply it and that dirt gets in, but I always use it after I wash my hands so I think that it is alright. You also don't need too much of it, because otherwise it will may your lips white, but you can apply a thicker layer at night if you like to have soft lips in the mornings. This costs just over 1 and will last for some months as well and I am really happy that I tried this one out.

7) Essence kajal pencil: This pencil is really black and not just dark grey. (I have experienced this with Dior kajal pencils which annoyed me a lot. Also the Dior ones are too hard to apply it on the waterline in my opinion) but this pencil is very soft and it works really well. I have oily skin, which means that if I draw some cat flicks with a pencil, it will melt away in about an hour or so, it will be everywhere! That's why I use liquid eyeliner for lines on my upper eyelid. This one however, I like to use under my lower lashes to define my eyes a bit and there it stays for the whole day. It costs just over 1 again, and lasts for probably a year if not longer.

These were all the things I could find in this price range, I really like this products and maybe some of you also have them and also are happy about how they work. Of course, not all products work on everybody the same, but these ones are worth trying out I think.



Thursday, 22 May 2014


Today is a beautiful day, the temperature is just perfect an I am happy.

 I was quite sleepy after school somehow, had a nap, woke up and needed something good to eat. I couldn't resist and went to the supermarket to buy myself something nice.

Now the day can slowly come to an end. Thank you. Goodbye.



Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sunshine makes life better


Today I had only one hour of school, which was great, especially because the weather is amazing today! It is about 25 degrees outside, but the sun is so hot that you could get a nice tan probably.
I decided to lay down a bit on the balcony to enjoy the sun and fell asleep for about 40 minutes. It was so warm and relaxing! I can't wait to go to Poland because I thought that it would be maybe a good idea to wake up earlier and have a nice sunbathe for an hour a day or so. If we won't be completely running out of time I will surely do this!
Another great thing is that I got into College! I am so relieved and so happy, but still can't really realise! I just hope that they won't tell me suddenly that they don't want me anymore. :D

Got some dresses prepared. Wore th purple one today <3

Smiley smiley :D

My slippers are everywhere I go!

Finally our flowers started growing :D

And they look so pretty!

Enjoy your day people! :*



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My OOTD 28: Warm day again!

Today I can really say that summer is finally back!
Today it is super sunny and so warm that I went to school with tights and took them off as soon as I arrived there.
This weather makes me happy and I just want to go on summer holidays and enjoy my time already.
Sadly, I have to wait 33 more days for this to happen. However, I should somehow enjoy these days because these are the last 33 days at home!
Probably a week before going to Poland I should pack my bags and prepare everything I want to take with me. Oh god, this is getting real!

Alright, so I wanted to show you my outfit and not telling you what is going to happen next month!

I wore my white cardigan that I bought last winter because I just needed one.. 
I also wore my Lasocki shoes. (you can't see them in the picture- the bear slippers are WAY cooler!)

I put on my beautifully patterned dress with a cute collar that I bought in TkMaxx. I swear- this is going to be the shop I will go to the next day I arrive in Scotland! There are so many dresses that I nearly died there!

I also had my Swatch watch, which I think looks cute and is just handy.

And I didn't photograph the bag anymore, but it was the GABS bag I was carrying around today :)

I hope the weather is also nice where you live and that you can enjoy it!



Monday, 19 May 2014

Empty products!


Since the sun is up for a much longer time now, and this is good so, I am quite confused. I have no idea what time it is because it is not getting dark until probably 9pm. I love summer but this is confusin my brain during the first longer days. So now it is nearly 8 am and I just found some time to do this entry. It will be about the used products again and I didn't have many of them, only six this time!

Quite strange that 5 out of 6 products are blue!

I found this baby oil in a drawer in the bathroom and have been using it on my skin right after taking a shower. I have been doing this every evening and I just love how it helped my skin getting softer and finally more hydrated. After I finished this bottle I bought another one (about 4,50 Euros) Two days ago I found another bottle at home that I could have used before buying another 500ml. But I will use it anyways so no worries!

The head&shoulders shampoos are really in all of my empties posts because I always use them. This time I found this bottle with the green front and it is sait to be kind to your skin and it smells quite nice. I will still be using these shampoos until moving to Scotland so:

I also showed this product once already and at first I was really pleased that it was working so well but after a week or so it doesn't do anything to my skin anymore really and it disappointed me quite a lot. This is the second bottle and it somehow was so watery that it had no function at all! I think that it is not worth the price, in my case at least.

I actually wrote a blog post about this product here if you want to see it. I was curious and got them, tried them out and was disappointed. there are 3 strips inside and they just don't work for me at all. I couldn't find positive things for this actually- read more in the blog post about this!

Also this product is one that I show you every time I do the empties entry! I just love these wipes, they are the best I have ever tried and I hope that I will find good ones in Scotland as I don't like using liquid make up removers every evening.

And the last product for today is this little eye kajal pencil that I have been using for a looooooooooong time. However lately I wanted to sharpen it and it just broke every single time I tried and then I just gave up. This pencil has nice pigmentation so it is really black and not grey on your eyelids and it is also soft and doesn't hurt when you apply it. Now I got a new one and maybe you have seen it in one of the latest post.

That was everything for today! I am not sure when I will upload a next empties post but we'll see :)



Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beauty products storage


Today I decided to show you how I store all my beauty things, or at least most of them.
I don't have all of my thing in one place and I won't be trying to do this anymore as soon i will be packing for summer and packing for moving out, so there is no point in organising everything again. I already have a plan how I will store all these things when I move to Scotland, and of course, there will be an update of this entry! :)

Alright, let's start with the bathroom, as here I store most of my things. These things are the ones I use on an everyday-basis.

In these metal pots I have my lipsticks, lipglosses and also my mascaras, brushes, concealers and all the other things you can see. There is also my bronzer laying around loosely as I have no idea where to put it instead.

In the other corner we have the liquids as you can see. My soap that I like to use, my peeling, perfume, hair conditioner, my Bioderma and my actual body lotion.
In the first picture you can also see that above I keep my face cream, my hair oil and also my deodorant, mattifying sheets and some other smaller things.

Over in my room I have a metal storage thing where I keep the rest. Here you can see two pretty boxes (and yes, I store everything in pretty boxes and tins!) and two creams and two little cork plates I got from Edinburgh.

In this pink box there was a beautiful candle once and now you can find all my lip care products inside.

In this tin someone from my family got a watch once and now I store my nail polishes inside. These are not all of the ones I have, but the ones I use most.

On the other side I have again bigger things, which are the liquids. In the back I have two hair conditioners that I don't use currently because I am using the one from Nashi Argan which you can find in the bathroom picture. I also have my hair accesories I had on my prom, a comb that I never use, a new hair conditioner that I want to try out once my current móne is empty. Also you can see a new baby oil (and I just found another bottle at home!) , a volumising spray for your hair that I also used for my prom hair and sometimes afterwards, a dry shampoo from Batiste that I use sometimes, a small perfume, my box that I carry around in my bag and a cute pocket mirror.

These are all the things I wanted to show you, if you have any ideas how I can store some things in my new house ( I will have a make up table there) then let me know! :)

Have a good start into another week! :)