Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lipstick tests


Today is quite a bad day, but also quite a good day, so I do't want to be sad all the time and decided to try out some lipsticks I could find in the bathroom and I realsied that I somehow love all of themm, even though I've never used them before. Looks like I'll be wearing them now more often!

This was a morning picture actually :D

Ok, here we have the lipsticks : Nivea, Givenchy, Chanel, Dior and one that I really have no idea where it is from because there is only the number of the shade.

 The swatches are in the same order like the lipsticks on the first picture.

Nivea-Coral 23 Colour Passion : quite an orangey tone but in summer it will look awesome I believe!

Givenchy-12 Sensual Rose :This is a really dark red that would be great for autumn or winter maybe. It looks a bit creepy as well :D

Chanel-12 Factice Dummy : This one looks very shiny but when you apply it on your lips it is very light and quite a nude colour I'd say. I really like how it looks like, so natural.

Dior-434 Rose Interview : This is also kind of a nude colour, it is hard to describe it because the lipstick itself is darker and is brownish/pinkish.

And the last one is shade 901, but I don't know what brand it is from. It is a light pinky tone which also looks very nude, very natural and it feels like a lipbalm on your lips which I think very cool. I also like this colour a lot.

More often I wear lipgloss but somehow I am trying to find a nice lipstick for summer and I am sure one of these will be my favourite soon!

Weekend is coming! :D



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