Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My OOTD 28: Warm day again!

Today I can really say that summer is finally back!
Today it is super sunny and so warm that I went to school with tights and took them off as soon as I arrived there.
This weather makes me happy and I just want to go on summer holidays and enjoy my time already.
Sadly, I have to wait 33 more days for this to happen. However, I should somehow enjoy these days because these are the last 33 days at home!
Probably a week before going to Poland I should pack my bags and prepare everything I want to take with me. Oh god, this is getting real!

Alright, so I wanted to show you my outfit and not telling you what is going to happen next month!

I wore my white cardigan that I bought last winter because I just needed one.. 
I also wore my Lasocki shoes. (you can't see them in the picture- the bear slippers are WAY cooler!)

I put on my beautifully patterned dress with a cute collar that I bought in TkMaxx. I swear- this is going to be the shop I will go to the next day I arrive in Scotland! There are so many dresses that I nearly died there!

I also had my Swatch watch, which I think looks cute and is just handy.

And I didn't photograph the bag anymore, but it was the GABS bag I was carrying around today :)

I hope the weather is also nice where you live and that you can enjoy it!



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