Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good products from 5 to 10€


Yesterday it was so hot outside that I was taking a sunbath on the balcony. At night it was so stormy that I thought that there will be water everywhere! And in the morning it was very warm again, but windy. However, we had breakfast on the balcony and it was alright until about 4pm. Then the storm came back and the amount of water coming down was just insane! And after that the sun came out again, there are only thin and very little clouds and yeah. Everything is calm again. What is this?! Is this normal?
I want it to be warm and it should stay this way, summer is nearly here and I want to enjoy my time outside on the balcony at least (as I need to study so much that I am even scared to go out for an hour).

But now over to the topic. Yesterday I showed you good product that cost less than 5  and today I would like to show you some of them that are a bit more expensive but do not cost more than 10.

1) Essie nail polishes: As you can see I have 5 of them at the moment (another one was in an empties post already). They cost about 8, which is definitely not cheap and it quite annoys me, but sometimes I am lucky to find a special offer and try to buy them then. The colours are so nice! However, As you can see I own only one darker colour. All of the others are pastels and lighter shades. The problem with these ones is that you need more coats. The purple and beige one need just two, whereas the turqouise and the light blue need 3 to look really pretty on your nails. I think that they last a bit longer than most cheaper nail polishes, but in my case there is not really a difference because I always paint my nails in the evening and when I come home next day they are already chipped.( Well done!)

2) Aok First beauty matte compact powder: I bought this one lately because I had no powder and just felt like I need one again. It costs 6 but to try it out I was lucky enough that it was on sale for only 2! It really makes your skin matte and I was surprised that it was that good! I just used it twice I believe and I hope that it will stay as nice as it is now! There was a small pad, which you can use to apply the powder but I prefer using a brush for this. 

3) Adidas Happy Game body fragrance: Alright, so this is my all-time favourite fragrance and I am happy when I have it at home, even though I use the Escada-Cherry in the air currently. This one smells like lemon grass ( something like Elizabeth Arden-Green tea, that I have also already had and loved). It smells so refreshing and is just perfect for the summer. I believe that I bought my first bottle of this in Poland, then it was finally available in Austria, bought two more bottles and then I just couldn't find it anymore. I was so angry because I didn't know what perfume to use instead. But one day we went to the Designer Outlet Parndorf and I went straight ahead to the Adidas shop and found this bottle there. This bottle costed 5 there, but in a regular shop this size was about 12. I was quite silly that I didn't take more of them...

4) Piz Buin Tan&Protect tan intesifying sun spray: This sun spray has such an AMAZING smell that it kills me every time I smell it. Seriously, it is the smell definition of summer for me and it reminds me of nice beach days. It is a creamy spray, it absorbs very quickly and is not sticky. It is said to intensify the tanning process, but I get a tanline after 30 Minutes in the sun anyways. I usually never use sun sprays or creams, but this one.. HELL YEAH! The SPF is also only 15, so not too bad and I am just happy to own this spray in summer. I don't know how much it costs but probably something about 8 to 10.

5) Garnier Body Intensive 7 days ultra replenishing lotion: I love this body lotion. Trust me, I have never had a better lotion, and I have bought probably 50 different ones already in my life. I wrote about this product in the Edinburgh haul and I am just obsessed with it. The smell is amazing, it contains shea butter, probiotics and it makes my skin so soft! This is a 400ml bottle and costs 6.

These were the things I would like to recommend to you and maybe you already know them and also love them just as much as I do!



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