Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trip to Ikea and Primark! ( + another Birthday gift!)


In the morning my dad asked me if I want to go to Ikea with him so I got ready and we also took Noah, got into the car and made our way to Ikea!
But before we actually entered Ikea, we wanted to see how the Primark there looked like. Yeah. We bought some things, but not the amount that people actually carry out there :D
I am totally exhausted and I want to sleep but I am waiting for Eryk to call me.

I thought I'd show you the things again because it actually annoys me to keep everything until the end of the month before I show a thing that I bought. So I think that from now on I will show you always what I bought as soon as possible. So here we go!

I got these two little pots from Ikea and I saw them on Youtube and on blogs earlier where girls used them for make up stuff and I really thought this would be handy, so I got them.

Also, I got a highlighter stick from Alverde, just to try it out and a new kajal pencil as my old one broke.

As we went to Primark I found skirts. They were grey and burgundy and I was like"Oh, no, leave them" but then I went closer and I saw that they costed 1 Euro each! HOW?! Well, sorry, not sorry! :D

Also I got new little socks for my Lasocki shoes and my Vans and I just think they look soooo cute! I love them!

And as you may know, I LOVE SCENTED CANDLES and had to buy this one. Also not sorry :3

And omg! I totally forgot to show you what I got yesterday from my friend Nina! She got me a cute lama for my birthday! Oh god, there is probably nobody else in the world laughing more about lamas than we do! :D

I hope you're having a nice weekend! :)
See you soon!



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