Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Can't get enough!

Hi guys!

It is so late now and i didn't manage to post earlier! I cam home after 5pm and had to study, wash my hair and so on and I just had no time to write.
I also went to the shop and spotted new Haribo's, which was very exciting and of course I had to buy them!

Nope, not too much if you ask me. I can eat one pack of them in probably 15 minutes. 

Look at them! They look soooo good! And they taste so cool! One of the bears is always sweet and the other one is sour (and I really like sour sweets!)

I am still waiting for my camera, and I just hope that it will arrive! :D
Sadly, I have so many things to study that I don't even know if I will be able to try the camera out properly before leaving for holidays.

I am currently trying to open Youtube and Facebook, but my internet went crazy yesterday and now nothing is working, but yes, I can upload this post, which is even more crazy.
 Once school is over I will be able to upload so many exciting posts, I will carry my new camera around with us( Eryk and me <3) everywhere and we will take many pictures and hopefully do fun things and I will also try to structure this blog somehow so you can enjoy it more!



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