Friday, 23 May 2014

Good products under 5 €


Today I thought I would show you products that cost less than 5  and that are working really well.

Also, I would do a post with products from 5 to 10  and maybe products from 10 to 20 . After that I would also want to show things that cost less than 10£ ,because I also have some of them.
I am a person that likes to try out cheaper things before I buy more expensive ones, however these are the products I would buy again and again.

1) My Face Yound Matt Finish Shine-Control sheets: The name of it tells everything about the product, it has  a handy pocket, so that you can take it with you if you feel like it. It contains 50 sheets, you just press them onto your oily face parts and you are ready to go! I love this product and I will surely buy it again as it really works for me and especially in summer it is a must-have in my beauty products collection. It costs something over 1 so it is really affordable and worth the price.

2) Kiko Nail laquer: These nail polishes are just amazing! They have such a nice colour, have a nice brush, you don't need many layers, mostly just one, and you are done! Also, there are soooooo many different colours you can choose from and I just went for this turqouise-greeny one. It is number 343. This one costed 3 I believe and I just think for that price they are really doing a great job!

3) Catrice Ultimate Nail laquer: Also these nail polishes are good. They don't last that long, but you need only one layer and your nails will look pretty already. The brush is very easy to apply the polish on with and the colours are also very beautiful. This polish costs about 2,50  I believe and it's also a reasonable price I think.

4) Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair repair with liquid particles: This is a hair oil/spray conditioner that I wanted to try out and I am really happy with how it works. You just need to shake it until the two different liquids mix together and then you just need to spray a little bit on your hair before drying them. This is a 200ml bottle and I have been using it for some months already and there is still like 2/3 of it in the bottle. I can' remember how much this costs but I think something about 4. It makes my hair look prettier, and I just started using the Nashi Argan spray conditioner, which is very good but it makes my hair greasy more quickly than the Gliss Kur one.

5) Penaten baby oil: This is a 500 ml bottle and I just apply it generously on my skin after getting out of the shower every evening. It makes my skin very soft and it looks so much healthier. It says that there is nothing inside that could give you an allergic reaction which is also very nice because my skin tends to be very delicate sometimes and I have to be careful with skin products I use.
This isn't too cheap because it costs 4,50 but it lasts for probably 3 months I'd say. It however does a good job so I'll keep buying it (at least as long as I am in Austria, but probably this bottle will last until I move out anyways).

6) Kaufmanns skin and baby cream: This tin contains 30 ml of an awesome cream that helps when you have dry,chapped or sensitive skin. I have dry skin, but for this I use the Penaten oil. This cream however, I use for my dry lips and I totally love it! It really is a good option, definitely better than any lip balm. Some of you may say it is unhygenic because you need to use your finger to apply it and that dirt gets in, but I always use it after I wash my hands so I think that it is alright. You also don't need too much of it, because otherwise it will may your lips white, but you can apply a thicker layer at night if you like to have soft lips in the mornings. This costs just over 1 and will last for some months as well and I am really happy that I tried this one out.

7) Essence kajal pencil: This pencil is really black and not just dark grey. (I have experienced this with Dior kajal pencils which annoyed me a lot. Also the Dior ones are too hard to apply it on the waterline in my opinion) but this pencil is very soft and it works really well. I have oily skin, which means that if I draw some cat flicks with a pencil, it will melt away in about an hour or so, it will be everywhere! That's why I use liquid eyeliner for lines on my upper eyelid. This one however, I like to use under my lower lashes to define my eyes a bit and there it stays for the whole day. It costs just over 1 again, and lasts for probably a year if not longer.

These were all the things I could find in this price range, I really like this products and maybe some of you also have them and also are happy about how they work. Of course, not all products work on everybody the same, but these ones are worth trying out I think.



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