Monday, 5 May 2014

German final exam done!

Hello everybody!
Today I had my last German exam which lasted for 5 hours! Actually, I started writing at 7:45 and basically finished at 9. However, I read my text over and over again, to make sure that I have no mistkaes, or at least less than I maybe did in the beginning. I also changed some smaller parts and then I needed to copy the whole text on another sheet. After that I still had more than two hours time and everyone was still writing! I was really scared that I forgot something or I don't know what, but I did the task that was supposed to be done! I wrote quite a lot, more than 900 words, and my hand was so sore! I thought that I wouldn't be able to continue writing, but somehow I did it. I left 25 minutes before the end, so I nearly stayed throghout the whole final exam.
Now I don't really feel different, but I just finished one part of my Matura! Tomorrow I'll have English and on Friday Maths and then I'm going to have a long break to prepare myself for the oral exams in June.

Now I'll revise some more English and Maths afterwards, so bye! :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow's exam and I hope that you did well if you had an exam too! :)



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