Friday, 2 May 2014

Food Party

Today I started with healthy breakfast and healthy snacks. But soon it escalated and now I eat whatever I can find. This usually happens when I study maths and get angry after too much revision. I just have to get crisps or jellies or something tasty.
This is what basically happened today:

Well, so I started my day with these babies on the balcony...

I had my slippers on of course...

I enjoyed the sunshine of course....

My outfit looked like this when I was going to my additional maths classes in the afternoon.

Before I left I had some healthy snack as you can see...

When I came back and studied more I still had watermelon. ( I love watermelon!)

But then I spotted the millionaire's shortbread I brought with me from Scotland....

But I still tried to eat the watermelon as well...

Then I got angry and went to the shop and got myself some maccaroni with a sauce, which probably is unhealthy...

I'm also drinking ice coffee ( I love ice coffee!)

And I also bought Bugles and Pringles.

So that's how I'm going to spend the rest of the evening. :D
Weekend starts, have fun! :)



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