Monday, 26 May 2014

Good products under 10£


Today I wanted to finish the short series of good products that don't cost too much and today I want to show you thing s you can get in the UK. Of course, these will be the things I managed to buy during my stays or that I got from my boyfriend and that fit into the price range.

1) Soap&Glory Foam call: This shower gel is so amazing! It is a bottle of 500ml and I have been using mine since Christmas, and there is still more than half of it left. The smell is so unusual and so good that I just love using it for this reason. It doesn't really foam up too much as you could expect from the name, but the smell is just fabulous. Also it is very handy with the little pump, which I also love when such products have them. Also, you need just a small amount of the gel to get clean and that's why I still have so much of it!
You can get it in Boots for 6,50£. If you want to buy it in Austria, it is only available in Douglas (as far as I have seen!) and it costs about 10 Euros.

2) Soap&Glory The daily soothe: Alright, so I am not that much a bath person, I prefer taking showers but as I have this bath float I just had to find a way I would use it. As my toe nails are growing into my skin, they need to get cut out on the sides every two weeks. In order to make this less painful, I need a foot bath to make my skin softer. Because of this I have used like half of the float already. It makes such a nice foam and the smell again is just awesome!  In Boots you can get it for 8£, which is quite pricey I think, but if you don't use half of it at once, it should be alright.

3) Soap&Glory hand food: This is probably the best hand cream I have ever had! It has again such a  nice smell! It isn't sticky or too liquidy on your hands, a small drop of the cream will be enough to moisturise your hands and it will keep them hydrated for a long time. Also the package of it is so amazing! The colour looks so cute! It costs 6,50£.

4) Cussons Carex Strawberry Candy: This soap is like the best one in the world! Again the smell is amazing and you can still smell it after you dry your hands and it is perfect for kids, so it doesn't have a strange aggressive smell, like the smell of something that makes you clean, if you know what I mean.
I didn't buy it in the UK yet, but I have found this in Poland in Tesco. In the UK you can find this sop from 1£  already! I know that our house will be full of these!

5) Bourjois Bronzing Powder: I got this one from Poland, but planned on buying it in Scotland last year. In Boots you can find it for about 7£ I believe and it smells like chocolate. It has such a nice pigmentation I think. I really enjoy using this bronzer and especially in the summer, when I am a bit tanned, it is amazing. Also how it looks like, is so adorable! It looks like a little book and when you open it you find the bronzer and some history about it. I will definitely return to this bronzer if I finish it.

6) Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-licious: This hair oil actually saved my hair because it is soooo frizzy when I blow dry it! And I just wanted to try something out and this one turned to work very well on my hair. It has argan oil and it really makes your hair more sleek, even though it makes it greasy faster than it would get usually. However, I am so relieved that I have bought this in April in Boots, and it was on sale for 2£  I believe. It is also in a small handy bottle and it would be nice for taking it with you, but this is not a good idea if you can't wash your hands afterwards. Always wash them because everything will be oily!

These were the British products I have here and that I like, I hope that you liked this post!
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